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Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes – Allergies, Hereditary, Fatigue, Meaning, Types, and Why Dark Eye Circles Come?

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What causes dark circles under eyes? Learn the type and causes of dark under eye circles in men, children and women – those ugly looking blemishes around your eyes. Dark circles under eyes will make you look old, unhealthy and very tired – they take the glow of your eyes away, no wonder many people use dark circles under eye concealers!

Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes – What Is and Why They Come
What Is and Why They Come

While discussing the dark circles  or rings under eyes causes, we will not touch the eye bags and puffy eyes as they have been separately covered. It is true they are closely related but not the same as dark circles under eyes.

What are Dark Circles under Eyes and Symptoms?

Dark circles under eyes, dark rings or shadows refer to a condition where someone develops skin colorations or blemishes around the eye region especially with age and other reasons or causes. They affect both men and women with the onset of adulthood, even children often suffer from them.

Although they are often known as dark circles under eye or black under eye circles, they are not necessarily black or dark, it depends of the type of these circles you have. To see them, you need to look straight into your mirror under natural light and slightly lower chin, this way; you will be able to know the type of dark under eye circles you have.

Irrespective of the dark circles under eyes causes, you need to know that you will have darker skin appearing on your upper eyelid and below the lower lids. Some of the common symptoms that accompany dark rings under eyes include eye bugs, headache, itchy skins (when caused by allergies), sneezing, watery eyes, eczema, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, facial pressure among others.

Depending on the dark rings under eyes causes, some symptoms such as severe headache, swellings, high fever, bruising and redness on the eyes, bloody nose should be considered as life threatening and you should see a doctor immediately.

 Types of Circles under Eyes

To understand better what under eye dark circles are, it is good to look at the types of this dark circles. Each of this type of dark circles under eyes has their own causes. We will cover the dark eye circles causes more comprehensive afterwards to make everything much more clearly. So what are the types of dark circles under eyes?

Dark Circles Under Eyes Caues - Types of Circles under Eyes
Types of Circles under Eyes

Hyperpigmentation Circles Under Eyes – This are a type of dark rings under eyes that affect people of the African, Eastern India and Latin origin or anyone who has a darker skin tone. This type of under eye dark circles is often caused by too much melanin in the skin around your eyes. When this happens, the region around your eyes will appear to be much darker than other parts.

Blue circles under eyes – since the skin under the eyes is very thin, any oxygenated blood will make the veins under the eyes to look bluish, hence the name. Some of the bluish dark circles under eyes causes include skin thinning with age as the subcutaneous fats are lost. This makes the skin around the eye region to thin and become more transparent.

Blue under eye dark circles are more visible in the morning. To treat these dark under eye circles, various tropical creams for dark circles are recommended (those with stimulating ingredients that constrict blood vessels or boost circulation such as caffeine).

Brown circles under eyes – The last type of under eye dark circles are the brown circles. These are similar to the Hyperpigmentation circles with the only difference being their causes. Some of the main blue dark circles under eyes causes include exposure to sun, genetics or too much eye rubbing. They are also common in people from Asia, African and Latin America. To treat them try the various brown circle treatment creams that can help lighten your skin.

Note – Some people classify the brown circle and hyperpigmentation dark circles as the same thing. From their description, you will concur that they are much similar. Let us not go to the main dwelling of your discussion, the under eye dark circles causes.

Dark Circles under Eyes Causes – Men, Women, Children

When people notice they have them, they will soon be interested on what the causes of dark eye circles are and possibly how to cure these dark circles. Of course, the causes are not all the same. Depending on the type of dark rings under eyes you have, there might be causes that are unique to you or general ones. As we discuss the causes of under eye dark circles, we will mention all the possible causes.

It is your responsibility to consider all the causes and determine what might be the exact cause of your black circles. In fact, a good understanding of all the under eye dark circles causes will help you in not only curing but also preventing dark circles occurrence in the first place. So, what are the dark circles under your eyes causes?

Hereditary – the first the under eye dark circles causes is hereditary. To some this problem is inherited and flows in their bloodline just as the case of varicose vein. For these people, whenever blood flows through their eyelid skin, it causes the skin to appear bluish. They generally have more transparent eyelid skin and veins that are more visible.

The problem commonly affects people of Hispanic, Italian and Mediterranean origin. Furthermore, people with deep-set eye bone structure might have visible hereditary black circles under eyes.  Hereditary dark circles under eyes often become more visible with exposure to too much sunlight. Sunscreens are important if you have hereditary dark under eye circles.

