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Grey Eyes – Dark, Green, Brown, Grey Blue Eyes, Eye Makeup for, Looks, Causes of Gray Eye Color

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Are you grey eyed or would you like to know more about this eye color? This article has information on what is grey eye color, why causes grey eyes and insight on various shades of gray eyes, which include grey blue eyes, gray green eye color, grey brown eyes, light, as well as dark gray eyes. You will also know people or celebrities who are gray eyed, eyeliner, eyeshadow and other eye makeup for gray eyes and much more.

Grey Eyes - Dark, Green, Brown, Grey Blue Eyes, People and Eye Makeup for Gray Eye Color   - True Gray Eyes
True Gray Eyes

What is Grey Eye Color and What Causes Them – Genetics of Gray Eyes

On the first glance, grey eyes are confused by many people with blue eyes. However, if you keenly observed them, you will notice some brown and golden flecks. Furthermore, depending on the lighting condition and you are exposed and your clothing color to there is tendency of you have grey blue eyes or, green blue eyes.

On what causes gray yes, you deserve to know that people who have gray eyes often have ‘relatively clear stroma’ in front of a dark colored epithelium, just as in the case of those who have blue eye color. It is believed that the difference in between grey eyes and blue eyes is that people who have grey eye color have more collagen deposits in their stroma that causes Mie Scattering of the reflected light.

Mie Scattering is not much dependent on frequency compared to Rayleigh scattering that causes blue eye color and the sky to appear as small molecules of gas cause Rayleigh scattering.  Mie scattering is known to cause cloudy sky appearance as larger water droplets scatter light from the sun. Another way to explain on the existence of grey eyes is the concentration of melanin found on the front side of stroma.

When gray eyes are viewed under magnification, they have been found to exhibit some amounts of brown and yellow colors in their iris. This is why you commonly find gray brown eyes and the yellow color might cause the appearance of grey green eyes. If you have a grey iris, you might be suffering from uveitis or you might have increased risk of uveal melanoma.

Grey Eyes - Dark, Green, Brown, Grey Blue Eyes, People and Eye Makeup for Gray Eye Color - Grey Eyes
Grey Eye Color,

Geographical Distribution of Gray Eyes

In terms of geographic distribution of grey eye color, they are common in Eastern Europe, Middle East, North West Africa especially among the Algerians Shawia People of the Aurès Mountains.

Celebrities People with Grey Eyes

Although grey eye color is rare, there are people who have grey eyes.  Some of the people and celebrities from all over the world that have gray eye colors include Georgia Rose, Pete Cashmore, Adriana Rousso, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Alana Zimmer,  Abagelle Banks, Shasha Chanel, Amanda Harrington,  Brandi Bryant, Muriel Baumeister, Nikki Leigh, Kathia Nobili, Tiffany Bannister, Jill Vandermulen,  Olivia Dabrowska, Sophie Lynx, William H Gates Sr,  among many others.

Gray Eye Shades

As we already mentioned earlier, gray eyes come in many shades. We will focus on gray blue, green gray, gray brown, dark grey and light gray eye colors. We will also suggest some of the best makeup colors to use.

Grey Blue Eyes and Eye Makeup Colors to Use

Grey Eyes - Dark, Green, Brown, Grey Blue Eyes, People and Eye Makeup for Gray Eye Color - Grey Blue Eyes
Eye Makeup on Grey Blue Eyes

It is common to find people who have grey blue eyes. This is because the genetic study of gray eyes and blue eyes is much similar but not exactly the same. Let us discuss the eyeshadow and eyeliner people with this eye color should use.

If you have gray blue eyes, you should always choose eye makeup with gray (especially shimmery grey), purple, violet, bronze, brown, deep blue and taupe shades. Go for deeper shapes of these colors if you have a darker complexion while those with a lighter complexion should go for lighter shades. Deep blue for instance will help bring out your blue tone in the gray blue eyes making them look vivacious. However, if you would like to add more drama, you need to try silver, turquoise and fuschia, as they will be idea for night outs. If you have blonde hair and grey blue baby eyes, lavender and violets are often suggested.

