Nose Piercing Healing Time & How Long It Takes to Heal

Nose piercing is the second most popular form of body piercing after earlobe piercing. If you are thinking about getting a nose piecing, it might interest you to know how long it takes for a nose piercing to heal. This article will not only look at the general healing time expected for different types of piercings on the nose but also explain why its healing time is relatively longer than that of other forms of piercing. In addition we’ll discuss some helpful ways in which you can minimize the a newly pierced nose healing time.

Nose Piercing Healing Time

Nose Piercing Healing Time – How Long It Takes to Heal
How long It takes to heal

Unlike navel and ear piercing which are done on flesh or fatty tissues, nose piercing is done on cartilage which doesn’t heal the same way as flesh. Consequently, piercing on the nose take relatively longer to heal and are more susceptible to complications especially if proper piercing aftercare is not observed.

Nose piercing healing time is one of the nose controversial topics online with some people holding that a piercing on the nose will heal in less than two weeks and others maintaining that healing can take up to six months.

For the sake of clarification we’ll break down the healing process into two categories namely:

  1. Clearing away of obvious nose symptoms that may come after your pierce your nose and
  2. Full healing of the pierced nose

Obvious symptoms of nose piercings such as swelling, tenderness and redness in the skin around the piercing typically clears away in 10 to 15 days especially if proper aftercare measures are strictly observed.

As for the latter, the time frame varies depending on the type of nose piercing; that is depending on where the piercing is located on the nose. There are two main types in this context, namely, nostril piercing and septum piercing.

Nose Piercing Healing Time - How Long It Takes to Heal Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea could accelerate healing

A nostril piercing (a piercing done on the outside of the nose in the area between the cheeks and the nose tip) typically heals completely in 2 to 4 months.  A septum piercing (a piercing in the cartilaginous tissue separating the right and the left nostril) on the other hand takes a bit longer to heal completely, normally between 6 and 8 months.

It is highly recommended that you leave your nose jewelry (stud, ring, or screw) intact during the healing process as changing it too soon can lead to irritation and infection, and probably extend the healing time considerably.

During the nose piercing healing time, it is normal for the pierced are to bleed, swell, and appear tender and reddened. As the healing process progresses, the piercing may appear pink in color, form crusts, have light whitish-yellow discharge (not pus though unless it is infected) and itch a bit.

All these could be observed even after it appears healed looking from the outside. Remember healing proceeds from the outside in and the inside of the nose may still be healing up.

How Long Does It Take For Nose Piercings to Heal

Nose Piercing Healing Time - How Long It Takes to Heal Aspirin
Try aspirin

The question “how long does it take for nose piercings to heal?” appears very often in online forums. As we have said the time frame for a newly pierced nose to completely heal varies from 2 to 4 months for nostril piercing and 6 to 8 months for septum piercings.

Swelling and other symptoms that appear immediately after the piercing is done however normally go away in 10 to 15 days.

This is the average time it takes for a newly pierced nose to heal but it could be shorter or longer for some people. For example, if proper aftercare measures are not taken, including ensuring proper hygiene regime, preventing trauma on the piercing and avoiding tugging at the jewelry, the healing time can be much longer.

In a nutshell, how long it takes for a nose piercing to heal depends to a large extent on your initiative in as far as caring for the piercing is concerned.

Nostril Piercing Healing Time – How To Minimize It

Nose Piercing Healing Time – How Long It Takes to Heal - How to Minimize Healing Time
How to minimize healing time

Choose appropriate jewelry: the quality of the jewelry you use can have a significant impact on the length of the nostril piercing healing time. Stainless steel, niobium and titanium jewelry are the best in prevention of infection and ensuring a smooth healing process.

While some piercers might offer free studs and rings as part of their package, you should ideally go for higher quality ones made of the above mentioned materials even though they might cost you a bit more.

Nose rings also render themselves to faster healing than nose bones or studs and nose screws. It is also advisable to ensure that the nose ring doesn’t fit too tight as this can also delay the healing process.

