How to Remove Pimple Scar – Fast, Naturally and on Face

How can I remove pimple scars on my face? Is it possible to remove pimple scars fast and naturally? Find great ways on how to remove pimple scars fast. How to remove pimple scars naturally is possible with these various pimple scar removal treatments.  

How to Remove Pimple Scar – Fast, Naturally and on Face

Acne is a double edged sword that will give you pimples and scars at the same time. Woe unto you if you have severe acne because most of your scars may never go away. They will be your face trademark for life unless you opt for surgery. Nevertheless, a mild to moderate case of pimples on face also causes scars, which disappear as time goes by. Some of the things you do could aid in fast recovery or you could reduce the chances of getting pimple scars in the first place.

If you do find yourself with some scars on face, you can still hopefully remove them. However, you will have to be patient with some of the treatments because they do not work overnight. There are various pimple scar removal creams out there in the market, but very few live up to their marketing hype. Similarly, they are quite expensive just like the surgical treatments to remove pimple scars. This will article will guide you on how to remove pimple scars fast on face with creams, natural remedies and surgical procedures

How to Remove Pimple Scars – Pimple Scar Removal OTC Creams and Oils

Finding the right pimple scar removal cream in a market with thousands of brands is a tad difficult. However, some pimple scars sufferers continue to find products that work for them. What has worked for somebody else may not necessarily work on your face. This is why, visiting a dermatologist before picking an ideal over the counter cream or oil is critical.

The dermatologist can identify your type of acne and gauge what products can work well with your kind of skin and pimples. If you have severe acne that comes in form of cysts, you may need oral antibiotics to keep the breakouts at bay before trying to remove the scars. How to remove pimple scars should be after you have treated your acne completely. This way, you go for a cream that gets to deal with the scars once and for all.

Most pimple scar removal creams used are also fade creams. The clear the dark spots on face, which is usually found inside the scars. When these fade creams lighten the skin inside the scars, you appear to have no marks at all on face.  Consequently, most creams will contain hydroquinone a lightening agent that is no longer ideal since is carcinogenic.

If you want to use creams, therefore, you must be prepared to read the ingredients label and watch out for this component as it could harm your health in the future.  Another component you should avoid because it will make no difference on your skin is Vitamin E. This ingredient is found in most face creams and it advertised to be favorable on skin. According to ehow. Com, Vitamin E however, shows no effect at all and in cases where it has shown any improvement is just in a small number of people.

How to remove pimple scars with pimple scar removal creams or oils is effective with the following ingredients:

  • Kojic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Glycolic acid or any other AHA/BHA

Here are some of the best pimple marks creams that will help on how to remove pimple scars. They contain some of the above ingredients and  people who have reported to use them have done so with success.

  • Cortisone Cream, if you skin is inflamed
  • Arbutin
  • Tissue oil
  • Proactiv
  • Vitamin C serum

How to Remove Pimple Scars Fast the Dermatologists Way

It is possible to spend lots of money on the OTC creams only to have the pimple scars on your face screaming back at you each time you look at yourself in the mirror. This is normal as manufacturers are just out to make a quick buck. Additionally, you cannot get results if you use a cream that is not meant for your kind of skin. For example if you are oily, you will need a fade cream for oil skin and not dry or combination.

Instead of trying one product after the other, the simplest thing to do would be to consult a dermatologist for ways on how to remove pimple scars fast. Your type of scars may just need some prescription antibiotics or topical retinoids.  These are not accessible without a prescription and therefore, you could be missing out on the cure for your marks by just sitting back at home instead of booking an appointment with a dermatologist near you.

The dermatologist also has strong chemical peels that are not available over the counter. They can apply these on your face and remove your scars fast.  However, you have to avail yourself at the dermatologist’s office so that they can be applied expertly and safely.

If you would rather not go the chemical peels way, you can always opt for surgery. Of course it will cost you, but you will have skin grafts and stitches that will clear the scars on face. How to remove pimple scars fast using surgery is quite safe under a professional dermatologist.

Surgery can be scary to some people and another option is laser treatment. This clears the imperfections using laser light and you get a flawless skin within a few minutes. It is also possible to have dermabrasion or microdermabrasion and leave the dermatologist’s office with a smooth face.

Another way on how to remove pimple scars fast is by using injections. Fillers of collagen are injected into the skin to stimulate it to produce collagen. On the other hand, ablative fillers may be used to vaporize your scars making way for smoother and flawless skin.

Although these treatments are fast, some may not be ideal for your type of scars. Therefore, choose a professional dermatologist who will help you select the best. A good derma will give his or her opinion on, which method will work on your face.

How to Remove Pimple Scars Naturally – Remedies to Remove Pimple Scars

Since OTC creams and treatments from a dermatologist can take much of your hard earned cash. It is also possible to go the natural remedies route instead. This way, you will get to save money and be sure on what you are putting on your sensitive skin.

How to remove pimples naturally requires your diligence and patience. This is because the home remedies cannot work overnight. For ways on how to get rid of pimple scars overnight, here is an article that will guide you. Home remedies however work as time goes by. Furthermore, you should not expect any side effects from the use of home treatments.

Here is a list of some of the remedies to remove pimple scars. How to remove pimple scars naturally calls for the use of natural products such as:

  • Oils, e.g. Coconut, olive, jojoba, oregano, Tea Tree oil and castor oil among others. Massage any of these on face using forward and back ward motion.
  • Using baking soda paste to exfoliate the skin. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with enough water to make it into a paste. Rub the paste on face and leave it there for 10 minutes before washing it off with tepid water.
  • Applying natural yogurt on the scars. This contains lactic acid that will help lighten the marks naturally.
  • Using rose water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply the mixture and leave it on face for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

How to Remove Pimple Scars On Face – How to Remove Pimple Scars From Face

You cannot have success with the removal of pimple scars if you are not prepared to fight the root cause, which is acne both from the inside and the outside. How to remove pimple scars on face requires that you treat the gut before treating the external skin.

Here are more ways on how to remove pimple scars from face. Your eating habits will have to change to healthier and balanced dishes. Furthermore, you will have to balance the sugar internally because it is the main culprit of scars on face caused by pimples.

Best Way to Remove Pimple Scars is Avoiding them

The best way to remove pimple scars is not so much as to what you apply, but how you reduce the chances of acquiring scars.  You can easily do this by fighting the temptation to squeeze or pick your zits. Scars will form from this behavior. Furthermore, it is best that you avoid makeup and if you must use it, use the right one for your skin type.

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