How to Get Rid of Spot Scars – on Face and Fast

So a break out of acne left you scarred and you are now wondering how to get rid of spot scars. Well, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll discuss the various options that you can resort to in order to get the smooth younger looking skin back in no time at al, including some natural remedies.

Home Remedies for Spot Scars

If you are like most people, then you might be accustomed to trying a few home remedies before seeking medical treatment. For spot scars, you may want to apply some honey, dilute lemon juice, baking soda paste, tea tree oil or aloe vera gel 2 to 3 times daily as explained in a subsequent section of this article.

How to Get Rid of Spot Scars

“Please explain how to get rid of spot scars”. This is a request sent to us by one of our valued readers after reading another article on tummy tuck scars.

There is a whole list of treatment options available today to get rid of spot scars (and other types of scars for that matter). The suitability of any one of them – or a combination of them – depends on the type of the scar (e.g. ice pick scar versus boxcar scar) as well as depth.

Here are some of the options that you may want to consider or discuss with your doctor:

Laser treatment: This is the treatment option that pops up in my mind when contemplating how to get rid of spot scars. Although laser treatment is growing in popularity nowadays, it is usually not effective for deep scars. Shallow, scars can however benefit from laser treatment.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York dermatologist, suggests using V-Beam (a pulse-dye laser) for red scars and Fraxel for older scars that are not as red anymore.

Dermabrasion: shallow spot scars can also benefit from dermabrasion which is akin to mechanical removal of the scar tissue. A special wire brush is usually used to remove the uppermost layer of the skin in the scarred area in order to stimulate the growth of new healthy skin.

Filler injection: sunken scars usually respond well to injection of dermal fillers such as Hyaluronic acid. The major drawback to this technique is just that it gives temporary results. The patient has to get another injection after some time, probably after one year.

Steroid injection: Raise scars can be injected with corticosteroid to flatten them and make them softer.

Scar creams: there are many creams today that claim to help enhance the appearance of spot scars (and numerous other types of scars for that matter). These creams are silicone-based (e.g. Kelo-cote and Scarguard), with only a few exceptions such as Mederma which features an onion extract called Allium cepa as the active ingredient.

Surgical scar Revision: This entails using surgical techniques such as punch excision, punch grafting and punch elevation to improve how a scar looks.

Punch excision is perhaps the most commonly used technique. This involves removing the scar using a cookie-cutter like surgical tool and then stitching the hole using fine sutures that are then removed after a few days.

How to Get Rid of Spot Scars Fast – How to Get Rid of Spot Scars Quickly

If you are looking to get rid of spot scars fast (maybe you have to attend an important event in a couple weeks time), then you can as well rue out scar creams because continuous usage over a few weeks or months is required before notable improvement can be achieved.

Dermabrasion, laser treatment and steroid injection are as well slower options which leave filler injection and surgical revision as your best bet.

It however deserves a mention that surgical revision involves some down time. In addition, no treatment option is suitable for all cases of spot scars. Your best course of action would be to discuss your options with a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. And don’t forget you can always use a camouflage makeup to conceal the spot scars.

How to Get Rid of Spot Scars Overnight without surgery

“How can I get rid of spot scars overnight without having to undergo a surgical revision surgery?” This is a question sent to use by one of our readers the other day.

If surgery is not an option for you, then you may want to discuss with your doctor (or dermatologist) about the suitability of filler injections, subcision and medical microneedling for your specific case.

Of course some of these options might not give you as fast results as you might wish, but at least they are possible alternatives to surgery.

How to Get Rid of Spot Scars Naturally

For the sake of lovers of natural remedies, here are five natural ways to get rid (or at least improve) spot scars:

  1. Aloe vera: Squeeze fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe vera plant and apply it on the scarring sites on the skin. Leave it on for 3o minutes and then wash it off with water.
  2. Tea tree oil: Apply some dilute tea tree oil on the spot scars for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water 2 to 3 times every day
  3. Baking Soda: Prepare a baking soda paste by dissolving 1 tsp of baking soda to 3 tsp of water and then stirring thoroughly. Now apply the paste on your scars and allow it to sit in for 3 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water
  4. Honey: Honey is a natural astringent and can help too reduce the appearance of spot scars. simply dab some honey on the scars, leave it on for 20 minutes or so, and then rinse it off with warm water
  5. Lemon juice: Mix ½ cup of water with ½ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply the solution onto the scars and allow it to sit in for 15 minutes before washing it off with water.

How to Get Rid of Spot Scars on Face

The face is the part of the skin that receives the most attention and spot scars appearing on the face can be particularly noticeable and pesky.

If you are wondering how to get rid of spot scars on face, then your potential options may vary from laser treatment to dermabrasion, filler injection, steroid injection and chemical peels to scar creams, medical microneedling, subcision and surgical revision techniques such as punch excision.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist for the most suitable options. One or more approaches may as well be adopted depending on the nature of your scars and the practitioner’s preferences.

How to Get Rid of Red Spot Scars

According to Dr. Bowe, MD, a dermatologist based in New York, spot scars often appear red as a result of inflammation of breaking of blood vessels after an acne breakout. The red pigmentation usually goes away gradually, but the scars accompanying the red pigmentation are usually permanent even though they tend to fade away over time.

Red spot scars can benefit from treatment with a pulse-dye laser referred to as V-beam. Other treatments such as dermabrasion, filler injection, etc can as well be considered.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spot Scars

Dark spot scars are a common feature of more severe cases of acne and often results from squeezing and picking of the pimples even though some acne breakouts will cause dark spots regardless of whether you squeeze and pick at them or not.

The treatment option for the scar tissue underlying the dark spots range from laser therapy, dermabrasion, and skin peels for shallow scars, to subcision, surgical revision, and medical microneedling for deeper scars

Best Way to Get Rid of Spot Scar

The best way to get rid of spot scarring will essentially vary depending on the nature of the scar for example deep scars such as ice pick scars may not be effectively treated using such options as laser and skin peels.

Punch excision makes a more effective treatment. Shallow scars will however respond well to a diverse range of treatment options including laser, skin peeling, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion, among others.

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