Don’t change the ring too soon: You might want to change from a nose ring to a nose bone or any other type of nose piercing. You might also want to change to smaller or larger diameter stud or ring, or a different colored version of the same jewelry you are wearing.

However, changing the nose jewelry too soon can cause an infection and extend the healing time. Put off changing the jewelry to at least 4 weeks (but 2 months is the most appropriate time). Even then, listen to your piercing. If it feels painful trying to remove the stud or ring it could simply be telling you that it still need some more time to heal up.

Nose Piercing Healing Time - How Long It Takes to Heal Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil

Observe proper aftercare for your nose piercing: Any professional piercer will advise you on how to take care of your  piercing as it heals. Observe them carefully to shorten the healing time. We have also shared numerous piercing on the nose aftercare measures here.

Do Nose Piercings Close Up After Healing?

We have all along been saying that you shouldn’t remove your piercing during the healing time to not only avoid infections but also to avoid close up especially given the fact that a piercing on the nose of less than four weeks closes up in less that 24 hours if the ring or stud is removed.

The question then is, “Do nose piercings close up after healing?” The answer is “yes”; piercings on the nose close up after some time if they are left without a stud, ring or screw.

If you have to remove the jewelry you are wearing on the piercing on the nose for whatever reason, e.g. a new job or moving in with your granny, you should consider putting on a retainer to prevent the it from closing up.

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    Thank you! Good information.

  2. blank

    Someone please help! Ive tried all of these and nothing worked:(

    • blank

      if you get hydrogen peroxide of 3% NOT ABOVE THAT PERCENTAGE, it heals the piercing really quickly although a piercer told me that it’s bad to use hydrogen because it slows the healing process I found this to be completely untrue and it was the only thing that worked for me! first clean your piercing out with hydrogen on a cotton bud then pour a small amount of hydrogen onto the hole of your piercing as hydrogen works best when it comes directly into contact with a wound plus it is not sore at all!

  3. blank

    I got my nose pierced on July 3rd 2014, and changed the stud to a ring on October 31st. I have almost had it for almost a year and it still bothers me! I made sure I followed aftercare strictly and I did sea salt sokes starting in early September And going until December. There was no trauma except when I tried to change back to my stud and the hole swelled within seconds and I went to a piecing shop to get it stretched out again using a needle shaped plastic rod around February. It still doesnt esn’t feeliully healed. I assumed it would feel like an ear piercing by this point and although it looks healed, it hurts if I even slightly bump it.

    • blank

      It sounds like your body is rejecting the piercing. :/

    • blank

      Check your allergies, I’m allergic to nickel, and although a small amount in gold earrings is ok I cannot wear under 20ct gold otherwise my ears react. I was told by my piercer that I needed to stay away from any nose studs or rings with any nickel as the nose can react differently and in a more pronounced way. She advised titanium nose studs/rings. As some stainless steel studs/rings have nickel.

  4. blank

    I’ve had mine done for two weeks and it’s fine
    to clean it I put salt and water in a shot glass and soaked my nose ((you have to slightly inhale to make sure it gets high enough)) I’ve changed it twice it seems fine

  5. blank

    Actually with a septum they do not pierce the cartliage. If you go somewhere that tries to do that its wrong and will basically never heal and continue to cause you pain forever! I recently went somewhere and got mine done and it hurt horribly and would not heal so I went somewhere else and they told me it was done completely wrong through the cartilage and that I’m lucky they didn’t damage nerves in my nose. They pierce the small section of skin towards the bottom of the nose that slightly goes in and is very squishy! It’s called the “sweet spot” just wanted to inform incase anyone is wanting the piercing!

  6. blank

    I just got my nostril piercing last Friday and here it is Thursday evening and I feel quite confident in my piercing making as great recovery, but I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. My nose still is a tender but only around the hole and the redness is fading but fading slowly. I am cleaning with antibacterial soap and not doing any of the tea tree oils or salt water soaks. I just hope it continues this way. Thanks for the great information. I needed it.

