Ancient Massacre Site Discovered in Nataruk, West of Lake Turkana

According to a study published earlier on this week in the Nature International Weekly Journal, scientists have discovered what is believed to be a  stone age massacre site in Nataruk near Lake Turkana.

The Cambridge University researchers observed that the scene was not a burial site but instead a massacre site which is the oldest one ever uncovered as it had remains of people violently killed 10, 000 years ago.

The bodies were preserved in lagoon sediment and included remains of 27 people. Eight of these were women while six were children believed to have been killed violently. One woman seemed to have been pregnant and was bound when she met her death. A man who died from the blow of an arrow still had the weapon embedded in the skull. Two other men had stone projectiles wedged in their skull and thorax.

Source: Mirazón, L. M. et al. (2016). Inter-group violence among early Holocene hunter-gatherers of West Turkana, Kenya. Nature, 529, pp. 394–398