Natural Sunburn Remedies – Quick, Best, Extreme, Face and Bad

Sunburn symptoms responds well to the natural sunburn remedies highlighted in this article and as you will soon find out, most – if not all – are very easy to use.

Natural Sunburn Remedies or Natural Remedies for Sunburn

There are many natural sunburn remedies that can help to relieve symptoms such as pain, redness, inflammation and itching and aid in faster healing of the damaged skin cells. Here are some of them:

Cool soaks and compresses: This remedy is pretty easy but very effective in relief of sunburns. Simply soak a small washcloth in water, wring it to get rid of excess water and then place it on the sunburned skin until it gets warm. Now re-soak it and repeat the process for 15 minutes or so several times day to relief the sunburn symptoms.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera has got to be the ultimate superstar in as far as natural sunburn remedies are concerned. This succulent African herb has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to healing of sunburns. It also helps to keep the skin moisturized which then minimizes the peeling associated with sunburns.

Research studies have shown that aloe aid the healing of skin cells after damage by burn, including sunburns.

Aloe vera can be used in its pure form by cutting a fresh leaf from an aloe plant and applying its juice directly on the skin, but if that is not an option to you an over-the-counter gel also serves the purpose. If you like, you can place the gel in your refrigerator for a few minutes before applying for instant relief.

Milk: Milk is not only a great breakfast ingredient but also one of the natural remedies for sunburn.

According to the Medicinenet, rinsing your sunburned skin with cool skim milk helps to take away the heat and also provides your skin with a thin film of protein which helps to soothe the discomfort associated with sunburns.

Potatoes: As for potatoes, who said that they are only good for those fattening fries that you take at your fast food joint?

Potatoes have natural analgesic properties which help to relieve pain when applied to sunburned skin. Applying thin slices of potatoes (peeled of course) on the skin is an easy way but if you like, you can as well mash a few potatoes and apply them on the skin before rinsing them off with cold water after they have dried.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal goes a long way in relieving itchy sunburns. For small areas of skin, steam some oatmeal flake in a small washcloth and use it as your shower sponge.

Alternatively get an oatmeal bath by adding oatmeal flakes or commercial oatmeal powders such as Aveeno into your bath tub of cool water. Lie in the water for 20 minutes and then let your skin air dry.

Quick Sunburn Remedies

The soreness and itching often associated with sunburns can leave you anxious to get a grasp into some quick sunburn remedies.

For instant relief from sunburn, dashing into the shower followed by moisturizing with a good lotion such as Eucerin or applying an aloe vera gel (or fresh juice from the plant) usually goes a long way.

As for pain, nothing beats taking an over-the-counter pain relieving medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

If the skin gets itchy however, an oatmeal bath is a great home remedy, otherwise get your hands on an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream or some oral antihistamines such as Benadryl.

Best Sunburn Remedies

What is the best sunburn remedy?” This is a common inquiry from our readers and is as much popular as it is hard to answer.

Why, you ask. Well, the appropriateness of any sunburn remedy depends on the nature of the sunburn. For example, while potato slice and cucumber pastes will help to relieve sunburn pain, an oatmeal bath would be the better option for sunburn itching.

All in all, aloe vera is always the safest bet for most scenarios in my opinion and is one sunburn remedy I never hesitate to recommend. Aloe vera helps to soothe sunburn inflammation (and pain), keep the skin moisturized and aid in the healing of damaged skin cells.

Extreme Sunburn Remedies

Extreme sunburn is usually accompanied by blistering which indicates that the skin damage goes beyond the first layer of skin. If you have blisters, your best course of action is to leave them alone. Popping them will surely get them off your skin but may set stage for a serious bacterial infection.

Instead, just keep them cool by taking a cool bath now and then and take pain relieving medication such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin etc) to lessen the pain. If you want, you can cover them loosely with a clean bandage.

It might benefit your skin also to rinse it with cool tea or apply aloe vera, baking soda or oatmeal bath (for itchy sunburns) or potato or cumber slices on the surrounding areas of skin.

Sunburn Remedies for Face

As for the face, you can never go wrong by applying an aloe vera juice (from an aloe vera plant) or gel (from a drugstore). Placing thin slices of potato or cucumber on the face as you lie down can also do your skin a great favor and is especially useful for sunburned eyes.

In case of itching, dab your face with a washcloth containing steamed oatmeal flakes (of course after they have cooled down) or apply rinse it off with dilute apple cider vinegar solution prepared by mixing water and apple cider vinegar in the ration of 1:1.

Bad Sunburn Remedies

We often receive email from readers who are concerned about their “bad sunburn” and are wondering what remedies to use to heal them.

The presence or absence of blisters determines the thin line between which remedies you can use and which ones you can’t.

Without blisters, most remedies including cool baths, aloe vera, potatoes, tea, and cucumber to name but a few can be used. Proper care however needs to be taken for blistered sunburn lest you risk getting an infection.

Keeping the blisters cool with cool showers and baths and soothed with tea rinses is your safest course of action, but you may also want to cover the bandage with a clean bandage. Just make sure that it is not tied too tight lest you risk breaking the blisters.

It might not do your blisters any harm also to soothe the surrounding skin with the remedies discussed in a previous section of this article such as potatoes, tea, cucumber, cornflower, milk etc as long as the blisters are still intact.

For broken blisters, wash them gently with water and soap and apply an antibiotic cream such as Bacitracin before covering them with a non-stick bandage.

Sunburn Bath Remedies

Keeping the skin cool is fantastic option in aiding the healing of sunburn and what a better way to achieve this than with cool baths, especially when larger areas of skin are affected?

Taking a cool water bath every now and then is enough to keep the skin soothed but you may want to add some oatmeal powder such as Aveeno to the bath water to relieve itching. Just follow the instructions provided on the packaging carefully and allow your skin to air-dry after the bath rather than towel it off.

Apple cider vinegar baths are also very effective for treatment of sunburn itching. Simply add a cup of apple cider vinegar to a bath tub of cool water, relax in it for 20 minutes, and then allow your skin to air-dry. Adding a cup of baking soda to bath water is also quite as effective in relief of sunburn itching.

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