    • blank

      U have to do the sea salt soaks to keep infections from happening u gonna have some problems down the line cuz u not cleaning it right u jus cleaning it wit soap smh

  7. blank

    Some of this advice is incredibly wrong and not okay. Advertising an irritation bump in the first photo which is a sign of bad news, tee tree oil which is much too harsh for fresh piercings in the last, saying that septum piercings should be in the cartlidge tissue when it should NOT, along with several other dangerous and false bits of information. If you need to know about a nose piercing, ask a professional piercer!

  8. blank

    I got my nose pierced on June 13th… I have to take it out before clinicals start August 15th… but i want to remove it now, and I am having an extremely difficult time getting it out… It’s a nostril screw. I tried to watch a youtube video, but it’s not helping. I get it almost all the way out, and then it feels like it’s hung in there, and it begins to hurt, so I push it back in. anyone have any advice?

  9. blank

    I got my nostril pierced and a monroe pierced on July 14. My monroe still hurts but I know that that is normal since it is still really early. However my nose doesn`t hurt, it is not swollen, red, irritated, and doesn`t hurt when I mess with it by pulling it halfway out and pushing it back in. I don`t know if that is normal I have all the signs of it being healed. It has only been five days. I forget I have it done until I look at my reflection. Is this normal?

    • blank

      Mine is the same way, I think the initial healing is very quick and there is basically just “full” healing left. The skin right around the piercing is quick to form a new layer and now the whole area just has to repair and will be done at around a month.

  10. blank

    Sometimes you can’t trust what the professionals give you to use on the piercings. I have several piercings and only trust using rubbing alcohol. Had my ears pierced once by professionals, followed instructions, used the stuff they gave me and ended up with infections in both ear lobes. I pierced my own nostril only 4 days ago. I use the rubbing alcohol 3 times a day, turn it and keep it clean. I haven’t had any bleeding, redness, or swelling. Now when I apply the alcohol I barely even feel a stinging sensation. Just sharing what’s worked for me. Best wishes to all with new piercings or planning on getting pierced. 🙂

    • blank

      Oh dear lord no, did your face fall off?! Self piercing, turning jewelry in a fresh piercing and rubbing alcohol are all really terrible ideas, as is giving advice that has “worked for you” on healing at 4 DAYS IN. Maybe turning your jewelry gave you those infections, or a myriad of other things you probably shouldn’t have done. Don’t touch new piercings ever, unless you have to and only with clean hands.This comment is a piercer’s nightmare.

  11. blank

    Thank you this was a lot of help

  12. blank

    Thank you this was so much help and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting a nose piercing

  13. blank

    Comment:i had ma nose piercin in middle 2014,i pierced using a stad thn few days aftr i removed and put a stick,my nose was healing prefctly thn aftr it healed completely i later put a nose ring sliver in colour,few days aftr my piercin strtd hurti becme swallen nt until i had 2 remove my nose ring ad thn i put back the stick each time i wear a sliver nose ring ma piercing reacts ad it becomes swallen,please hlep me

  14. blank

    I got my Nose pierced last saturday (august 29, 2015) and someone saw it and said “YOUR NOSEPIERCING IS TOO SMALL” do i need to change it? I don’t know what to do and I’m scared. Please help me thankyou

  15. blank

    I just got my nose pierced today and got a hoop from the piercer. It looks big and awkward, although it was the small gauge. Will this be okay? I don’t want people to think I used the wrong one till it heals fully and I can switch for a thinner hoop

  16. blank

    So I’ve had my nose piercing for a year and four months. I just changed it from the original nose screw to a hoop for the first time about 3 days ago. It hurts like it did when I first got my nose pierced. It is also gettting a bit crusty. Was it still not healed after a year?

  17. blank

    I’ve had my nose piercing for a year and four months. I just changed it 3 days from the nose screw to a hoop for the first time. I’m having pain like I did when I first got it pierced. There is no swelling but it is getting crusty. Was it not fully healed initially? Or is there always some pain when you change your piercing for the first time?

