Best Scar Treatment Products, Natural & Surgical Treatments

What is the best scar treatment product? I would like to find the best scar treatment products for acne scars, tummy tuck, C-section and Chickenpox. What is the best scar removal treatment?

In your everyday life, scars are inevitable. However, you can avoid their formation in the first place by treating your wound correctly when you get injured by that knife, bike fall or breakout on skin. You should keep the area clean and moist in order to allow new skin tissues to form naturally. It is quite normal to want to take the healing process in your own hands by removing the forming scabs and apply all manner of creams and lotions.  While some could help, most of them could interfere with the proper healing process.

Therefore, it is important to just clean the wound or zit with an antibiotic and keep it moisturized and covered if possible. You should also avoid the sunlight as much as possible when you have a cut or bruise because sun damage will make your skin prone to scarring. If the inevitable does happen and you get a scar or many scars, you should not let the mark put you down. You should also be sure, especially on face,  that you are dealing with a scar and not a pimple mark. There are various home remedies for pimple marks, but very few work to remove scars. Hence, the need for a best scar treatment to clear your pesky marks naturally or surgically. The best scar removal treatment will depend on your type of scars.

Best Scar Removal Treatment – What Is the Best Scar Treatment

There are different types of scars, depending on how you got them. First, there are the contracture or burn scars that can even make movement impossible. Atrophic scars are the other types that mainly form on people with acne or those who acquired chicken pox. They are indented or depressed in nature. The other type is the hypertrophic, which are just raised, thick and may have some texture. Finally, there are also keloids, which appear like skin tags, but they are not. They occur due collagen overproduction as the wound heals.

What is the best scar treatment? You should understand what type of scar you have in order to treat it effectively. The best scar removal treatment is the kind that can target your kind of scars without leaving the scar worse than it already is.

There are various scar removal treatments in the market. However, very few deliver their claims. In my opinion the best would be those that are made of natural ingredients. Although creams with natural ingredients will help improve your scar without damaging the surrounding skin, you have to be really patient as they cannot work instantly or overnight. Consequently, patience is crucial when using the OTC creams.

What is the best scar treatment? The best scar removal treatment would be one, which can get deep down into the skin and break down the collagen tissue structure in your disfigurement as this is crucial in its removal. Therefore, you have to exfoliate your skin with safe and strong products before using the treatment on the scar. This is especially the case with facial scar treatment.

While the same strategy may apply to scars on other parts of the body, it would be impossible to exfoliate on some scars especially those from surgery. As a result, an effective treatment for such would require the supervision of a doctor, dermatologist or surgeon.

Best Scar Treatment Products

When using best scar treatment products on the face, you should first exfoliate with safe products such as Glycolic or lactic acids, which should be at 8%-10% and at a pH of 3.5-4. Alternatively, you can make use of salicylic acid at over 2% and pH of 4-4.5. These scrubs can be found in most homes in form of natural yogurt, and crushed aspirin paste.  Once the skin is exfoliated, it will be easier for the products to penetrate deep into the skin. Do remember to wear a sunscreen protection such as Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense, which has SPF 50.

Best Scar Treatment Cream for Face

For best scar treatment cream for face, you can try the following:

  • Kinerase
  • Mederma
  • Dr. Max Powers Serum
  • Skin Medica Recovery Gel
  • Sudden Change Zone A
  • Classikool Serum among others.

Best Scar Treatment Cream

The best scar treatment cream on any other part of the body would include:

  • Scarguard
  • Invicible Scars cream
  • Bioskinrepair
  • NanoDerme
  • Dr.Sheffield’s Cream
  • Revitol
  • Sweet Bee Magic
  • Biocorneum plus SPF 30
  • Kelo-cote
  • Egyptian Magic Cream

Best Silicone Scar Treatment

Silicone is the only proven treatment to work effectively on both new and old scars. You can try these brands. However, it is important to find out the percentage of silicone in each brand:

  • Healing Touch Silicone Gel
  • Acuscar gel
  • New Gel+E Advanced Gel
  • Scar Away

Best Natural Scar Treatment- OTC and Home Remedies

Scar treatment can also be found in natural ingredients or in OTC products with purely natural ingredients. However, most products that claim to have natural ingredients have only a negligible percentage. Therefore, you should find out the percentage before purchasing or better still use the fresh components.

  • Best natural scar treatment OTC:
  • Classikool serum, made with patchouli and argan oil
  • Quantum Health Derma- olive oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Tea Tree oil and aloe vera
  • Egyptian Magic Cream- has olive oil, beeswax, bee pollen and honey

Alternatively, you can use home remedies of:

  • Aloe vera gel when the wound is fresh
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Ginseng
  • Calendula
  • Licorice
  • Witch hazel among others.

Best Scar Treatment for Old Scars- What Treatment to Use for Old Scars

An old scar can also clear if you find the best scar treatment for old scars. There are several in the market, and sometimes they may never work. You may try them and if they fail to work, you consult a dermatologist or surgeon for best in-office treatment. The best are:

  • Silicone sheeting e.g Scar Away
  • Scarguard
  • Kelo-cote

Best Surgery Scar Treatment – Best Face Scar Treatment-Fat Grafts

If you have ice picks or pock marks on face from cystic acne, it would be impossible to make them clear easily with dermabrasion or laser treatments. Therefore, the surgeon or dermatologist may suggest best surgery scar treatment and it could be fat graft. Fat will be removed from behind your ears where it is hidden and put on your facial skin. This is the best face scar treatment if you have deep scars.

However, only a dermatologist of facial surgeon has the power to decide on the very best after analyzing your scars. Therefore, do not go asking for it when clearly you could use laser scar treatment with a lot of success.

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