Pimple Scar Remover, Treatment, Removal Cream, Scarring and Causes

Do you have pimple scars? Would you like to find a good pimple scar treatment? Let me introduce to you a readily available pimple scar remover from natural remedies or over the counter removal creams.

The worst thing about puberty is that most people get reactions on skin when the oil glands go ballistic to produce more oils. This leads to bacterial infections, which cause pimples. Although, few cases of pimples are caused by bacteria, the sebaceous oil is undeniable culprit. Dealing with acne especially a severe case would leave you scarred or with enlarged pores.

While there is little you can do about the size of the pores since they are the actual size of the hair follicles on face, you can reduce your chances of getting scarring after a bout of acne.  How you treat your pimples depends highly on whether you will have scars or not. Therefore, it is important to treat the acne with the right products, while applying correctly to avoid getting the unsightly pock marks. However, if you find that you have a few scars on different parts on your face, you can improve them with a pimple scar removal cream or any other natural pimple scar remover at home in the list provided in this article. Discover the pimple scar treatment shortly.

What Are Pimple Scars and Pimple Scarring

Pimple scarring occurs when an infected hair follicle on the face undergoes trauma. This can happen when you see a zit on your face and decide to pick or squeeze it. What are pimple scars, they are the marks left when a pimple is trying to heal.

Pimple scarring is of different types depending on the marks left on the skin during the healing process. These include:

  • Deep pits
  • Wave like scars
  • Angular pits

What Causes Pimple Scars-How to Reduce Scarring

You can contribute greatly to your skin scarring when you have pimples. Therefore, it is important to understand how you can reduce it. Any of these activities is what causes pimple scars:

  • Squeezing an picking at zits
  • Using the wrong products to cure different types of acne
  • Smoking
  • Using products without the right ingredients such as Alphy Hydroxy Acids, Kojic acid, Vitamin C and Glycolic acid when you have pimples
  • Going under the sun without sun protection with a low SPF sun block
  • Getting rid of black heads at home instead of letting a dermatologist do it professionally.
  • Failing to change your pillow case regularly, at least weekly to prevent new breakouts

Pimple Scars Treatment – Pimple Scar Treatment from Dermatologists

Of course the first thing you do when you discover that you have a skin problem is to consult with a skin specialist. If you were given a suitable treatment for the acne in the first place, you may not need to go for a pimple scar treatment. This is because it would have worked without leaving any scarring.

However, if you treated your acne at home with home remedies, you may require pimple scars treatment from the expert. There are various pimple scar treatment options, which work effectively, but at a cost. Depending on what you discuss and agree with your dermatologist, you may need an in-office treatment.

Pimple scars treatment at a dermatologist office includes:

  • Prescription medications, which are mostly antibiotics
  • Strong chemical peels than those available over the counter
  • Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion depending on the severity of the scars
  • Skin surgery
  • Laser treatment
  • Injection of fillers or collagen etc…

Pimple Scar Removal Cream- Ingredients in removal creams

If you cannot afford the procedures at a dermatologist’s office, of course there is always an option of the over the counter creams. To begin with, you should avoid a pimple scar removal cream with Vitamin E. We all tend to believe that Vitamin E is essential on skin. However, according to ehow.com it is clear that it has only about 10% effectiveness on pimple scars removal.

A pimple scar removal cream should also not contain hydroquinone. Although, the idea behind removing scars is making them appear reduced, hydroquinone can do that because of its lightening ability. However, it can cause adverse effects on your health as it could lead to cancer.

Therefore, you should stick to creams with the following ingredients without putting your health at risk:

  • Kojic acid, found in some fades creams such as Arbutin and Kojic Acid
  • Alphy Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids
  • Vitamin C, you can get it in a Vitamin C serum

Apart from these ingredients, you could also find a pimple scar removal cream in Retinoids such as Tazorac and Retin-A, Chemicals peels and Tissue oil among others. Know your skin type before using any cream to avoid more flare-ups.

Pimple Scar Remover – Natural & Effective Pimple Scar Remover

It is normal to feel too scared to try any over the counter products to remove scars. This is because you do not want more problems than you already have with the pock marks. It is understandable. On the other hand, you may spend too much money on creams and end with even bigger scars. It can happen do not rule this out. In case you are wondering how to remove pimple scars without a reason to worry, there is a list of options.

Better still, if you are committed to finding a natural and effective pimple scar remover from items you have in the kitchen, you can. The stuff in your own kitchen goes to your stomach without any side effects and therefore, they can go on to your sensitive skin too without any problems as well. Another good thing with natural scarring removers is that you can try several, each at its own time, and find out which works best for your type of scarring.

The whole idea behind a good pimple scar remover is that it should help you cleanse your skin deeply. Similarly, it should give you the benefit of exfoliation, depending on the ingredients you try. Furthermore, it should moisturize your skin. Scars appear pronounced if they are full of dirt. A dry skin will also have the scars distinct.

Here are pimple scar removers that are natural and effective. Furthermore, they are readily available and cheap too.

  • Lemon Juice, which acts as a cleanser and toner
  • Baking soda, an excellent exfoliate when mixed with water into a paste
  • Honey and Cinnamon, this combination is not only ideal when used internally to curb yeast in the gut. An overgrowth of yeasts can cause nail fungus. This combination also does wonders externally on your skin scars caused by pimples.
  • Neem leaves, the benefits of these leaves are more than 30. If you boil and let the leaves simmer, you will have yourself a natural pimple scar remover that will also fight any bacterial infections coming up.
  • Turmeric, this is used in India for lightening skin, if used on yours with scars, you could surely benefit from the same and the scars would be less pronounced.
  • Egg whites, which tightens and lightens your skin at the same time.

These removers are within reach. Consequently, there is no relenting when it comes to fighting scars from pimples at home.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pimple Scars with Rice Water?

Did you know that you can use rice water to get rid of scars on your face or back? Yes, you can. Rice water contains Kojic acid an ingredient found in over the counter fade creams. You can actually brew this ingredient right in your own kitchen.

You will need to do the following, pour a cup or rice into a basin, which is big enough to hold water as you wash it. Drain the water after washing in a cup or basin, do not let it go through the kitchen sink drain, it is an image saver. Get a cotton ball and soak in the rice water and apply generously on your whole face or where the scars are prominent. Leave the water for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off.

How to Remove Pimple Scars Fast

When you do not have the time to wait for weeks time results for reduced pimple scars, you can always look into an alternative method. You can actually remove pimple scars fast, when you want to wear make-up and you want that flawless finish.

This is how to remove pimple scars fast. Get some ice cubes 2-3 and wrap them in a handkerchief, if you can stand the cold directly even the better, rub the cubes on the scars and apply your foundation and powder, voila! You have a flawless skin even though for just one day.

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