Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo & Tummy Tuck Revision

A tummy tuck is one option that you may consider if you are struggling with excess fat and loose skin in your abdomen. The surgery however involves invasive incision which typically results in glaring scars along the length of your bikini line. This article will explain how tattoos and surgical scar revision can help to make tummy tuck scars less prominent.

Tummy Tuck Scarring

The horizontal scar that follows the line of incision is one of the main drawbacks of tummy tuck surgery and the very reason why some patients might be reluctant to go under the knife.

The nature and extent of tummy tusk scarring vary depending on the type of surgery used, how well the wound heals (this also has to do with how strict the patient is in complying with the post-operative guidelines from their surgeon) and patient’s genetic predisposition to scar tissue formation.

Tummy tuck scars tend to worsen initially but start to improve thereafter, fading away gradually as to eventually become a fine line that blends in with the surrounding skin. The scarring tends to occur along the bikini line which means that most of them are easy to hide beneath the bikini.

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons typically put deliberate effort to minimize the extent of scarring as much as possible. While most scars will fade away gradually over time after the incision wound has healed, some stubborn ones that remain prominent long after the wound has healed may benefit from surgical revision.

As the name suggests, tummy tuck scar revision involves using surgical techniques to improve the appearance of the scar left behind after the tummy suck. It often involves shortening and/or flattening of the scars.

One of the most common approaches to tummy tuck scar revision is the use of punch grafts whereby the scar is surgically removed (cut off) before filling the space left behind with a skin graft extracted from another part of the body, usually the part behind the ear. Once the area has healed, a smother, less noticeable scar is usually left behind.

Although surgical scar revision can significantly improve a scar, it is advisable to allow the scar sometime to heal first as most scars will fade away on their own, given the time. York Yates, MD, a Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon suggests waiting for between 6 months and 1 year after the tummy tuck surgery.

In addition to tummy tuck scar revision, you will want to adopt proper lifestyle habits and choices to ensure faster healing. You will in particular want to prevent overexposure of the scar to sunlight as excessive sunlight has been shown to cause permanent hyperpigmentation of scars.

You should also avoid smoking as it puts you at higher risk of developing complications and getting infections which might then slow down the healing process and increase the chance of more significant scarring.

It deserves a mention at this point that surgical scar revision will not make the scar go away completely. It will instead make it less prominent.

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo – Tattoos to Cover Tummy Tuck Scar

This is how it goes: you are all fired up to get a tummy tuck and while the procedure lives to its promise for a smooth, flat abdomen, it soon come to your attention that along with it came a long horizontal scar.

While the scar typically lies along the bikini line which enables you to hide them beneath your clothing, it can become visible while wearing certain swimsuits. This is where the idea of getting a tattoo to cover a tummy tuck scar comes in handy.

Yes you can use a tattoo to camouflage a scar without a problem so long as the scar has had enough time to heal completely. John P. Di Saia, MD, Orange plastic surgeon, suggests waiting for 6-12 months for the scar to mature. It is also advisable to get the insight of your surgeon’s before getting the tummy tuck scar tattoo if possible.

Guy Aitchison, a professional tattoo artist holds the opinion that every client can benefit from cover-up tattooing for scars (and stretch marks for that matter) so long as the tattoo artist has the skills. Of course not every design would conceal every scar, but a skilled artist should be able to adjust and customize the design to make it compatible with the scar or the stretch mark.

As effective as a tattoo can be effective at hiding the tummy tuck scar, you should take the time to mull over the option since a tattoo is not only permanent but your choice today may we be out of fashion tomorrow. And oh yeah! Your boyfriend could be your ex a few months down the line 🙂

Going for a tattoo artist that specializes in tummy tuck scar tattoos will ensure higher chances of satisfaction with the results. Such a professional will also likely have a portfolio of work to give you some clues.

While getting the best value for your money is a good idea, you shouldn’t base your judgment entirely on the price and forget quality. You don’t want to end up with a poorly placed tattoo that draws attention to your scar more than it deflects from it or have uneven patches of skin coloration.

Tattoos over Tummy Tuck Scars Pictures – Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Pictures

Here comes our favorite segment; you might be already aware of our deep liking for photos. They are our preferred way of expressing our proverbial thousand words. So, let us have some “tattoos over tummy tuck scars” pictures:

Tattoo1 and 2

Tattoo Ideas for Tummy Tuck Scars

If you have absolutely no clue what kind of figure to have for your tattoo, you should consider giving your tattoo artist a general guideline based on classic choices such as floral, abstract, and tribal and asking for their recommendations picking up from there.

Alternatively, you can ask the artist for his portfolio and choose your preferred design from it.

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