Scar Removal Cream for Legs, Face and Old Scars

I have an old scar from surgery can I find a suitable scar removal cream for it? What is the best scar removal cream for legs? Can I use a scar removal cream for face on legs?

The skin is prone to all manner of tear and wear. If it is not a sharp knife going through the skin on your fingers while you are fixing yourself a meal, it is bugs trying to suck blood out of your legs when you are busy working on your computer late at night. When the skin starts to heal, it can never be the same again due to the trauma, which causes it to be disorganized and sometimes discolored. In order to heal properly, the skin undergoes three different stages.

The first stage involves the area becoming swollen, red and painful. A scab may also start to form in the area. In the second stage, new fibrous tissue forms under the scab. Finally, the outer and inner layer of skin begins to reform and rebuild. Depending on how you interfere with the healing process in these stages and your skin’s healing ability, scars of different types may form. Nobody likes scars especially on parts of body that will be exposed to the world. This is why the search for scar removal creams is critical. What is the best scar removal cream? Does scar removing cream really get rid of the scars completely? For answers to these questions and best removal creams for face, legs, and any other part of the body, read on.

Scar Removal Cream – Does Scar Removing Cream Get Rid of Scars Completely?

While reading various scar cream reviews online you will realize that some people are for a particular cream and others are totally against it. There is not a single scar removal cream that gives the same effects on everyone. This is because we all have different skin types. Therefore, using a scar removing cream that does not suit your type could make your skin worse or have no effect at all.

Going back at those who share that a scar cream worked to remove the scars is it really achievable? The only technique that can reduce the appearance of scars is surgical and non surgical in-office procedures. These are the only procedures that close up any dents on your face or at least reduce them significantly depending on the scar removal treatment employed. There is the laser technique, which seems to work very well on various types of scars, surgical fat grafts, and injection fillers for keloid type of scars among other procedures.

A scar removing cream on the other hand, may seem to make a scar less pronounced by brightening. Since where there is scar, there develops some discoloration, most creams work at brightening the scar surfaces. This way, they appear less prominent.

Furthermore, creams moisturize the skin where the scar appears and the surrounding areas. You are supposed to massage the cream into the scar and not just put it on like you do for lotions. This way, you stimulate the underlying skin tissues to heal in an organized manner.

Another thing that a scar removal cream does is to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the scar. Therefore, new skin cells will show instead of the old, textured and discolored skin that looks to you like a scar. This is why it is important to look at the ingredients label to ensure that you are a getting a natural skin scrub like glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid.

You are also supposed to massage the cream on the scars for several weeks and sometimes months. Consequently, you ought to be patient in order to see results. The scar will not reduce in one or two days. It takes sometime. Following the directions of the scar removal cream helps a great deal.

Best Scar Removal Cream for Legs

The legs suffer a lot from bug bites and chicken pox pimples. It therefore becomes difficult to reveal your legs in short dresses, pants and shorts. If you do not love moisturizing your legs after bathing, the scars will often appear pronounced. You can make them reduce with a scar removal cream for legs.

There are various scar creams that work, but their effectiveness depends on how well you massage them on your legs. You must also learn to exfoliate your legs with a loofah made from natural materials. Besides, you must avoid exposing your legs to the sun without proper sun block. This way, the skin on your legs will be able to absorb the scar removal cream without any difficulties and the discoloration will not be made prominent by the sun damage.

Sometimes just the mere cocoa butter bar soap or pure cocoa butter lotion works. However, if you want a stronger regimen, here are some of the best scar removal creams for legs:

  • Vitak
  • Vicco
  • Mederma
  • Momate

Face Scar Removal Cream- Facial Scar Removal Cream with SPF

Your face is quite delicate and when looking for a facial scar cream, you should ensure that it has natural ingredients. The licorice extract, kojic acid mulberry, bearberry, glycolic acid or lactic acid, and vitamin C among others are all good ingredients to go into your face scar removal cream. However, they are simply not enough.

A good SPF is also important. Some of the ingredients used in the creams brighten the skin and therefore, in order to maintain that lightened effect on your skin, you ought to protect it with sun block. If you can find a cream with SPF it would be the best thing because you do not have to buy another bottle of sun protection separately. Here are some of the best scar removal creams for face with inbuilt SPF:

  • Mederma SPF 30
  • Biocorneum plus SPF 30

Surgery Scar Removal Cream- Surgical Scar Removal Cream and Healing Aid

After surgery, you need to heal well and prevent the chances of developing a bigger scar. Your surgeon should suggest a surgery scar removal cream and depending on where the operation was done, you can ask if you can use silicone sheets on it and for how long.

Silicone sheets are a healing aid that apply pressure on the wound and are good to use as the wound heals. A surgical scar removal cream with silicone gel would also give you great results. Other good creams after surgery include:

  • Scarguard
  • Biocorneum
  • Scar Away
  • Acuscar Silicone Gel
  • Biodermis
  • Cimeosil
  • Hybrisil

Old Scar Removal Cream-Is it Possible to Remove Old Scars?

It is best to treat a scar as soon as the wound heals, if you wait for months or years to pass by it may be quite difficult to use a cream on it and make it reduce. You may have to resort to surgery or non-surgical laser treatment.

A good old scar removal cream for a raised scar would be the silicone sheets. This will apply pressure on the scar and make it reduce in height.  Other good creams for old scars include:

  • Scar guard
  • Kelo-cote
  • Mederma

Homemade Scar Removal Cream-Removing Scars at Home

In case you do not want to gamble with commercial creams, you can always make your own invention at home. This way, you will get to experiment with various ingredients and see what works best. Mixing Shea butter with an essential oil such as Frankincense oil would give you a homemade scar removal cream that is effective. If you do not have shea butter, you can always mix olive oil, lavender oil and beeswax and boil them together to make a cream.

What is the Best Dark Scar Removal Cream?

The best dark scar removal cream would be one that is able to fade your scar. Most fade creams can do a good job in this. However, you have to use them solely for fading the dark scar and not as fairness creams since most of them contain hydroquinone. If you live in the European Union countries, you do not have to worry about the effects of hydroquinone because it is banned there.

Scar Removal Cream for Kids-Best Way to Remove Kids Scars

It is difficult for kids to sit still and therefore they are bound to get all manner of scars from running up and down and hitting themselves on hard surfaces. If your kid gets a wound, try to keep it covered and moisturized with an antibiotic ointment. Furthermore, once the scar heals, you can use:

  • Merderma for kids
  • Silicone sheets
  • Cocoa butter
  • Or simply vitamin E oil

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