Get Rid of Red Eyes – Treatments, Cures, Home Remedies, How to Reduce and Prevention of Redness in Eye

Do you want know how to get rid of red eyes? Learn the various best treatments and cure for red eyes that will include natural and home remedies, ways on how to reduce this eye redness as well as prevention. Some of the basic questions that will be answered by the end of this discussion include the following:

Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Artificial Tears (2)

Artificial Tears

  • How do I get rid of my red eye(s)?
  • What are the best natural and home remedies for red eyes?
  • Are there treatments and cures for red eyes? Which are these treatments and cures?
  • How can I prevent eye redness from coming?

No one loves to have a red eye. It is therefore very important you learn some of the ways on how get rid of red eyes once you have known what causes the red eyes you have.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes – Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

Before we look at how to get rid of red eye(s), it is good you know what red eyes are and what causes these red or bloodshot eyes. To know what red eyes are and their causes see Causes of Red Eye – Symptoms, Reasons and Why You Have them. Similarly the article on Red Bloodshot Eyes –Symptoms, Causes, Get Rid, Cures, Remedies of Blood Shot Eye will give you more enlightenment on bloodshot eyes. I hope these two recommended articles have helped you understand better blood shot eyes or red eyes. Let us now discuss the various ways on how get rid of red eye.  We will begin with natural and home remedies for red eye treatment.

Natural & Home Remedies for Red Eyes or Redness – Reduce Bloodshot Eyes

Whenever you have a chance to try them, home remedies for red eye curing are the best way to get rid of red eyes. Most of these red eye home remedies have no side effects other than being very affordable.

However, before you try any of the natural and home remedies for red eye, you need to understand that your eyes are the most sensitive organ, which can get easily irritated.

Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Eye Exercises

Massage and Eye Exercises

Generally, all the discussed natural and home remedies to get rid of red eyes will help in constricting blood vessels that have swollen, soothing your eyes and reducing general eye swelling.

Furthermore, some of the remedies may help in dealing with other problems such as dark under eye circles, puffy eyes and bags under eyes. So what are some of the natural and home remedies for red eyes should you try?

  • Cold Compress – The first red eye home remedy to try is cold compresses. This will involve compressing your eyes for five minutes, twice a day using ice pack or frozen bags. This way will not only help you get rid of red eye by constricting blood vessels but also soothe your eye(s). However, ensure you avoid using ice directly on your eyelids, as they will cause ice burn. Instead, wrap ice in a towel.

    Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Cucumber Slices

    Cucumber Slices

  • Splash water on your face – When you wake up in the morning and you have eye redness, consider splashing your eyes with cold water. This home remedy for red eyes will also help in soothing itchy eyes, reducing puffy eyes or redness caused by some allergies.
  • Cucumber and Rose Water – Another natural way to get rid of red eyes is using either cucumber slices or cotton pads soaked in rose water. Place either on your eyelids for at least 15 minutes while leaning on your back. Do this twice a day. This eye redness home remedies help in reducing redness and soothing your eyes. You can also put 2-3 drops of rose water into your eyes. Its also good for dark circles under eyes, under eye wrinkles, and puffy eyes.
  • Teabags – If your redness is accompanied with swelling, consider steeping teabags, especially green teabags. Cooling them and then putting them on your eyelids – use them as you used cucumber or rose water. This natural way to get rid of red eye works well by reducing swelling and redness. Tea of raspberry will aslo help you. To use it, prepare the tea, soak cotton pads and place them your eyelids.
Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Use Teabags

Try Using Teabags

  • Protect your Eyes – whether you already have bloodshot eyes or you do not have them, it is good to ensure you protect eyes from direct sunlight using goggles. Other than red eyes, bright sunshine is also known to cause under eye wrinkles, which you do not want.

Drink Enough Water – Eye dryness can be a cause for redness. To get rid of red eyes caused by dehydration, ensure you take at least eight glasses of water every day. This will ensure your eyes are well hydrated. This home remedy for red eyes is also very useful for your general well-being.

  • Avoid Allergen – If your eye redness is caused by allergies, avoid the various allergens (allergy causing) impurities such as animal dander, pollen, dust, smoke, etc.

