Makeup for Oval Face: Eyebrows, Lip and Eye

Out of the six face shapes; square, round, heart, long/rectangular, diamond and oval, the oval face is widely considered to be the ideal shape. An oval shape can pull off any hairstyle, be it short, long, curly, straight, with bangs or without. It is also beautiful with practically any makeup. This is because the oval shape is well proportioned and balanced, with no features particularly standing out. It is a face of beautiful symmetry.


  • A forehead is only slightly wider than your jawline.
  • Around chin is with no hard lines.
  • The widest point is the cheekbones.
  • There are no major edges along the hairline, jawline, or chin.
  • The jawline is slightly rounded.
Makeup for oval face
How would you wear makeup?

How to measure your face: Cross Shape Method

  1. Measure the length of your face by placing a ruler just under the eyes and measuring from the beginning of one ear to the beginning of the other.
  2. Next measure from your hairline to your chin.
  3. The width should be 1/3 less than the length of your face. Ratio: 3 parts long: 2 parts wide.
  4. The ration can also be width: length- 1:1.5 or 1:1 or 1:2. Remember although the measurements differ, an oval face is slightly longer than it is wide.


Knowing the shape of your face is essential to styling, beautifying and accessorizing. Different shapes look better with different hairstyles, make-up, and jewelry. Even sunglasses just seem to work. As you read about what makeup is best for oval faces, remember that the standard for good makeup is to create the oval shape effect. Since you already have it- bless the stars, you don’t need to work hard at all.


We start with eyebrows because they define your face. Well-kept or well-drawn eyebrows instantly make it look better. Because it is symmetrical, it doesn’t need any extra touches to improve its oval nature. However, the best eyebrow shape is the soft angled one.

Soft angled eyebrow shape

This is the most commonly used eyebrow shape for oval faces. It is a soft but classic look. The shape is more rounded than it is sharp so that the arch is rounded and the peaks are not sharp.

  • Use a brush to align the eyebrow hairs
  • Use a lighter pencil to draw the shape
  • Draw a line straight, upwards, then gently curve round at the top and drawdown.

As you draw in your eyebrows, remember that Small arches are considered to be more feminine than big ones.

You can draw your arches to be low, medium or high. You can also make them ultra-thin, thin, medium or thick. Low arches are best for those with small eyes while high arches are for those with big eyes. They also open the face, making it look younger. High, thick arches (think Megan Fox) are sexy and worth considering.

Despite the flexibility with oval faces, remember not to angle the brows too sharply.

Oval face eyebrow tips:

  • Hold a piece of paper along the side of your nose bone to find the bridge. Your eyebrows should always begin at the tip
  • Always avoid having the arch in the center. Instead, have it at least 2/3rds of the way.
  • Arch your eyebrows slightly differently for different hairstyles or occasions.
  • Be careful not to make the tail too long.

Contouring it

Although it doesn’t need much work, if you contour, here are a few tips to add a bit of definition.

Use your natural Foundation

Because the oval shape is wonderfully proportional, you don’t need to change your foundation. Stick to your natural one despite claims that you need to change it up to a different shade to change the shape of your face.


To bring out your best features, use a highlighter. Again, the oval face doesn’t need too much work. Using a highlighter helps to make certain features more prominent. The simplest thing you can do is to use a bronzer on your cheeks. Here, as everywhere else on an oval face, less is more. Though you can choose louder shades, apply only a thin layer. Applying too much bronzer ruins the look, making it unbalanced.

If you want to work on your whole face, use a highlighter at the center of your forehead and chin. This will keep its balance while showcasing your best features.

Eye makeup

Because you have been blessed with an incredibly adaptable face, you can pull off a dramatic look as easy as a simple one.

Dramatize your face with smoky eyes, creamy shadows, or any of the many ways open to you. A healthy amount of mascara to thicken your eyes and just like that, your face is transformed.

Lip makeup

Who doesn’t love a good lipstick to glam up the face? An oval face shape carries lipstick very well, so feel free to experiment with colors and shades.

The only rule? Don’t emphasize both your lips and your eyes. Choose one.

Why? It looks overdone when you do both. This is because your face is so proportional from the forehead to the jawline, so two features cannot prominently be highlighted at the same time.

Another thing to consider is lip-gloss. Yes, I know it is very 90’s but a sultry lip-gloss can brighten your face in the most spectacular way. Give it a try.


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