Best Makeup for Square Face: Lip, Eye and Brows

The square face is always described as strong because of its angular features. Strong and sexy. Whether on a man or on a woman, a chiseled face is attractive and communicates confidence. As with any face shape though, it is important to know what to do to make it look its best. Here are some great makeup tips you will find very helpful.


  • It is equal in both length and width
  • Features a prominent jawline
  • The chin is square and angular
  • The cheekbones are the widest point you will have
  • The forehead and jawline are equal in width
  • Its sides are flat and straight.
  • A broad, straight forehead.

Measuring to determine your face shape

  1. Measure from the tip of your chin to the center of the hairline to measure the length of your face.
  2. Next measure your forehead from one eyebrow peak to the other.
  3. From the tip of your jawline, a measure to the point where the jaw turns upward.
  4. All measurements should be about the same range for it to be square.

Makeup for a square face

Makeup for square face - contouring

Each face type has its own unique combination of styles that work especially well for it. That’s why it’s important to know not just what shape yours is, but also what styles, accessories and makeup work for it. The following is a guide focused on what make up works for a square face.


Well-shaped eyebrows are the symmetry of the face, keeping it aligned and beautiful. Because this shape is strong on its own, most make up artists recommend keeping the eyebrows round for a softer look. A gentle arch is like a facelift for this face type.

  1. Brush your eyebrows up before lining them. Use brow gel or clear mascara to keep them shaped.
  2. Try to shape them with soft rounded peaks. However, angular peaks can also work with the strong jawline.
  3. Fill in with eyeliner following the shape where necessary. Otherwise, an eyebrow filler will do the job. Remember to thicken the eyebrows a little for extra shape.

Your eyebrows are the backdrop of your face. You can always alter the shape slightly for a different look.


The 80’s may have been unfortunate for contouring, but it is possible to do without the bright overdone offenses of that time. Instead of intense unblended colors, go instead for matte colors, slightly darker than your skin tone.

The natural look is flawless on a square face, whereas an overapplication of makeup more often than not looks gauche. For example, it is better to opt for basic face powder than with bronzer. This shape needs little contouring as it already has a sculpture like features that only need to be emphasized a little.

Tips for contouring a square face:

  • Contouring below your jawbone makes your jawline seem narrower.
  • To narrow down your hairline, contour on the sides of the forehead.
  • For your cheeks, contour below the cheekbones from your ears to the central point of your cheeks.
  • Highlight the center of your forehead and chin.
  • Use a highlighter right under eyes to brighten this area. Apply some along the brow bone to accentuate the eyes.
  • Remember to blend, blend, blend!

Eye makeup

Adding color to your eyes is a fantastic way to glam up your face. Smoky eyes always work and darker shades add to the mysterious, promising nature of the square face. Dramatic shades draw attention to the eyes.

Here as with the eyebrows, circular, rounded shapes are best. Think of it this way, the softer hues and shapes contrast well with its angular confident nature.


  • Use a round brush to blend your eyeshadow and focus on making circular shapes instead of sharp edges.

Lip makeup

Lips are an asset no matter the face type. For a square, full, pouty lips are the way to go. Aim for a dramatic lip color when possible, and when not, lip gloss always gives that extra plump.

Some face shapes don’t work as well with lip liner, but not a square one. Use a liner a slight shade darker than your lipstick. Blend the color inward a bit and then fill with lipstick. This not only makes the lip fuller but finishes the look off nicely.

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