  18. blank

    I have just got my nose done yesterday and I have a 10k gold nose stud is that okay ? And is there any at home remedies to reduce swelling and prevent infection. I’m a organic person so I want to use some good

    • blank

      You could just use a sea salt solution and some tea tree oil.
      Use the solution to soak your piercing and then the tea tree oil to keep it moisturized and clean as well as it helps with the healing.

  19. blank

    i got my nose piercing on friday november 13th NOTHING to do with the date just FINALLY decided to get it done after wanting it for YEARS lol / he used a long needle OR hollow needle i saw him prep and i got a diamond look stud, it only bled a bit afterwards and my piercer recommended i use dial antibacterial soap to wash around that area with AND he gave me a package of sea salt to use qtips to treat daily; the first day it hurt a bit then the next morning i woke up started twitching my nose around to STOP the tightness pain and started bathing my nose in the sea salt soak with qtip, its been 3 days now and it FEELS fine and im NOT gonna mess with it EXCEPT my piercer asked me to come back for a follow up just which for him is standard he prefers to see you a few days to a week after your piercing to check up on it AND i heard him say imma see if i need to put a longer stud in when you come back sooo yeah now to me its a possibility that i MIGHT need it imma see what i think im NOT just gonna go with his word it does feel like its kinda short JUST CUTTING it in staying in the nose as my nose is thick and full sooo imma see but im doing ALL the upkeep and taking FANTASTIC care of my piecing im looking forward to wearing NEW nose candy rings in March my birthday time … by then it SHOULD have fully healed if not before LoL My body heals MIRACULOUSLY!

  20. blank

    OK some of those comments are helpful some not so much I’ve had my nose pierced since I was in the 7th 2010 grade I’m in 10th my first piercing my sister did with a earring piercer and I used a earring till I bought a real nose ring(which I bought from the hair store) it didn’t swell and stoped hurting in about 3 days but I did get a little bump on the side if my piercing from the earring I used but I let the bump drain by itself and it was fine I’ve had it for 5 years no problem I just pierced the other side of my nose Sunday November 29, 2015 with a needle and immediately put alcohol on it and it swelled, turned red and looks irritated but I cleanse it with alcohol every morning and night the swelling is going down but its still red and it doesn’t hurt as much so if your having difficulties with your piercing you could have had it done in the wrong place, have sensitive skin or your nose reacted badly to how it was done and what was used but I wouldn’t recommend taking it out unless you know its infected whatever happens will go away with time Good Luck to you all!!.

  21. blank

    I got the right side of my nose pierced yesterday and I feel like it is in the wrong place. If I take it out now will it be okay to have it re pierced tomorrow?

  22. blank
    How do i stop my nose ring from getting stuck in my nose? I just got it pierced and im so scared that my nose will grow around the jewelry. Ive heard it happens alot. I just want to be able to change my nose ring once the healing process is done.

    Need advise on this please.??

  23. blank
    How do i stop my nose ring from getting stuck in my nose? I just got it pierced and im so scared that my nose will grow around the jewelry. Ive heard it happens alot. I just want to be able to change my nose ring once the healing process is done.

    I justbgot it done the day before yesterday and ive been cleaning it and it doesnt hurt anymore. But how do i make sure the stud wont get stuck in my nose.??

  24. blank

    I did my own piercing using a piercing stud and it’s has only been 3 days and everything is going swell. Very little pain and swelling.

  25. blank

    my nose was pierced 6 days ago, it does not hurt but it seems like it has started to sink into the hole a little. my question to you is should i take it out or leave it in?

  26. blank

    I got my piercing done January 02,2016 and it felt fine but now is like getting a Lil bump in the outside of my nose who can tell me why is dis happening????

    • blank

      It’s called a Keloid. It’s a build up of tissue. You can use tea tree oil on it. Most likely it’ll come and go over the lifetime of the piercing.