Allergies – any allergic reaction that might cause itchy eyes is another common under eye dark circles cause. People who get affected with allergies like hay fever will have very noticeable dark under eye circle smudges during the allergy peak season. Asthma and Eczema (atopic dermatitis) are the other causes of dark circles under your eyes.

Blood Dilating Medications – Since the skin of your eyelids is the most delicate and thinnest, any blood dilating medications are likely to be a cause of dark circles under eyes. Whenever you take such medications, your blood vessels will dilate making these black under eye circles more visible.

Aging – As we age, dark circles will become more visible and permanent. In fact, aging is one of the most common under eye dark circles causes you see on elderly people. As people age, their skin losses collagen thus it becomes thinner and transparent. Furthermore, habitual ways of expressive your face might be a reason for the dark under eye circles you have.

Poor Nutrition and Anemia – Poor nutrition or lack of balanced diet are also a known dark circles under your eyes cause. People who suffer from anemia will for instance have their eyelid skin discolored due to lack of iron. This can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Of course, people who lack iron in their body are anemic and this condition reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches various organs, including your eyes. Furthermore, pregnancy and menstrual flow often make the eyelid skin paler and this can be another dark circles under eyes cause on pregnant women or during menstruating.

Dark Eye Circles Remedies –Inadequate Sleep
Dark Eye Circles Remedies –Inadequate Sleep

Fatigue and Lack of sleep – Another common dark circles under your eyes cause is inadequate or lack sleep. When we are much fatigue and we lack sleep, we are likely to cause eyelid skin paleness. This will make the blood veins much darker and bluish. This will definitely make the dark under eyes circles more visible.

Although many people assume the main dark circles under your eyes cause is lack of sleep, as we have already seen and we will see, there are many causes and this is just one of them.

Liver Problems – some people who have liver problem have been noticed to suffer more from this problem. Therefore, liver problems are considered as a possible dark circles under eyes cause.

Periorbital hyperpigmentation – Periorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition where people produce too much melanin around the eye can be a dark circles under eyes cause. This problem is common in people who have the hyperpigmentation type of dark under the eye circles.

Personal Habits and Lifestyle – Did you know that your personal lifestyle and habits are among the under eye dark circles causes? If you did not, you now know. Smoking, emotional stress, too much alcohol consumption and such hobbies have been noticed to worsen be a cause of dark eye circles.

Exposure to Sunlight – Another cause is the too much exposure to sun. Sunrays are considered to increase melanin pigmentation and make it to move closure to your skin surface.  This dark circles under your eyes cause is common for people who have the Hyperpigmentation and Brown circles.

Body and Skin Dehydration – Do you take a lot of water? This could be another dark eye circles cause. Dehydrated skin tend to cause this ugly dark circle marks on your eyes because the skin will dry too much. Dry skin will also propel under eye wrinkles. Even if you are taking enough water, ensure you reduce foods that are high in salt, as they will cause dehydration through water retention.

Aggressive and wrong makeup use Eye makeup can add charm to your face, however, it can one of the main dark eye circles causes. Each time you use makeup, ensure you carefully look at the ingredients it has. Some of the makeup that has been found to cause dark eye circles includes eyeliners and eyeshadow, especially when used wrongly or on sensitive skin. Some of these eye makeup cause allergies and thereby causing dark circles under the eyes.

There are many other dark circles under eyes causes which include exposure to sun that will make your body to produce more melanin, nasal congestion, skin diseases, cosmetics, sleeping habits among others. You need to carefully examine your life to be able to know what the dark circles under eyes causes are in your case. A dermatologists or a doctor could be handy if you are not able to establish the causes.

Dark Circles under Eyes Causes and Home Remedies Video Guide

To enrich what you have already learn, you can also watch the below video on dark eye circles causes as well as some home remedies.

What to Do if You Have Dark under Eye Circles

Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes – Prevention of Under Eye Dark Circles
Prevention of Under Eye Dark Circles

If you already have dark under eye circles, you need to establish the dark circles under eyes causes and decide on which will be the best way to treat them or get rid of them. Just to give you a hint on the approaches you could take, here is what you should consider:


If you have read the article or you would like to know what it was all about, this discussion on dark circles under your eyes causes, answered the following questions comprehensively:

  • What are they ares?
  • What are the types?
  • What are the dark circles under eyes causes?

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