How to Remove False Eyelashes at Home, Painlessly, without Damage. Clean and Store Fake Lashes Properly

Looking for how to remove false eyelashes at home? Below are easy step by step procedures on how to easily and properly remove fake strip lashes. Find out more on cleaning and storage of false eyelashes without damaging them.

How to Remove False Eyelashes, without Damage

Removal of false eyelashes is a very critical process. Most people tend to go the easy way by stripping off their falsies. If done incorrectly, it can lead to saggy eyelashes and loss of natural lash hair.  Proper eyelash removal makes your falsies last longer and possible to reuse them.

Here safe and easy ways to remove false eyelashes at home

Use Eye Makeup to Remove False Strip Eyelashes

Using eye makeup to remove false eyelashes is a common method. It can be easily done at home even by beginners. It is lash friendly and pain free.

Use a non- oil based eye makeup or eyelash remover that meets your skin requirements. Test for allergies to prevent future skin problems.  You can buy makeup removers or eyelash removers from Cosmetologist, online or beauty shops.

Items needed:

  • Makeup or eyelash remover.
  • Cotton bud.
  • Warm water
  • Towel or piece of cloth.
  • Mirror

Step 1

  1. Remove extra makeup from your face and near the eye using a towel or piece of cloth dipped in warm water. Put eyelash or makeup remover on the cotton bud till it’s completely soaked up.
  2. Standing in front of a mirror take the cotton bud moistened with Makeup or eyelash remover. Lightly massage the eyelashes- don’t rub to avoid wrinkled eyelashes just.
  3. Allow the remover to soak in and the false eyelash line to loosen up. This will take at least 20 – 30 minutes.
  4. Grab the fake eyelash from the outer side and lightly drag them of your eyelid slowly. If it’s a bit stiff, apply a little oil and wait a few seconds then try to remove again.
  5. After removing the false eyelashes remove the glue remaining on the eye leads with the soaked cotton and cleanse your face with the towel.

Use Coconut oil or Baby Oil to Remove False Eyelash Glue Painlessly

Note that this method is meant to remove residue glue on your eyes not the lashes. Oil weighs heavy on lashes. This may damage them and make it impossible to reuse them.

How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

Use a cotton bud soaked in coconut oil or makeup remover to remove false eyelashes

You can use baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil or gentle oil based makeup remover in the same way as explained below.

Once oil comes into contact with the glue it will easily soften the adhesive and lift it off.

How to Remove False Eyelashes with Oil

  1. Remove extra makeup from your face and near the eye using a towel or piece of cloth dipped in warm water.
  2. Dip the cotton bud in oil as let it soak up.
  3. Take the oil soaked cotton bud and gently tap it on the glue part of the fake eyelashes. Simply massage the eyelashes to avoid wrinkled and saggy eyelashes.
  4. Wait for the oil to soak in the part of the glue area to loosen up. Do this for both lashes. It takes 20-40 minutes for the oil to set in but it can take longer depending how sticky the glue was.
  5. Use cotton swab or your fingers to pick out any glue stuck on the lashes
  6. Try not to use Tweezers, Eyelash curlers or your nails when removing false eyelashes to avoid poking your eyes and also not to damage of the lashes.

After removal, it is important to clean you falsies before storing them

How to Clean Your Fake/False Eyelashes

Improper cleaning and storage of false eyelashes may bring about infection and eye irritation. Proper cleaning prevents the lashes from damage and wearing off. This will eventually make them last longer.

Clean thoroughly to remove all traces of makeup, dirt or glue. Here are two ways to clean the lashes correctly:

Use a Container to Clean Your False Eyelashes

Most people prefer this method because the lashes are dipped in a bowl of alcohol or makeup -remover or hot soapy water to remove glue and mascara. Mascara may lead your lashes to become brittle and may break if not cleaned for long.

Use a Container to Clean False Eyelashes

Use a Container to Clean False Eyelashes

What you need:

  • Tweezers
  • fan brush
  • Tooth or Lash brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Small plastic container or bowl
  • Paper towel/tissue paper
  • Make-up remover


  1. Pour small amounts of alcohol into your clean plastic container, and then place the dirty eyelashes into your bowl or container. NB Alcohol may be replaced with make-up remover or warm soapy water.
  2. Let the lashes soak in alcohol for a minute or two.
  3. Meanwhile, clean your hands with soap and water
  4. Using tweezers or your hands, pick one lash from the bowl. Pull the glue out using tweezers while holding the lashes near the base with your hand to avoid messing up the shape of the lash. Do this until all of the glue has been pulled out.
  5. Then place it on the paper towel, and use a clean fan brush to clean mascara from the lashes, dip the brush in the alcohol to help remove the mascara residue, place the lash back in alcohol and pick the other.
  6. Remember to turn the lashes on the other side, and clean the underside. Repeat the steps until no more mascara comes off and there is no left-over lash glue.
  7. Use the toothbrush to go in-between the lash to make the sure all the hairs are nice and separated. Then use eyebrow comb to make sure no mascara is left, check for glue and mascara residue one last time.
  8. I prefer the use of alcohol over make-up remover because make-up remover is oily and it leaves residue on the lashes. On the other hand, alcohol dries faster when applied. It also disinfects the lash strip line.

Use of Q-Tip or Cotton Swabs to Clean Your False Eyelashes

It’s quicker than the container with alcohol method and requires less amount of alcohol.

What you need:

  • Eye make-up remover Q-tip or cotton swap.
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towel or toilet paper
  • Makeup remover or eyelash remover


  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Place the lashes on a paper towel
  3. Take one false eyelash and grip it on its base by use of hand
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to pull out the glue, clumps of mascara and make-up residue
  5. Repeat this with for the other lash
  6. Using a Q-tip, apply rubbing alcohol and gently rub off mascara
  7. Remember to turn the lash and clean the underside
  8. Repeat the process till no mascara is coming off

Use the toothbrush to go in-between the lash to make the sure all the hairs are nicely separated. Then use eyebrow comb to make sure no mascara is left, check for glue and mascara residue one last time.

If you use soap wash or make –up remover, give it a little time for them to dry up. NB. Alcohol dries very fast, so drying isn’t necessary.

How to Store Fake Eyelashes for Reuse

After successfully cleaning the lashes, the next process is to store them safely is next process. Store fake eyelashes in airtight boxes or cases they came with, old jewelry boxes or a contact lens box. Then store in a dark place to avoid sunlight which may cause the lashes to fade in color.

NB: After cleaning, make sure everything (tweezers brushes and bowl) cleaned well. Always make sure your hands are clean when handling false eyelashes. Using the methods above to remove, store and clean eyelashes will make it possible for you to reuse false eyelashes 3-6 times.

Here is a Video on How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly, at Home