  27. blank

    From the research I did, Iran is the nose-job caaptil of the world. The only thing I’d be concerned with is that if it does go bad, you aren’t a citizen of Iran and the consumer protection laws (if there are any) might not cover you and who knows how good their doctors are.If you’ve done your research and picked a surgeon that has done lots of them and you’re comfortable with then there’s no reason you shouldn’t go ahead with it.ll surgery carries some uncertainty and riskWhen rhinoplasty is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility of complications, including infection, nosebleed, or a reaction to the anesthesia. You can reduce your risks by closely following the doctor’s instructions both before and after surgery.After surgery, small burst blood vessels may appear as tiny red spots on the skin’s surface; these are usually minor but may be permanent. As for scarring, when rhinoplasty is performed from inside the nose, there is no visible scarring at all; when an open technique is used, or when the procedure calls for the narrowing of flared nostrils, the small scars on the base of the nose are usually not visible. Other scars near the bridge of the nose can come from sculpture of the nasal bones from an external approach. Occasionally a second procedure may be required-for example, to correct a minor deformity. Such cases are unpredictable and happen even to patients of the most skilled surgeons. The corrective surgery is usually minor.Planning your surgeryGood communication between you and your doctor is essential. In your initial consultation, your doctor should ask what you’d like your nose to look like, evaluate the structure of your nose and face, and discuss the possibilities with you. He will also explain the factors that can influence the procedure and the results. These factors include the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations.Your doctor should also explain the techniques and anesthesia he will use, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed, the risks and costs involved, and any options you may have. Most insurance policies don’t cover purely cosmetic surgery; however, if the procedure is performed for reconstructive purposes, to correct a breathing problem or a marked deformity, the procedure may be covered. Check with your insurer, and obtain pre-authorization for your surgery.List of possible complications:Abnormal shape of nose (pinched tip, polly beak, pug nose, scooped out nose; corrected by secondary surgery, often with an implant)Airway obstructionAnesthesia reactionAsymmetryBleeding (may require nasal packing to control it)Burst blood vesselsDepressionDiscolorationExtrusion (implants)Infection (risk is less than 1%)Signs of infection: pain, swelling, warmth, rednessInternal scar/adhesionsKeloid (heavy scar)Loss of smellLoss of structural supportNerve DamageNumbnessPainPerforation of septumPermanent numbness (risk is less than 1%)Reactions to medicationsSeptal hematomaSinusitis (treated with antibiotics and medications that shrink the nasal lining)Skin irregularitiesSkin necrosis or skin death (1500% more likely with smokers)Slow healingSwellingToxic Shock SyndromeWound InfectionVisible scarWhen rhinoplasty is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are rare and are usually minor. However, all surgery has the risk of complications and undesirable outcomes. You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery.Burst Blood VesselsAfter surgery, small burst blood vessels may appear as tiny red spots on the surface of the skin. These are usually small, but may be permanent. This rarely happens, but it is a possibility you should be aware of.BleedingBleeding may occur for up to four weeks after operation. The patient must resist any urge to blow or pick the nose to minimize bleeding.Abnormal ShapeAn abnormal shape of the nose may be due to an error during surgery or the patient not keeping their head elevated enough or sleeping on one side without a proper side. The nose can pull to one side if the cast does not support it properly. There are other factors that go beyond human control, as well.Wound InfectionThe rate of wound infection following rhinoplasty is less than 2%. Abscesses, cellulitis or granuloma may be treated with antibiotics and drainage. Use of an implant increases the chance of infection.Risk of smokingSmoking significantly reduces your body’s circulation and vascularity. This means difficulty in bringing much needed oxygen to your tissues and greatly increases your risk for slow healing and other complications. It is important to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before and after surgery.Toxic Shock SyndromeThis is very rare, occurring in only 0.016% of rhinoplasty surgeries. However, if it does occur, the mortality rate is about 11%. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and a sunburnlike rash. According to an article authored by S. Valentine Fernandes on the complication rate for nasal surgery varies from 4-18.8%. In individual hands, this rate generally falls as surgical experience accumulates. Skin and associated soft tissue complications occur in up to 10% of cases. According to estimates, severe systemic or life-threatening complications occur in 1.7-5% of rhinoplasty cases. Intracranial complications are rare.

