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Ovulation predictor kits, predictor calendars and calculators are great tools for people trying to conceive. It is possible to use one to complement each other for the best results.

Best Predictor Ovulation Kit – Top Predictor Ovulation Kits

Among some of the best ovulation predictor kits are:

The Clear Blue Predictor Kit

This is the most recommended ovulation predictor kit. It is an accurate way to evaluate ovulation through an LH and estrogen surge testing. The test strips are replaceable.

Though expensive, the fact that it monitors both LH and estrogen surge makes it better than other kits.

These ovulation predictor kits are easy to use. It is also highly dependable and the results are easy to understand. It is the best predictor ovulation kit.

Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Kit

These come with testing strips and a digital reading stick. It is meant for use for ten days in a woman’s cycle. This will help identify a surge in LH and identify the two most fertile days.

This has an easy display and is easy to use. It has a high sensitivity to LH. The accuracy of the clear blue digital ovulation kit is quite high. It helps predict ovulation and most of its users have conceived upon using it. The instruction booklet also gives all information that one would need.

Wondfo One Step ovulation Urine Test Strips

The Wondfo One Step ovulation Urine Test Strips are a cheap yet effective substitute for the digital tests. As the shade on the strip gradually increases, it helps one to know when ovulation is close.

It is easy to use and has clear results, which make it readable. It also provides for an increasing degree of positivity. The fainter the shade is, the further from ovulation one is.  With increased intensity comes increasing fertility.

The fact that the testing is done with urine in a cup as opposed to mid-stream makes sample collection easy. Since they are fairly priced as compared to digital means, one can afford to play around with them until they get satisfactory results.

OV Watch Fertility Predictor

These ovulation predictor kits offers a totally different approach from the hormonal concept. It works by monitoring chloride amounts in the sweat. It is worn daily for at least six hours mostly at night. It is great since it can predict fertility three days earlier than LH tests do.

Furthermore, this ovulation predictor kit has a clear display, requires no saliva or urine samples and has the ability to predict ovulation in advance.

There is no waiting for some time to know the results. One only needs to take a glance at the watch in the morning. [consumersearch.com]

Ovulation Predictor Calendar

This is a calendar that is designed to help predict when ovulation will occur and thus when one will be most fertile. It has slots for the beginning of the last cycle which marks day one of the cycle and how long it lasted. Charting ones cycle makes it easy to record the information into the calendar. This is useful for those who are trying to conceive and those who are trying to avoid conception too.

Ovulation predictor calendar applications have been developed to take the place of manual calendars. All that a person is required to do is key in the data and the app will work out everything else for you. It has the additional advantage of predicting which days are likely to give one a girl or a boy.

The initial data entered is bound to be edited with changing cycles. These applications are easy to use and anyone with the knowledge on how to use a smart phone can download one. This gives one the convenience of use. Working out things for the woman is a great advantage too.

The ovulation predictor calendar is used together with the ovulation calculator. This helps to automatically key in the menstrual period and the expected commencement of the next, the fertile days, when ovulation happens and when you should have intercourse for purposes of conception. The only problem with the ovulation calendar is that it is reliant on the accuracy of whoever is entering the data.

Ovulation Predictor Calculator

An ovulation predictor calculator is “An online tool that helps you predict the most fertile days by projecting the day on which you will ovulate.  The calculation is based on the length of your menstrual cycle and the first day of your last menstrual period.”- [focusvibranthealth.com]

It helps to personalize the symptoms likely to appear on specific days within the menstrual cycle. This is usually used together with the ovulation calendar. The only information required from a person is their first cycle day of their last cycle and how long their periods last. With these, the calculator fills all details in the calendar.

Some calculators work out up to six cycles. Since a cycle can be affected by external factors, not all predictions may be accurate. There are provisions for editing which one can do for more accurate predictions.

For people who have irregular periods, this may not be the best way to predict ovulation.

How to Use Ovulation Predictor Kits

Each ovulation predictor kit is bound to come with customized instructions. Amongst the instructions for urine-based ovulation predictor kits are:

  • Strip test: this involves immersing the strip into a collected urine sample with the arrow end into the urine. The mark line should not be immersed and the immersion should last around 20seconds. Place the strip on a clean and dry surface.
  • Cassette test: The urine should be drawn into the pipette that is provided. About four drops should be dispensed into the dropping well of the cassette.
  • Midstream testing: The absorbent tip should be placed midstream till it is thoroughly wet.

To interpret the results, follow the specific ovulation predictor kits manual.

A saliva based kit is easy to use as it only requires one to place some saliva onto the slide. This is then let to dry and observed through a microscope.

How Do Ovulation Predictor Kits Work?

Urine based ovulation predictor kits detect a sudden change in the luteinizing hormone. This is the hormone responsible for ovulation and is and indicator of one’s fertility. Before ovulation, the amount of LH present in the body rises by two to five times.

When the prediction turns out positive, ovulation is likely to occur within 12-36hours. This is the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle.

Saliva based ovulation test kits detect a rise in estrogen which happens before the LH surge. The salt content increases with a rise in estrogen. When the saliva dries, the salt in it makes it to crystallize forming fern-like patterns. This is what the portable microscope shows a few days before ovulation.

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