Scar Remover – Best, Effective, Natural and Acne Scar Remover

Most of us have at least one scar to remind us of the outcomes of some of our explorative endeavors and accidental events. If you have a scar that you wish away every time your eyes see it in the mirror, then read on to discover some of the best scar removers out there. Lovers of natural solutions have as well been taken cares of with numerous natural scar removers.  

Best Scar Remover – Effective Scar Remover

With the ever growing number of scar removal products, it begs the question, what is the best scar remover? After all no two products are created equally and not all scar removers actually work despite all the bold claims that is expected of any product looking to get the attention of the consumers.

As part of this research, I went around looking for the best scar remover and here are some of the products that seemed convincing if online user reviews and feedback is anything to go by:

Erase Scar Remover

The UK Derm Erase Anti-acne and Depigmenting Solution is one of the more convincing scar removers out there. Featuring retinoic acid (vitamin A) as the main ingredient, this solution is indicated for not only scars but also freckles, wrinkles, dark elbows, and stretch marks. It works by initiating a skin peeling action while restoring the skin’s ability to regenerate new tissues.

In addition to vitamin A, erase also contains alpha hydroxyl acids for a more effective skin peeling (exfoliation) action. It also features lactic acid, salicylic acid, and malic acid among other compounds that encourage skin moisturization and is safe for use on the face, neck, elbows, abdomen, and feet.

The manufacturer however advises against using it on wounded skin and in areas with lighter skin such as the armpits as this can lead to irritation. UK Derm Erase is also not safe for use by pregnant women and children aged below 18 years.

You can order the product online on sites such as Amazon and eBay among others.

SkarSlick Scar Remover

SkarSlick is yet another high rated scar remover that is available over-the-counter for treatment of both new and old scars. As a matter of fact the manufacturer claims that it can reduce the appearance of scars as old as 5-10 years by initiating collagen regeneration in the skin.

With a great array of natural ingredients ranging from jojoba oil, to elastin and allantoin, SkarSlick works by softening the scar tissue and promoting the rejuvenation of the skin while repairing damaged tissues.

SkarSlick is praised for its non-greasy feel and being odor-free and easy to apply and online reviews from its users seem to suggests that the product actually works.

SkarSlick can be used for burn scars, surgery scars, stretch marks, and injury scars. And if bout acne of acne left behind pesky scars, then SkarSlick can as well help to fade them away.

Natural Scar Remover

The other day, a visitor to one of the forums I frequent asked for a recommendation of a natural scar remover.

Well, SkarSlick is marketed as a natural scar remover, but with its truckload of chemicals ranging from propylparaben and methylparaben to Sodium Hyaluronate, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone Copolyol, it might not be the exact fit for a natural scar remover for some of the people.

If you are a more stringent fan of natural remedies then here are some of the most common natural scar removers that you may want to use to improve your scar.

Lemon: Lemon is usually loaded with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) which are helpful in exfoliating the skin of its dead skin cells and enhancing the growth of skin cells. It also helps to lighten the scar s because of its natural bleaching action.

To improve scars with lemon juice, apply a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice onto the scarring site using a cotton ball and allow it to 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Honey + Baking soda: Raw honey is a natural moisturizer which also helps to reduce the appearance of scars. Baking soda is on the other hand has a natural exfoliating effect and helps to strip out the scar tissue one layer at a time.

Directions: Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 2 tablespoons of raw honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture onto the scarred area and massage gently for 3 minutes. Now dip a washcloth into hot water and then place it over the scar till it cools down. Finally wipe the scarring site clean using the washcloth.

Tea tree oil: This is yet another useful natural scar remover with antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. using tea tree oil for scar removal is as easy as applying a few drops on the scarred area and massaging gently to allow the tea tree oil to set in. you may however want to test tea tree oil on a small area first if you have sensitive skin.

Vinegar:  Vinegar helps to exfoliate the skin and initiate a skin renewal process. When applied to a scar, it starts a natural scar removal process that makes the scar less noticeable after a period of continued use.

Gotu kola

Gotu kola is an increasingly popular natural scar remover. It is claimed to help reduce keloid scars and can be taken orally, injected or applied topically.

Acne Scar Remover – Best Acne Scar Remover

Getting a bout of acne is not a fancy experience and the scars it often leaves behind after healing are not pleasant either. So what acne scar remover can help to reduce them, you ask?

Well, there are numerous products on the market that claim to offer significant improvement of acne scars.

Mederma Scar Cream is one such product and according to the manufacturer, Mederma works for both new and old scars. Featuring onion extracts as the active ingredient, Mederma is recommended by The American Academy of Dermatology for treatment of not only acne scars but also injury, burns and surgery scars.

It also contains a sunscreen which is important in protecting the scar from direct sunlight and enhancing the healing of scars. Scars show improvement in 8 weeks to 6 months of using Mederma.

Judging from online reviews, Mederma is easily the best acne scar remover out there.

Kelo-cote and SkarSlick also help to reduce acne scars, but if a commercial scar removers doesn’t make you tick, then you may want to try using baking soda, lemon juice or tea tree oil to improve or remove the acne scars.

It is important however to keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for the acne scar remover to give you noticeable results. This is because the skin requires some time to rejuvenate itself, sloughing off the damaged skin cells and replacing them with new ones.

Scar Remover Cream

If I had to offer recommendation for a “scar remover cream” as one of our readers puts it, then ScarGuard, Kelo-cote, and Mederma would be competing for the top spot in my list.

Mederma seems to be getting rave reviews from its users, but the existing scientific research studies give contradicting views with regards to the effectiveness of Mederma. It may however be worth your time judging from customers’ response; otherwise jump right into either Kelo-cote or ScarGuard.

Pimple Scar Remover

The pock marks associated with pimples can make you feel uncomfortable if they seem to draw all the attention to themselves, but there are lots of scar removers out there that can help to get rid of them.

SkarSlick, Scarguard, Kelo-cote and Mederma are such products. In addition to using a pimple removal product you will want to protect your skin from excessive exposure to sunlight by using a sunscreen of SPF 30 at the very least.

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