How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks Fast, Quickly or Overnight

What is the best way on how to get rid of pimple marks fast? I have these ugly pimple marks and I want them gone quickly, overnight would be best. How do I get rid of the pimple marks overnight?

Pimples are a nightmare for all, both young and old alike. If you are in puberty you get pimples, in your mid 20s or 30s, you still get pimples. While they are not common in men, they do occur and in men they can be quite severe. Women have to deal with one or two pimples every month. It can be frustrating to have everyone know when you are on your menstrual cycle. However, that is how women are designed. At that particular time hormones go berserk and the result of the imbalance is a pimple or two. If you have acne prone skin you may get more under your chin, on your nose or on your forehead.

As soon as the pimple appears, you wish it gone. However, it never happens this way. You get tempted to pick it and what you get is a scar or dark mark.  The scars and marks are not only brought about by squeezing the zits, but also some of the products you use to cure this skin predicament.  If you have a weak immune system on the other hand, you may take to heal from both the pimples and marks. How do you get rid of the pimple marks? Here is a guide on how to get rid of pimple marks fast and safely.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks- The Conventional Methods

Removing pimples can take your time, your emotions and your hard earned money. This is because if you want to remove pimple marks you may require the services of a professional dermatologist. He or she is the only person who can determine the right treatment for your kind of marks. For pimple scars, you may require surgery, collagen fillers, laser treatment, chemical peels or microdermabrasion among others. Pimple marks can only be reduced. This is how to reduce pimple marks.

Although, there are over the counter chemical peels and products for microdermabrasion, they are not as strong as those found in your dermatology office.  Therefore, you may have no choice, but to book an appointment and pay for the treatment out of your pocket because it is a cosmetic procedure. Your insurance will not cover the cost.

How to get rid of pimple marks at the dermatologists is however, safe. This is because he or she is specialized in skin and knows the treatment that can work for your best.  Some of these procedures are not permanent, for example, the fillers. Consequently, you may have to visit the clinic several times in a year.

Alternatively, the dermatologist can prescribe some strong retinoid that can work to clear your skin. This should be used according to the instructions given.  Otherwise they can damage your skin further. Besides, when using the prescription topical creams, you will have to use sunscreen of SPF 30 or a superior kind. This is because the creams remove the top layer of your skin and can leave it vulnerable to UVB and UVA rays.

You can also buy over the counter pimple marks removal creams, however, you should consult with your dermatologist first. These are use for clearing marks only and should not be used as fair creams. For fair creams there are plenty in the market, therefore use them for the intended purpose.

Some fade creams also claim to erase the pimple marks. However, how to get rid of pimple marks with these creams should be done with a lot of caution. Most of them contain hydroquinone the active skin lightening agent. Recent studies indicate that it is carcinogenic when used for long periods.

The best creams for removing pimple marks should contain ingredients such as:

  • Arbutin
  • Kojic acid
  • Tea tree oil
  • Neem
  • Glycolic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Mulberry extract
  • Licorice extract among others.

You should ensure that the creams you use on how to get rid of pimple marks have all natural ingredients you can identify with.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks Fast – How to Remove Pimple Marks Quickly at Home

Home remedies for pimple marks are some of the within reach spot removers. They are affordable, readily available and they can hardly react on the skin, unless you are very sensitive. If you use a home remedy for quick removal of pimple marks that causes a reaction, you should dilute it with water or natural oils.

A good example of how to get rid of pimple marks fast is by using lemon juice. Of course it may cause irritation on some people. However, it is bearable. If you find it unbearable, mix the juice with cucumber and use this treatment daily for sometime to see if there is any improvement. Cucumber has a soothing and cooling effect. It also lightens dark parts of skin. Cucumber and lemon are a perfect duo for getting rid of pimple marks fast.

You can also make use of neem leaves, fresh or dried. Crush them to make a paste and add turmeric to the paste. This combination should help you on how to get rid of pimple marks fast. If you do not have neem leaves, you can use coriander or mint juice and add turmeric to it. You can also add honey to make a good face mask that will wipe out the marks.

Garlic is also another home remedy that can have those marks gone fast. Do make sure that you have no zits on your skin before using this treatment. It can make pimples heal leaving a darker spot. Therefore, only use it for pimple free skin with marks.

How to get rid of pimple marks fast is also possible with baking soda mixed with rosewater. This should give you a paste that can exfoliate your skin without irritating it. The baking soda has very fine particles that you can hardly feel them. Rub on the skin with marks for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off with tepid water.

Fenugreek seeds when boiled can give you water that can clear your pimple marks quickly. Boil the seeds and strain the water. Leave the water to cool first before using a cotton ball to apply on your face or any other parts with marks. The fenugreek leaf can also make a good internal cure for pimple marks and scars. You just need to boil the leaves and drink the water. It balances your blood sugar.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks Overnight- Best Remedies

If you want a remedy that will work fast during the night, here are some of the best remedies on how to get rid of pimple marks overnight:

  • Honey and cinnamon. Add 2 tablespoons of honey to one tablespoon on cinnamon and mix them well into a paste. Apply the paste on skin with marks and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
  • Massage your skin with a forward, back movement with natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. These two have antimicrobial properties and also leave your skin supple and soft.
  • Make a full tomato into pulp and smear it on your face. Rinse off after it dries or sleep overnight with it on your skin. How to get rid of pimple marks overnight using tomato pulp does not irritate and it works on removing the marks.
  • Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar with rose water. Using a cotton ball soak up the solution and apply it on your face. If the solution does not sting and you do not mind the smell of ACV, leave it overnight. Otherwise, rinse off after 20 minutes.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks on Face -How to Get Rid of Pimples Marks on Face

The face is very sensitive because it is the first part the whole world sees when you are walking outside your house. How to get rid of pimple marks on face is therefore critical to avoid having low self esteem issues.

How to get rid of pimple marks from face requires the use of natural remedies that will not cause irritation. Furthermore, you should make use of ingredients you can wash off easily with pure water. Over washing your skin with face wash can cause more breakouts.

Therefore, ensure that how to get rid of pimples marks on face does not leave your skin weak or worse that it already is with the spots. It is important to do a spot patch test for the ingredients you intend on your face before proceeding with the concoction applications on full face. If you are not sure of possible reactions, a test would help you find out.

Best Ways to Get Rid Of Pimple Marks-Internal and External

The best ways to get rid of pimple marks of course are those help you fight the spots from within out. This is because most skin problems occur due to toxicity in the colon. Look for ingredients that cater for both the system and your skin. These include:

  • Lemons, which can also be drunk in pure water
  • Castor oil, which can be added to juices or teas
  • Yogurt, a natural probiotic that also contains lactic acid that can help eliminate marks among others.

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