  28. blank

    I got mine pierced 5 days ago and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I used soap on it for a couple days like the piercer told me, but then I did some research and started using Aloe Vera and that stuff is the best. I would definitely recommend using CLEAR, PURE ALOE or aloe from a plant would be even better. Nature knows best, guys.

  29. blank

    Got my nose pierced yesterday but I wanna take it out now 🙁 can I simply remove the stud and let it heal normally? Or will that cause infection? 🙁

  30. blank

    Do not use peroxide and do not use tea tree oil. Such horrible advice here. Use a mild antibacterial soap (Dial or Softsoap; the foaming Dial is nice) or plain saline soaked on a cotton ball/swab or bunched paper towel. That’s it. Hold it on both the outside and inside of the nostril. Slightly turn it as you clean to make sure you get it all clean. Avoid playing with it. It’s tempting, I know, but you can get dirt in there and get an infection, and it will take longer to heal if you keep messing with it. Just don’t touch it unless you’re cleaning it. Twice a day for a couple of weeks, I strongly recommend starting with a ring. Despite what you moght think, rings don’t snag as easily as a bone or screw. Don’t lay on your face. If you’re going swimming, clean your piercing directly after. Know your sensitivities, research your piercer. The piercing should ideally be in the crease of your nostril. If it’s too high, you’re in for some pain.

    Again, do your research and go to a reputable piercer. I can’t stress this enough!

    If you want it to heal fast, DO NOR TOUCH WHEN YOU’RE NOT CLEANING. Simple.

  31. blank

    My nose piercing has healed but it left a black mark. How do I get rid of it?

  32. blank

    I’ve had mine done for four weeks now and I’m getting my ring to change it this weekend is raised skin around the piercing hole normal on the outside of my nose? Is it part of the healing process the piercer that did mine said 4 to 6 weeks not 2 to 4 months

  33. blank

    Heya I got my nose pierced in 2014 and I feel like it’s never fully healed , I just got a new stud and ring just a few days ago from the piercing shop and I tried the new stud on for a day n I changed it to the ring the next day . Yesterday I started to notice that it’s red and a little bit of white/yellow discharge came out so I kept doing my sea salt water washes and I’m worried the skin will start to heal around the ring and I won’t be able to change it to a stud again what should I do???

    Ps. I’m not sure if this affects anything or not but when I got my nose pierced after a week it got pulled out so the very next day I got it done again.

    Thanks . It would be nice if someone could help me out

  34. blank

    I had mine with done on Monday with a plastic stud, (I have allergies to many metals) and on the first day it bled once I’ve got home, I clean it with a spray and cottenbuds, I just wanted to check if each time I clean away dry blood that it’s normal for if to rescab? And should I leave it and just keep spraying it instead?

  35. blank

    I pierced my nose in December 2013. Took it out and it closed, so I repierced it in February 2014 and now it’s 2016 and I still feel some swelling and puss after wearing makeup. What should I do

  36. blank

    You should NEVER clean your piercings with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Neither are meant for internal use, can be unnecessarily painful, can cause tissue damage, and are not real medical treatments for open wounds. Saline (salt water) is fine to clean or soak with but antibacterial soap is perfect for wound cleaning and it’s very easy to use. Avoid playing with your piercing. No twisting or pulling. Wait at least 2-4 months before removing or replacing your ring/stud otherwise it can cause major tenderness, swelling, bleeding, and bumps at the edge of the piercing. Always clean your hands before you clean your piercing. I keep antibacterial hand soap in my shower, wash my hands with it, and then put a small pump on my piercing, leave it for 30-60 seconds, rinse clean. I have always used antibacterial soap on all my piercings and it works 100% of the time. I’m also a first aid/wound care specialist who has been getting piercings since I was 18 years old. Antibacterial soap can ward off infection, help the healing process, and help to cure mild infections. If you are experiencing redness, swelling, flaking, tenderness, bleeding … continue to clean with antibacterial soap every day, treat with tea tree oil on a Q-tip, and always avoid touching or playing with it. If you avoid touching your piercing, clean it daily, and use tea tree oil as preventative measures you should be fine.

