Best Eye Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Alluring and mysterious, wide set eyes are considered to be a beauty standard. Fairies, elves, and pixies often have them. I fancy that eyes far apart almost adds an ethereal, fantastical air to a face.

To determine whether yours are wide set, start by measuring the distance between them.

Wide set eyes makeup
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You have wide set eyes if the space between them is wider than the size of one eye. People with them also usually have a wide nose ridge that makes them seem even further apart.

Fun facts about wide set eyes

The golden ratio

A golden ratio is a number encountered when measuring the ratio of distances. It is also known as the golden section, golden mean, golden proportion or phi which is the number 1.618

According to the Greeks, beauty could be determined by mathematics

Because the golden ratio reappears time and time again in things that are widely considered to be beautiful, whether it be in nature or people or objects, a positive mathematical relationship is evident.

A correlation is drawn between the two and used as a measurement of beauty.

If this is correct (and it is widely thought to be), then wide-set eyes are an incredibly beautiful, as they fit into the 1:62 ratio.

Bigger picture

Its almost funny, but the ancient Chinese determined using their various methods, that a person with a wide space between their eyes is more focused on the bigger picture rather than the minute details.

These uncanny eyes apparently indicate innovative thinking and a broad perspective. So, when dealing with a person with these them, the trick is to focus your energy on presenting a whole picture rather than a detailed plan.

Having it be a coveted beauty standard doesn’t mean that people with them apart are happy with the look. Often times, they think its too unconventional to be beautiful and aim instead to make them look closer together.


Eyebrows frame the face, and it is important to make sure the frame is correct. Drawing the wrong eyebrow shape or cutting them too thin or too short visibly impacts how you look. It doesn’t matter if the rest of your face is well made up if your brows don’t work. If you don’t have naturally well-shaped eyebrows, then a trim by a professional should be done as soon as possible. If you have faith in yourself, watch a youtube video and attempt it in your bathroom.

If you want them to look closer together, a slightly angled eyebrow shape with rounded edges is recommended. This helps to inwardly frame them.

Because your eyes are wide set, you need to shape your brows to give the effect of your eyes being closer together. As such, it’s important to Determine the appropriate length for your eyebrows. To find the proper length, follow these steps:

  • The end of the brow should follow a straight line from the side of the nose (look at the nostril crease) to the edge of the eyes.
  • Alter the length by drawing a line extending inwards, especially if your lashes are sparse and not too thick.
  • Draw a line from the inner point of the eye to the outer point and another line below it.
  • Remember to round the shape slightly.
  • Remember not to extend the eyebrows too far on the outer side because this widens the face even more. Instead slant downwards in a curve around the outer edge of your eye. The eye socket helps to guide the shape.
  • Shade in between the lines using a brow pencil or a brow powder.
  • Using a brush, blend the eyebrow filler to make it look natural.


Eyeliner has given us the feline cat eye, the winged eyeliner, and about 60 more styles. It helps to define your face, giving it character and allowing you to express your creativity. It also makes them look bigger or smaller depending on what you want and can be manipulated to change an entire look.

For an extra definition on the eyes, put on black eyeliner on the lash. A thick line on the upper lids from the inner corner bring them closer together.

  • Start by putting on eyeliner form the outside in.
  • Make the line thickness to bring the eyes closer together
  • For a simple look, a small flick on the outside of the eye should work
  • At the outer edge, draw slightly upwards and out making a tiny triangle shape.
  • To make the eyes look smaller, stretch the line towards the nose ridge and not outwards. For example, a winged cat eye would make them look wider apart as it stretches outward.
  • To light them up, however, line your dark colors with a nude or light brown eyeliner.

You can always add some eyeshadow but remember to follow this tip: For wide-set eyes, darker colors are better when used on the inside of the eye. From the middle to the outside corner use lighter colors.

I hope these tips help to make up your eyes so that they seem closer.


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