On eyeliner for grey blue eyes try mixing black and blue eyeliner or use any of these colors. Brown eyeliner will give you subtle looks.

Grey Brown Eyes

As mentioned earlier, grey eye colors have some specks of brown and green. The brown specks when they are in large amounts often results to the gray brown eyes you see with some people.

Light and Dark Grey Eyes

To explain the existence of dark grey eyes, it is believed that people who have dark gray eyes often have a thick melanin layer on their front part of iris. When blue light is reflected, it is clouded on the thin melanin eyes and you get dark grey eyes.

On the other hand, people who have light gray eyes have a very little amount of melanin on their front part of their iris, which is less than the amount found on those people with blue eye color. Little amount of melanin often causes your eye color to look blue but when it is very little, it make the blue color to be much lighter until your eyes color look light gray or colorless.

The existence of both the dark gray eyes and light gray eyes could be influenced by the gene responsible of melanin. Whereas some people might be, having a poor working OCA2 could cause blue eye color. Using the reasoning we can say that people who have light grey eyes have a poorly working OCA2 and those who have dark grey eyes have a fairly working OCA2.

Green Grey Eyes

Green gray eyes are also common because some people who have grey eyes tend to have specks of green. The green gray eyes appearance might be accentuated with lighting conditions as well as clothing that someone is wearing.

Grey Eye Makeup – Which Eye Makeup to Use

Grey Eyes - Dark, Green, Brown, Grey Blue Eyes, People and Eye Makeup for Gray Eye Color - Grey Eyeshadow
Grey Eyeshadow on Grey Eyes

If you have grey eye color, there are many ways to use eye makeup to enhance their colors and make you look flirty. We are going to look at how to use eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara to enhance the appearance of your grey eye color. If you are uncertain which eye makeup color you are going to use, go for orange, reds, brown since they are the complimentary colors for blue, and will still compliment gray.

Eyeshadow for Grey Eyes

If you are blonde with fair color, you need to go for eyeshadow colors and shades of pink, apricot, peaches, eggplant, and purple. They will help in accentuating your gray eye colors. If you want to accentuate your skin tone, try brown, golds and yellow eyeshadow colors shades depending on how pale your skin is. Dark brown is good for creating contrast if you have light gray eyes. Brown makes gray eyes pop out. If you however have black hair, glittery sliver and pink looks great while brown hair will go best with light shades of orange, silver, pinks and reds.

Olive and tan skinned people should go for grey and white shades as they will help their eyes pop up while those who have ebony skin color as the African American should go for white, gold, yellow and purple colors of eyeshadow.

For most skin colors and hair colors, blue gray eyeshadow will also be great on grey eyes. You can also try the shimmery silver eyeshadow during the day and dark charcoal during night time. I have seen many people who use green eyeshadow with a hint of black eyeliner and their grey eyes look lovely.

Mascara and Eyeliner for gray eye Color

When it comes to using eyeliner for grey eye color, you can use brown eyeliner for subtle looks and navy blue or black if you want bold looks. Navy blue will particularly work best with people who have grey blue eyes as it accentuated the blue color.

For mascara, you can decide to use the popular mascara, which are the black and brown mascaras. However, you can also user colored mascaras if you know how to match them well with your eyeshadow and eyeliner.


If you have grey eye color, there is much you can do with them such as creating cat eye looks (see more details on how to do cat eyes) smokey eye looks (see more details on smokey eye looks) or any other looks that people with other colors can create. We have discussed what are gray eye colors and their causes. We also narrowed down to grey blue eyes, grey green eyes, dark and light gray eyes as well as gray brown eyes and makeup to use if you are grey eyed.

Which eye makeup colors flatter best your gray eyes?

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  1. When I was little everyone would think I had blue eyes or blue green eyes but I have always had these weird gold flecks in them there is only a few but they are still noticeable if you look when I asked my eye doctor why he said I have grey blue eyes and they just look more blue


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