How to Get Rid of Scars Naturally and Home Remedies

Using natural remedies to solve our skin woes saves money, ensures we use safe products as well as products that are noninvasive. Learn how to get rid of scars naturally and how to use home remedies to get rid of scars.

How to Get Rid Of Scars Naturally – Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Scars

After one has suffered injury, it is important to start treatment of the injured area as soon as healing is complete. This makes it easy to get rid of the scar and can help save money since one can apply ways on how to get rid of scars naturally, which tend to be effective at this point. Among some of the home remedies to get rid of scars include: Fenugreek seeds: These are great and can help to get rid of scars even as serious as burn scars.

  • Soak the seeds in water overnight
  • Get them in the morning and grind into a fine paste.
  • Gently apply the mixture on the scars and let it stay on.
  • When the paste dries completely on the skin, wash it off.

Potatoes: Potatoes provide moisture to the area of treatment as well as act as an anti-bacterial agent. They also have bleaching qualities which help in getting rid of spot scars.

  • Blend some whole potatoes and apply the paste on the scar.
  • You can also make a potato peel bandage. Peel the potato and place the peel on scarred area. Secure it using adhesive aids. Leave it on for the night.

Olive oil: Olive oil contains vitamins E and K. These are great components and make it effective in fading scars fast. It is also acidic and contains antioxidants. These play a great deal in lightening scars and thus making them less visible.

  • Rub an appropriate amount of extra virgin olive oil on the scar.
  • Massage it into the scar for five minutes. This will loosen up the scar tissue.
  • Leave the oil on for ten minutes before wiping it off using a clean piece of cloth.

Apple cider vinegar: Vinegar is yet another way on how to get rid of scars naturally. It is slightly acidic and acts as an exfoliating product.  This helps it to scrape off the scar tissue. This peeling action is made safe by the fact that it also has antiseptic properties.

  • Dip a cotton ball in vinegar and rub it on the scar
  • For people with sensitive skin, dilute it with water first.

Tea tree oil: Its anti-bacterial properties make it efficient in scar removal. When properly used, it can help get rid acne and cut scars. This oil is very strong and may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Before using it, try it out on a hidden patch of skin. If it does not irritate you, go ahead and use it.

  • Mix one part of warm water with one part of the oil.
  • Run this mixture on the scar as if washing the area. This may cause some tingling or stinging feeling which will be gone after some time. In case it persists, discontinue usage and see a dermatologist.

Lemon juice: Alpha hydroxy acid is one great component found in lemon juice. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, promotes growth of new cells as well as gives the skin back its elasticity. It is also a natural bleach and thus helps to lighten scars.

  • Extract the lemon juice from fresh lemons and ensure you have enough depending on the size of your scar.
  • Dip a ball of cotton in the juice and rub it on the area of treatment.
  • Leave it on for ten minutes after which you should rinse it off.
  • Using lemon juice may make the skin sensitive. Protect it from light by wearing sunscreen during the period f treatment.

Indian gooseberry: This is also known as amla. It contains vitamin C and is very effective in getting rid of fresh scars.

  • Make an amla paste using distilled water.
  • Massage the paste on the scarred area.

Aloe vera gel:   Aloe vera’s is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce irritations. It also lessens scar swelling, facilitates repair of damaged skin and fortifies new skin cells that are produced. It is best used in its most natural state.

  • Extract the juice from aloe leaves and massage it on the scar. Do this three or more times a day.

Onion extract: Onions possess anti-inflammatory qualities and have the ability to inhibit collagen production. This prevents the scar from developing further and slackens it with time.

  • Crush some onion and extract the juice. Rub this on the scar.
  • You can also blend the onion, and apply the paste.

Honey: As a moisturizer, honey helps to stimulate tissue regeneration which aids tissue and thus helps in getting rid of scars. When mixed with baking soda, the results are superb.

  • Mix equal amounts of the two ingredients and make a paste.
  • Massage this on the area for three minutes.
  • Wipe off the area with a warm piece of cloth.

How to Get Rid of Scars on Face at Home

Scars on face can affect how we look. They tend to be undesirable. To get rid of them, one can use natural ingredients that are known to give clear and clean the skin. Some of the remedies that can help on how to get rid of scars on face at home include lemon juice and vinegar.

How to Get Rid of Scars At Home Fast

Honey possesses healing properties. It also helps to moisturize scars which enhances circulation. These properties make it quite fast in getting rid of scars. Apply it on scarred tissue and let it rest overnight. Wash it off in the morning.

How to Get Rid of Cutting Scars At Home

Cutting scars tend to be different depending on the depth and location of the cut. To get rid of them naturally, one would have to evaluate the scar first and determine how strong the natural remedy should be. Where the scar is severe, one may have to make use of more than one remedy.

How to Get Rid of Old Scars Naturally

Getting rid of old scars naturally may take some time. It is therefore important that when one picks their how remedy on how to get rid of them, they use it consistently and are patient enough for it to work out.

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