Scar Treatment – Ice Pick, Chicken Pox, Old, Tummy and C-Section

My face is full of ice pick scars, what can I do to erase them? I have another scar from childhood when I had chickenpox and now I want to have my a baby through C-section, what scar treatment should I use for all these scars?

Scars are part of everyday life. If you did not get them as a child while learning to ride a bike, you will get them when you are older from a minor accident in your kitchen to a major one on the road. That is life. Sometimes even that minor or major accident may never occur, but puberty will hit you hard and pimples will pop all over your face. Then there is the usual chicken pox that can either turn up in childhood or in your 20s. While trying to achieve a flawless skin like your peers you pick and squeeze the pimples to empty the contents only to be left with pimple marks if you are lucky and if unlucky scars.

How to get rid of pimple marks may be fast and easy with natural methods at home.  However, for the scars you may never have significant success with home treatments. You have to seek a scar treatment from your dermatologist who has studied the skin structure widely. The best scar treatment depends on the type of scar you have and its location. Do you need a scar treatment for ice picks, chicken pox, and tummy tuck or c-section?  Stick around to find out what you should do to improve the appearance of the disfigurement.

Ice Pick Scars Treatment- What Causes Ice Packs and What Could Help

When you have cystic acne, unfortunately, you will be left with various types of pits. Some of them are ice picks. These are narrow deep scars the size of a needle. When clustered on the skin they make you look like you have little perforations and the skin tends to get wrinkly as you age.

Consequently, it is best that you find ice pick scars treatment soon enough before your skin becomes all wrinkly. These types of scars unfortunately can only be erased from a dermatologist’s office. You may need surgical or non surgical procedures to achieve a smooth skin.

An ideal ice pick scars treatment from a dermatologist office would be:

  • Punch or excision grafts
  • Injection of fillers
  • Stronger chemical peels

These procedures can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on your severity. If you want to avoid this cost and perform individual needling where you prick the inside sides and the bottom of the pits to stimulate collagen to grow, then you ought to have guts.

Chicken Pox Scars Treatment-Everyone’s Viral Nightmare

My mother always told me if you did not get chicken pox as a child you will get it when you are older. I have seen this happen, unless you get the chicken pox vaccine to prevent it. This therefore, becomes a nightmare for both children and adults.

While you can avoid chicken pox scars treatment if your mother used calamine lotion on the pimples and gave you warm salty baths, gave you piritons and paracetamols to ease the pain and discomfort, if that did not happen, then you will need treatment as an adult.  This is because you scratched yourself good and made the scars form.

However, not all is lost because if you have chicken pox scars you can have them erased with various procedures. On the other hand, if you get this viral infection as an adult you can avoid scratching so that the scars do not appear. Similarly, you should ask for off from walk for at least 14 days until the infection clears. Calamine lotion will give you relief though.

Chicken pox scars treatment involves the use of:

  • Dermabrasion if the pimple scars are deep
  • Microdermabrasion if the scars are superficial
  • You may also require skin resurfacing with Fractional CO2

Tummy Tuck Scar Treatment –Caring For Your Wound after a Tummy Tuck

Getting a tummy tuck is necessary if you do not like your belly. However, after the surgical procedure you may have a hard time finding an effective tummy tuck scar treatment. You want to avoid the scar by all means, because it is only right to have a flat belly with smooth skin on it.

Most surgeons will offer postoperative care of laser treatment, injections or digital massages. It is up to you to ask before the procedure what care is available at the clinic you visit. Furthermore, you can always ask for a topical prescription to make the scar not to swell.

Surgeons who perform tummy tucks recommend Scar Guard, Bicorneum and Mederma among other creams. Women who have had tummy tucks also have shared that they have used Dermatix silicone gel or any other brand with silicone as an effective tummy tuck scar treatment. You are supposed to keep a tape on the scar for the first three weeks then after 3 months you can use silicone sheeting strips on the scar.

You should also avoid tobacco, the sun and excessive tension to you abdominal area. However, if you get a red, lumpy and irritated scar, consult the surgeon who performed the procedure or any other qualified surgeon for a laser treatment. In this case, Fractional ablative laser may be used to make the scar non existent.

C-Section Scar Treatment-Dealing with Pain after Your Bundle of Joy

Motherhood is amazing, but when you are told that you will have an emergency C-section because the baby is not breathing or because you have not dilated enough, you may want to give up. C-section is not all that bad; after all you will be under local or general anesthesia, and its all for your bundle of joy.

However, when you begin to heal, you may start to worry about a C-section scar treatment to avoid skipping going to the beach in summer months. You should only worry if the scar gets, itchy, lumpy, red and sore. In this case, you should see your doctor immediately to rule out any infection.

Otherwise, by avoiding tension to that middle section you can heal well and with no scar. After the stitches have been removed, make a habit of massaging the area with vitamin E oil. However, it is wise to do tests patch first to ensure that you are not allergic to it. Furthermore, you can also make use of Neosporin patches, Maderma cream, Acuscar silicone gel, scar treatment strips such as Scar Away or ask for a silicone gel spray from your doctor after three months after C-S.

Deep Scar Treatment on Face

If you have severe acne you cannot avoid some deep seated scars. While you can try various home remedies such as massaging natural oils such as coconut, olive and jojoba. They can never completely go away. You may have to seek a comprehensive deep scar treatment.

You may require one or two of these procedures at your dermatologist’s office:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Subcision before  being injected with fillers
  • Fraxel laser repair
  • Portrait plasma
  • Trichloracietic acid peels among others.

Consult a dermatologist so that he can give you the best deep scar treatment.

Dermarollers and Dermastamp Skin Scar Treatment

An effective way to get some of the scar removal treatment creams or serums to work is the use of dermarollers and dermastamp. Although, this technology comes with its own serum for skin scar treatment, you can buy it then use it with one of your favorite treatments.

These technologies allow for the skin to seep in as much of the serum or cream as possible. This is because the serum is applied on the stamp or on the roller before running it on the skin. They are home kits; therefore, you do not have to go elsewhere to enjoy their benefits.

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