  37. blank

    I could have sworn I read you can use lavender oil for healing. Is this correct?

  38. blank

    Hey instead of doing sea salt soaks you can use contact lense solution. It’s similar and is sterilized, just clean you nose piercing with that and a cue tip. Also make sure your hands are clean and have been washed before doing so. This method is much easier and works.

  39. blank

    I’m getting my nose pierced tomorrow and I’m so scared .
    lol I’ve gotten my lip and belly button out of those two my belly button hurt the worst , I have a really high pain tolerance I just don’t know about getting my nose done and how I am going to react . Any advice Dm me on instagram >>>> xmmiio <<<<<
    Thank you

  40. blank

    I had my nose pierced for about 20+years and had to take it out. It has been out for about a month and know I want to put it back in. I’m have a problem with getting it in. Would it have closed up. Need advise. I have never taken it out till now..

  41. blank

    I pierced my nose in nov 1…but it got swollen ..and lil bit infection is there and wht whitish in takes 1week to heal…and then again its swollen…i hav no pain but…it seems feb is started…no healing is there…plz advice me..wht should i do

  42. blank

    Hi my name is Yuet Ngor Rappard. I am from New Zealand 🙂 I had my nose pierced with a needle last year in August 2016. The first time before that it was pierced with a gun, no good as it gave me complications. So I went for the needle instead, much better. I took out their piercing ring after 2 months, painful, but I got a new silver nose ring which I put in. Still it was painful but I perservered 🙂 Now some days ago I took it out as I wanted another nose ring in, but even after 9 months!! my nose still is tender, painful when I put the new ring in, and it started to bleed a bit as well. It took me 40 minutes in front of the mirror to get the ring in. Finally I got it in, as finding the other side of the hole very difficult. So I will now leave the ring in a lot longer. But why does it still hurt after 9 long months? The bubble is gone on my nose as I used Fusidic Acid (Sodium salt) in a tube from my doctor for a long time. And a nose screw which I bought is for me even more impossible to put in. Looked on youtube videos how to put in nose screws, but alas no luck!! Might go for L-shaped studs later on, but I want that pain and tenderness to go away. As suppose everybody heals differently and do other people have the same tenderness and pain when removing rings etc after so many months?

  43. blank

    I got my nose pierced May 27th of this year, with a hoop. It bled a small amount when I got it done, so I’m assuming I’m a little sensitive since most people don’t bleed (or maybe they do, everyone I know says something different). The hoop is a good size, not too tight and not too loose, it’s surgical steel, and I got it done by a legit professional. I’ve been cleaning it with anti-bacterial soap, no salt, no saline solution, and no tea tree oil. My piercer instructed me to do so, told me nothing fancy, just soap. I use Dove soap. It’s been 5 weeks now, will be 6 weeks this Saturday. However this week, whilst cleaning it with a Q-tip, it bled a very, very small amount. No pain, hardly a drop of blood, but it did bleed. Today it bled a small amount too, again no pain, but at the hole where it is pierced, it looks a bit red. It’s a VERY small amount of blood, and I can hardly see unless I look at the Q-tip after I clean it, but I’m just so concerned. I’m definitely an overthinker and I don’t want it to get infected/develop a keloid. Advice? Is this normal? Am I at risk for an infection/keloid? PLEASE HELP!

  44. blank

    I got my nose piercing done July 10th.It came out Sept 7th and I got it put back in on that day.
    I have been using saline rinses since Sept 30th.
    I think my nose piercing is okay.
    I got my eyebrow pierced Sept.10th :).

  45. blank

    I pierced my nose in nov 1…but it got swollen ..and lil bit infection is there and wht whitish in takes 1week to heal…and then again its swollen…i hav no pain but…it seems feb is started…no healing is there…plz advice me..wht should i do

    use saline rinse (I am pretty sure your nose is healed by now 🙂 )

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