Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes: Brown,  Grey, Purple, Green or?

What is the best eyeliner for blue eyes? There are many colors to choose from. Of course, green, brown, gray will look great. Others you can line them with according to beauty blog are “purple, lavender, plum, taupe, gold, silver, bronze, slate, and blue.” We have more insight including tips on how to use eyeliner … Read more

Smudge Proof, Long Lasting Best Liquid Eyeliners

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How to Wear and Best White Liquid Eyeliners

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Best Kajal Eyeliners Meaning, Origin and Use

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Best Gel Eyeliners, Benefits, Pencil & Brush to Use

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Best Eyeliner Colors for Hazel Eyes to Use

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Best Mint, Lime, Forest & Olive Green Eyeliners

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Best Purple Eyeliner for Different Eye Colors

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