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Body Shapes – Triangle, Vase, Straight Lollipop, Cello and Cornet

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What body shape am I? Does that question ring bells in your mind? If it does, read on to discover how to tell if you have a triangle (or pear if you like), vase or straight body shape. Included also are dressing tips to flatter your specific body type and bring out the stylish and fashionable part of you. Enjoy reading.

Common Body Types or Shapes

Different Body Shapes
Different Body types

Triangle Body Shapes – Lopez, Rihanna, Aquilera

Triangle Body Shapes
Triangular Body

Otherwise referred to as pear shape, the triangle body type is notable for a small upper half and a heavier, lower half. You can tell if you are a triangle by determining your Waist-to-Hip ratio.

To do this, take the measurement for your waist an inch above the navel followed by the measurement for your hip at its widest point. Next, divide the waist measurement with that of the hip and if the result is anything lower than 0.8 (including 0.8), then you have a triangle body type.

The triangle body shapes account for 46 percent of women based on a research conducted by researchers at the North Carolina State University involving 6,000 participants. That is to say that the majority of women have triangle body shapes.

The body of individuals with triangle body shapes tends to store fat in the buttocks, thighs and hips first before depositing it around the upper abdomen and waist areas.

This explains the tendency of pears to have larger rears and well defined hips and smaller busts and shoulders. Not to forget the feminine curves that makes the triangle body type very appealing to the opposite sex.

Triangle Body Shape Celebrities

If you have the triangle body shape, then you have something in common with celebrities such as Ruby Gettinger, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton to name but a few.

Vase Body Shape

Talk about apple and pear shapes, or even hourglass shape and most people will understand what you are talking about, but talk about vase body shape and chances are that you will get a puzzled look on their face.

The vase body shape is largely an hourglass body type with some distinct variations. To start with, the vase body type is stretched a bit which makes it one of the most elegant shapes. It is notable for relatively less defined waists (note my use of the word “relatively”) and relatively less rounded lower half compared to the hourglass figure.

Big bust, longer and gently curving waist, slim thighs and legs, and equal hips and bust widths are some of the key characteristics of the vase figure. Kate Winslet is one notable celebrity with this body type.

Straight Body Type – Cameron DIaz, Keira Knighttely 

Straight Body Shape - Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, Keira Knightley
Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, Keira Knightley all have a straight body type

Some people call it banana shape. Others refer to it as the rectangle body shape. And yet others call it the ruler shape. But for the purpose of this article we will refer to it as the straight body type. This body type is characterized by a less defined waist and relatively equal shoulder and hip which makes it appear rectangular and less curvy unlike the hourglass body shape.

A great way to know if you are have a straight body type is to take your waist measurements and compare them with your hips and shoulder measurements. If the difference is less than 9, you have a straight shape.

Individuals with straight body shape tend to predominantly store fat in a rather distributed fashion with the abdomen, chest, face and buttocks being major fat deposit areas. This explains the straight-up-and-down appearance.

Lollipop Body Shape

If you have been reading a lot about body shapes, then you might have come across the term lollipop body shape. This is a slight variation for the inverted triangle body shape.

Lollipop Body Shape

As the name suggests, the Lollipop figure is notable for large yet not heavy bust and slim waist and hips which lead to long, elegant legs. It is the figure that Trinny and Susannah describe as “tits on a stick”. Women with lollipop figure often have a slender boyish appearance, kind of like an all straight-up-and-down with sudden curves at the bust look.

As with any other body shape, dressing the lollipop shape is all about achieving a proportional overall look. You will in particular want to broaden your shoulders and hips and create the illusion of a curvy feminine shape. You will also want to downplay your breasts to avoid having them as the centre of attraction.

Scoop neck tops, fluted skirts and skirts made of drapey fabrics, waistcoats, corset worn over a shirt, wide-neck coats and jackets, flared trousers, snug dresses that emphasize your waist, and stiletto shoes are all sure bets. You should however avoid covering your chest and neck or emphasizing the length of your legs. Turtlenecks and high-waist pants, and vertical-striped dresses also don’t do your figure any good.

Dressing this body type is all about balancing the overall look by playing down the heavy look of the upper half. For tips on dressing this body type, see the inverted triangle body shape article.

If you have a lollipop shape then you have something in common with Angelina Jolie and Mrs. Brad Pitt.

Others Body Types – Cello, Bell, Column, Goblet, Brick

In addition to the four classic body shapes, namely, hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangular body shape, you will also come across a plethora of other body types. Here are some of them:

Cello Body Shape – How to Tell You Have this Body Shape

According to Trinny and Susannah’s, cello body shape is notable for its big boobs leading to a short waist and large well define hips, huge bottom and thighs and slim lower legs. Oprah Winfrey, Kirstie Alley, and Serena Williams are some of the cellos we have around.

Cello Body Shape
Cello Body Shape

Column Body Shape – Description, Images and Dresses 

you can be described as having a Column body shape if you are straight and slender all the way down (just like an architectural column) with the width  of the shoulders being equal to that of your hips.

Column Body Shape
Column Body type

Column body type also features a narrow waist and longer legs with little in terms of bottom, bust and abdomen. Given the overall proportioned look, dressing this body type is just about creating a little a little bit of those feminine curves; there is usually no need to downplay any part of the body.

Bell Body Shape – Characteristics and Image

characterized by small shoulders and bust and a slim, short waist leading to huge thighs and bottom, the bell is the body shape for Hillary Clinton. Dressing this body type is all about attracting the eyes to your shoulders and neck while showing off your feminine curves.

Bell Body Shape

Goblet Body Shape – Description and Celebrities 

This is the body shaped characterized by broad shoulders, large breasts, less defined waist, narrow hips and long legs with a generous belly and a broad back.

Goblet Body Shape
Goblet Body Shape

If you are a goblet, then you have something in common with Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Lange and Renee Zellweger.

Goblet Body Shape in Women
Goblet Body Shape in Women
Goblet Body
Celebrities with Goblet Body

Brick Body Type – How Does it Look Like, Pictures and Celebrities 

This body shape is characterized by a broad shoulders and a small bust leading to a small or no waist and a small bottom. Bricks tend to have thick thighs and calves. The shoulders are typically the same width as the hips which explain the choice for the term brick. Kate Moss, the supermodel, is a great example of a brick.

Brick Body Type
Brick Body Type

Cornet Cody Shape – Jeniffer Garner, Naomi Campbell Body Type 

Cameron Diaz, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Garner, and Naomi Campbell have one thing in common in addition to their celebrity status: they are cornets.

Goblet Body Shape in Women
Goblet Body types in Women

The cornet body shape is notable for a tom boy shape characterized by broad shoulders and a small bust leading to a small straight waist, a slim hip and long, slender legs.

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  1. I am confused about my shape. Some calculations place me as a bell/pear and some put me as an cello. I do have a short waist, big hips and buns but my breast are big. I wear a 40 DDD bra. My measurements are as follows 41 36 46

  2. I am confused about my body shape. Some calculations place me as a bell/pear and some say I am cello. Measurements 41 36 46


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