Milk – For red and itchy eyes, you should dab cotton pads in milk and gently rub them on your eyelids. This will soothe your eyes and give a cooling effect thus help reduce eye redness.

There are many other natural remedies for red eye which include the use of bilberry herbs, goldenseal, ginkgo biloba, boiling a half a teaspoon of fennel seeds in about cup of water for about a half an hour and using the drained water as eye rinse, among many others remedies.

Note: Even when your eyes feel itchy, avoid rubbing them, as this will only worsen the condition of your bloodshot eyes.

Cures and Treatments for Red eyes and Redness Cure

Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Similasan Allergy Eye Relief

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief

The above home remedies for red eye should help you deal with this problem. However, it might require cure and treatment, depending on what is causing it.

The first step to cure red eyes is visiting your eye care professional and knowing causes of redness. He or she will advise you accordingly on how to cure red eyes. However, you should give natural remedies a chance first. Furthermore, you could try the below treatments and cures for red eyes a chance!

Artificial Tears

If you have dry eyes, this can be the cause of redness, always go for artificial eyes to help moisten them therefore help to get rid of red eyes. They will lubricate your eyes. Artificial tears are available as over the counter medications. Some of the top brands of artificial tears you should consider include:

See more on artificial tears, their customer rating, reviews and pricing. 

Treat Allergies

Treating allergies is one of the simple ways to cure redness if it is caused by allergen. There are a number of over the counter medications you can go for or let your physician help you choose the drugs to use in treating allergies. This will greatly help you to get rid of red eyes. Some of the common antihistamine and vasoconstrictors you can try include Naphon-A or Opcon-A (very Effective, See Review), among many others. Most of these medications come in form of eye drops. It is wise to consult an eye care professional before using any of these products.

If you need antihistamines, some of the best brands you can buy include the following:

Checkout for these and more antihistamines, ratings customer reviews and much more. 

There are many other ways to cure red eyes that include the use of saline eye drops. However, before you use any treatment and cures for red eye, ensure they are safe. Most of the treatments opted for should always dependent on the underlying cause of bloodshot eyes.

How to Prevent Red Eyes or Eye Redness

Get Rid of Red Eyes – Cures, Remedies, Redness in Eyes Treatment - Prevention

Wash hands always

We have looked at the various natural and home remedies for red eye as well as treatments and ways to cure red eyes. All these methods will be very important. However, it is important to prevent red eyes from happening in the first place instead of waiting for them before you start treating them. There are various ways to prevent eye redness you should try that include the following.

  • Diet – Ensure you have a balanced diet and your diet is rich in vitamin B complex, B2, and B6 as their deficiency can lead to redness. Vitamin A is also important for better vision. To get these vitamins, ensure your diet with vegetables, fruits, grape seeds, particularly those that contain lutein and carotenoids. This will help you to prevent and to get rid of red eyes much easily.
  • Stop using any product that cause redness – The various products you use that include eye makeup, especially eyelash extensions, mascaras, and eyeliner. Eye whitening drops, could also be causing redness you have. Avoid using any of these products or use hypoallergenic products only. You should also check your soaps and other body cosmetics to ensure they are not behind the eye redness you have.
  • Quite smoking and alcohol – Smoking and alcohol are a cause of red yes. To prevent this redness, ensure you quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol is known to cause eye dryness due to body dehydration.
  • Reduce TV and computer hours – If you spend many hours on your TV or computer, this could be behind your eye redness. Ensure you reduce and always have rests after an hour of watching TV or staring at your computer monitor. This is a great way to prevent as well as get rid of red eyes to people whose lives revolve around TV and computer.
    Red Bloodshot Eyes –Symptoms, Causes, Get Rid, Cures, Remedies of Blood Shot Eyes - Computers and TV watching

    Red Eyes from Computers and TV watching


  • Adequate Rest – Not having enough sleep or straining your eyes can make them red. Ensure you have adequate sleep and do not strain your eyes if you want to both prevent as well as get rid of red eye.

Ensure you adhere to these and many other ways of preventing eye redness. You should always ensure you have protected your eyes, try the above cures for red eye as well as natural and home remedies.

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