How to Remove Scars from Face Fast, Naturally or Using Cream

Whether a scar is big or small, there is a method of removal that is appropriate for it. This post explores in great detail how to remove scars from face. Find out the natural, topical and medical treatments for facial scars at your disposal.

How to Remove Scars From Face – How to Get Rid of Facial Scars

Scars are part of a normal healing process. They however are undesirable and could affect how a person looks negatively. This could trickle down to their esteem. There are three main ways on how to remove scars from face. These are natural home treatments, topical treatments and medical procedures. These are discussed below.

Natural Methods on How to Remove Scars from Face

There are natural methods that have proven to be great ways of how to get rid of facial scars. The ingredients are readily available in our kitchen cabinets. Where they aren’t, a walk into the grocery store will see us get them in exchange of a few dollars.

Olive oil: This oil is packed with vitamins and iron. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in aiding removal of scars. Since olive oil does not clog pores and is effective in dissolving dirt, it acts as a perfect treatment for acne scars.

Massage olive oil on the face while give more concentration on the scarred areas. Massage for a number of minutes to ensure pores are saturated. Hold a warm wash cloth on your face to open the pores while at the same time wiping excess oil. Rinse your face using cold water after this. Repeat procedure every day before going to bed until desired results are achieved.

Lemon juice: It contains citric acid which is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid and is commonly known for its cosmetic usage. Topical application of lemon juice helps to disinfect and destroy bacteria which cause acne. It also acts as a natural exfoliator and thus helps in getting rid of the scar’s dead skin cells. This gives room for formation of new cells. Its bleaching qualities further help to lighten skin tone where the scar is hyper pigmented.

Clean up your face using a mild cleanser. Squeeze juice from two lemons and use a cotton ball to apply the juice on the scarred area. Repeat this treatment two times in a week. People with sensitive skin may experience a stinging feeling. If it is accompanied with redness of the skin, usage should be discontinued.

Egg whites: The egg whites contain healing properties and can be used on how to get rid facial scars. They contain amino acids and proteins which play a role in lightening scarred skin leading to their being less visible with time.

Whip three egg whites in a bowl until they are white and fluffy. Spread the egg whites on your skin paying more attention to areas that have scars. Leave the whites to dry on the skin and leave it to rest for a few minutes before rinsing the face with water.

Aloe Vera juice: Aloe Vera juice helps to boost the immune system as well as regenerate damaged tissue cells. It also has soothing effects on inflamed skin, decreases swelling and invigorates cell growth thus reducing scars on the face. With time, they fade away.

Where possible, extract fresh aloe juice from its leaves and apply it on the scar in its natural form. If this is not possible, purchase aloe vera gel from the store and use it on area of treatment.

Baking soda: The slightly coarse nature of baking soda makes it a great exfoliating agent. Used correctly, it helps to gently slough the dead skin cells found on the top layers of the scar without any inflammatory or irritating effects on the skin.

Make a paste of baking soda by mixing one part of water with two parts of baking soda. Gently massage this on the scar and leave it on for two minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off. Moisturize the skin after that to prevent it from the drying effects of baking soda. Make this your exfoliating routine until the scar is gone.

Topical Treatments for Facial Scars

There are topical treatments that are meant for use on how to remove scars from face. They are available in the form of gels, lotions, creams and serums. Silicone based scar treatments contain scar healing ingredients as well as antioxidants. Consistent application will make the scar less noticeable and is most suitable for flat scars on the face.

Silicone sheeting on the other hand works on raised scars. Wearing the sheet non-stop for between 12 to 24 hours over a period of three months helps in flattening raised scars. Other important ingredients in topical application products include alpha hydroxy acids and Vitamin E.

Medical Procedures for Facial Scar Removal

Where at home methods of scar removal do not seem to work, one can employ the services of a medical professional. Consulting with him will help settle for the most appropriate method of removal. Among available methods include:

Laser treatments: This is most appropriate for hyper pigmented scars. It helps in getting rid of the redness and making the scar less visible.

Cortisone injections: This can help to get rid of thick and raised scars.

Collagen injections: For immediate results on indented facial scars, one can have cosmetic skin fillers injected into their skin.

Dermabrasion: This makes use of abrasive devices to flatten elevated scars.

Surgical revision: This method is most appropriate for mature scars. It can help to flatten any raised scar.

Cream to Remove Scars on Face

There are creams to remove scars on the face that are readily available in drugstores. These work best on fresh scars. Results take time to be seen and they therefore require consistency in usage. One has to be patient for them to bear fruits.

How to Remove Scars from Face Fast

For anyone who desires to get rid of scars from face fast, the choice of removal matters a lot. Home remedies and topical applications require time for results to be seen. The only way on how to remove scars from face fast is to settle for the appropriate medical procedure.

How to Remove Scars from Face Naturally – How to Remove Scars from Face At Home

There are many ways on how to remove scars from face naturally. Most of these are food items such as papaya and lemons. Other methods on how to remove scars from face at home make use of available items that having exfoliating properties such as aspirin and baking soda.

How to Remove Old Scars on Face

Old scars tend to be tough. They have grown to maturity and thus require tough methods to get rid of them. Most of the time, the most appropriate method of removal of old scars on face is through professional care.

Best Way to Remove Scars from Face – Tips to Remove Scars from Face

The best way of removing facial scars is determined by a number of factors. The first tip to consider when choosing is the type of scar. What may work for atrophic scars may not work for flat scars. Also consider the age of the scar. Fresh scars are easier to remove than older ones. Also consider what part of the face the scar is on. While surgery can penetrate some parts, there are others that would be best of with laser treatment.

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