How to Remove Pimple Marks from Face, on Face, Fast and Naturally

How do you reduce pimple marks on face? How can I remove pimple marks from face? Which ways work best on how to remove pimple marks on face?

The face is the part of the body that meets and greets people. When you have pimples or imperfections of scars, dark or red marks, it makes you feel uneasy. You may avoid going out often so that people cannot stare at you wondering what happened to your dear face. Keeping off from the social scene is disadvantageous in so many ways, because you will never know what is trending. Besides, you will become lonely and think that perhaps you are cursed. However, this is not the case.

Pimples occur if you are in puberty, in your 20s, 30s, or 50s, they have no limit. Pimples will also occur if you do not drink plenty of water in a day. Furthermore, if you eat an unhealthy diet, of plenty of sugars and red meat, it could be the reason why you have pimples. You can find a cure in your dermatologist’s office, however, it is not a guarantee that the pimples will not leave marks or scars once they are healed.  Most pimple marks and scars go away on their own, however, for others you may have to use a product or natural remedy to make them clear. Stick around to find how to remove pimple marks from face variously. Those annoying pimple marks on face could be a thing of the past with these treatments.


How to Remove Pimple Marks From Face – How to Remove Pimple Marks On Face with Various Treatments

Pimple marks occur due to your skin not being able to heal properly and fast. Therefore, you can make it heal faster by the foods you eat. Here is how to remove pimple marks naturally from the face, chest or back. Eating right will boost your immunity, which will aid in the healing process of your pimple marks. This is one of the best methods on how to remove pimple marks from face because you are treating the system first.

On the other hand, how to remove pimple marks on face may require you to see a dermatologist especially if your marks are red and swollen. Even black marks should not be taken lightly because they could be a sign of melanoma, a skin cancer type that only dermatologists can identify. Therefore, if a black mark just turns up on face and it is not a freckle or skin tag, do see your dermatologist for proper diagnosis.

If the marks are just pimple marks you may be prescribed certain stronger creams such as Retino-A, Melacare and Tretinoin among others. These pimple marks removal creams and ointments come with strict instructions that you should adhere to avoid damaging your skin. Some of them are also found over the counter. However, it is best to consult with a dermatologist who best understands your skin type and its problems. Furthermore, do not use these creams and go under the sun without sunscreen of SPF30 or higher.

How to remove pimple marks from face from the dermatologist’s office is also possible with other comprehensive treatments such a s surgery, laser treatment, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion , injection of fillers and strong chemical peels. If you are not willing to try the creams, you could ask your dermatologist to perform a glycolic acid chemical peel. The results will be evident after a few days after you heal from the peeling.  Fillers are more straight forward and quick. However, they are not permanent.   You may have to visit the dermatologist every 5-6 months for repeat treatments.

The treatments of how to remove pimple marks on face in a skin specialist’s office are quite expensive. Furthermore, sometimes the skin on your face may turn out worse than you were. It is therefore, possible to pick other natural treatments from these home remedies for pimple marks. These make use of items in your kitchen that go into the foods you eat. Therefore, they should not irritate your skin in anyway.

How to Remove Pimple Marks from Face Fast Naturally

When you want a fast way to remove pimple marks, there are various natural methods you can use. The use of cucumber is one, lemon, cinnamon and honey and olive oil.  As for the cucumber, you should make slices of it or blend it into juice and apply on the affected areas on face.

The use of cucumber is one of the ways how to remove pimple marks from face fast and naturally. It offers lightening, cooling and soothing effect on the face. Lemon on the other hand, is a natural skin lightening agent, but sometimes it can sting when used on its own. Therefore, you can mix it with cucumber or papaya if necessary. Cinnamon mixed with honey also makes a good detoxifying mask that will also leave the marks brighter than before. Taking honey and cinnamon is also healthy to balance your sugar levels internally.  Try these treatments one at a time for fast results.

How to Remove Pimple Marks from Face at Home- Home Remedies

Home treatments although can be slow, they are sure. They make use of ingredients that you use in your daily cooking. Therefore, they cannot damage your skin. Furthermore, they are pocket friendly. Here is a list of home remedies used on how to remove pimple marks from face at home:

  • Baking soda paste- mix one tablespoon of baking soda with water and use the paste on face to exfoliate. Rub for five minutes before rinsing off.
  • Grinded orange peel- this is in the citrus fruit family and can also give you a brighter face with even skin tone
  • Crushed mint leaves squeezed in muslin cloth to make mint juice. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off.
  • Grated peeled potato- has brightening agents when used regularly
  • Turmeric, this may cause breakouts in some people therefore it should be used with caution. Make a paste of it with water and you are good to go.
  • Garlic juice or just crushed garlic. Apply on face, and the sulfur in it will clear the marks. Do make a habit of consuming a clove or two to fight the bacteria and yeasts in your system.

Best Way to Remove Pimple Marks from Face As Suggested By Several Sites

In my search for ways to erase pimple marks, I could not help but come across this remedy which is said to be the best way to remove pimple marks from face. You will need sandalwood powder or just the wood and rose water. Add the powder into the rose water and mix well. Apply the mixture on face overnight if you can or for one hour before rinsing off. If you do not have the powder let the sandalwood soak in the water for sometime before using it on your face.

How to Remove Pimples Marks from Face Naturally with Herbs

When looking for natural products in a cream or ointment you should find fruit, root or plant extracts. It is important that you find kojic acid, mulberry extracts, vitamin C, licorice extract and arbutin in your creams. However, you can always use herbs at home  on how to remove pimples marks from face naturally.

Some of the best herbs to combat acne, spots, scars and any marks are:

  • Neem leaves
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Mint leaves
  • Corriander leaves, their juice can be mixed with turmeric for a great face lightening paste.
  • Lavender, if you do not have the oil you can definitely use water infused with fresh lavender on your face.

How to Reduce Pimple Marks on Face

Most treatments work on reducing pimple marks instead of eliminating them completely. Only treatments in a dermatologist’s office can eliminate them completely, laser, fillers, chemical peels and dermabrasion. However, how to reduce pimple marks on face is possible with various ways. I will present two here for more ways on how to reduce pimple marks, this is a resourceful article.

Make some green tea and make some ice cubes out of it. Use these cubes on your clean face to reduce pimple marks and scars on face. There is no need to wrap them in a handkerchief as your skin needs the benefits of the green tea. This method will also minimize your pores.

Another method on how to reduce pimple marks on face is by massaging oils on to it. You can make use of olive, coconut, Tea Tree oil, neem oil, or oregano oil mixed with some witch hazel. Pour some into the palm of your hands and rub it on your face using a forward and backward motion, not circular. A daily massage will give you smoother facial skin within weeks.

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