Scar Cream Reviews, Lightening and Reduction Creams

Can I find a good scar lightening cream from scar cream reviews? Do scar creams offer reduction of big ugly scars? Do scar cream reviews reveal the truth about scar lightening and reduction capability of creams?

Skin care is a delicate subject and that is why when it comes to buying the right products for your skin, you cannot gamble. When you have scars or pimple marks on skin, it is another subject all together. You want to be sure that you can find a product that will live to its marketing strategy. After all, that is why you buy it in the first place. It says it will erase or lighten your dark scars and you want it to do just that, period!

This makes scar cream reviews very important. You cannot just walk into any store and pick a product without knowing what other customers have to say about its effectiveness.  Most people however, do not trust scar cream reviews because they think they are just another promotional strategy of the manufacturing companies. However, Amazon and other online stores do not manufacture the products they sell. They are distributors of other people’s inventions. Therefore, the customers who shop there and review the products can in no way be affiliated with the manufacturing companies of the over 200 scar treatment products sold there. The reviews are firsthand accounts of the customers with the particular products. Let see what products have some of the best reviews for scar lightening and reducing. Is it possible to find the right scar treatment cream from scar cream reviews?

Why You Should Not Buy a Scar Treatment Without Reading Scar Cream Reviews

It is important to read as many reviews you want about a product you intend to buy. Otherwise, how can you know what to expect once you buy it? Scar removal treatment from a dermatologist or surgeon’s office is the most effective. However, it can be quite pricey. Therefore, you have to look for an alternative in creams since home remedies take time work.

Scar cream reviews will enable you to know the most preferred cream for certain types of scars, since not all creams can treat all scars. If you are looking for a cream after surgery, for burns, ice picks or keloids, you have to know, what the best cream is before you spend your hard earned cash on worthless snake oil.

Reviews are personal and customers tell it as it is. That is why you will see both negative and positive reviews for a particular product. You will know a product is worth your time and money if it has more of positive than negative reviews. Yet for some products you may not find any reviews because nobody has tried them, so you may have to be the first and tell the world about that particular product. That is if you have the guts to be the first customer to try it.

For most people they would rather try what has been used by others with success. This is why scar cream reviews are so important when finding an OTC treatment that will reduce or lighten the scars. You can find a product that is effective for your type of scars from just reading the reviews.

Best scar creams for face are hard to find and therefore, you can only rely on others telling you because you do not want allergic reactions on your face. Scar cream reviews can reveal the very best truthfully because they are given by people who have used the product, so they know what they are talking about.

Looking at most scar treatment reviews online, I can say confidently that there are certain products that seem to be in their own league for being effective scar treatments. The first one is Mederma. This creation by Civant Skin Care seems to have left most customers with scars satisfied. The cream is not only made of natural ingredients, but it also works at reducing scars and making dark ones lighter. This is what one customer had to say about it on

“I have been using mederma on my lo for a scar he got when he hit his forehead while running around in the house. The scar has since improved. I don’t know what I would have done without Mederma. I thought he would grow up with an ugly scar.”

Another cream with good reviews is Revitol. It has been recommended by most reviewers and from firsthand account of real customers in Amazon this is what they had to say:

“It works! My scars got lighter, all of them. I eventually just used it in my face as well and my freckles got lighter too! Just amazing. I would recommend this to anyone w burnt scars, acne scars, any scars and general skin discoloration.”

“Bought the 3 jars and will continue to use religiously. 🙂 Am well pleased”

Finally, Skinception’s Derfmafface FX7 is the other great product according to reviewers. This is what one reviewer had to say about it, he had suffered from acne and scars all his life and was afraid to even try it, but after researching online , he decided to go ahead and use it. This is what he had to say:

“Not really one to get all gushy, but FX7 is the best treatment for acne scars. Because of it, I’m more confident, I feel better about myself and I know that when people look my way these days, they see me and not the scars– because the scars aren’t there!”

What may have worked for these reviewers may not work for you, it is up to you to decide whether you will try or not.

Scar Lightening Cream For Dark Scars

Scars may sometimes form on your skin and appear too dark than the rest of your skin. This normally happens if you happen to expose them to the sun a lot. You should apply sunscreen protection on your scars to make sure that they do not become more pronounced. However, if you leave them just like that you are bound to have dark scars.

The first thing when you see the dark scars you just want to get rid of the hyper pigmentation fast. How to remove pimple marks naturally is possible at home. You could try the same remedies on other dark scars. However, you should not expect fast results.

Since home remedies take time to lighten dark scars, this is why you may opt to buy a scar lightening cream over the counter or a prescription kind. Prescription lightening creams mostly contain a high percentage of hydroquinone, about 4% and sometimes an 8% concentration could be administered. However, FDA warns against prolonged use of hydroquinone because it “is mutagenic, clastogenic and immunotoxic. Too much hydroquinone can cause irreversible skin discoloration.” (

There have also been studies to show that hydroquinone is carcinogenic. Therefore, if I were you I would be wary about using any of product with hydroquinone unless for the lightening purpose only and not for fairness. Over the counter scar lightening creams have a lower concentration of this toxic component, if you can still find it in the stores, use it at your own risk.

Other harmful chemicals found in scar creams for lightening are mercury, steroids and parabens. All these interfere with the normal development of the skin. This is why you may see some women with stretch marks on their faces, because of using some of these harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals have already been banned in the US, but it is always wise to counter check the ingredients list especially for imported skin lightening creams.

If you want a good scar lightening cream you must look for the following natural ingredients:

  • Kojic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Alpha hydroxyl acids
  • Lactic acid
  • Arbutin
  • Licorice
  • Mulberry
  • Bearberry
  • Stable Vitamin C
  • Niacinamide among others.

A good example of scar lightening cream that has most of these ingredients is Mederma. It can reduce your scar by lightening the dark spots.

Scar Reduction Cream – How Scar Reducing Cream Works

A cream like Mederma seems to appear in the lists of scar lightening and reduction creams. What this means therefore, is that most scar reduction creams do not actually reduce the size of your scars or narrow their width. What they do is to make the skin lighter inside the scars. This way, you will appear to have an even skin tone.

If you want to reduce the width, height or depth of a scar you may have to resort to laser treatment or surgical in-office procedures. A scar reducing cream can only help your skin not to appear too dull since a skin with scars will appear worse if not moisturized.

A scar reduction cream can offer your scarred skin nourishment, hydration and of course the brightening aspect.  It does not change the size of the scars per se.  If you want to find the best scar reducing cream, reading reviews is critical of course and also doing a test patch once you purchase to ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients in the product.

It would be sad to buy a scar reducing cream only for your skin to reject it. Most are pricey and the companies making them do not accept unsealed jars back. Therefore, the best thing would be to find someone who can offer you a sample before you try it on yourself. Some magazines also offer samples, which you could try before purchasing the real product.

 List of Scar Diminishing Creams

If you want to find the best scar diminishing cream, here are some of the best:

  • Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel
  • Zenmed
  • Dergagist
  • Skin Obsession
  • Celsus Bio-Intelligent
  • Dermafface FX7
  • Dr. Max Powers Serum
  • Invicible

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