How to Trim Nose Hair and Nose Hair Trimmers

While nose hair plays important biological roles, excessive or overgrown nasal hair can be embarrassing. Imagine having hair strands sticking out of your nose while you talk to your boss or speak in an important meeting.  Continue reading to discover how to trim nose hair and see our comparison of electric  trimmers and manual trimmers for hair in your nose.

How to Trim Nose Hair or Trimming Nose Hair Steps and Procedure

How to Trim Nose Hair - Using Scissors

Using scissors

Trimming excessive and protruding nose hair is an essential part of personal grooming. If not trimmed, it can not only become aesthetically unappealing but also cause irritation in some people.

Contrary to the popular myth, hairs in your nose doesn’t grow faster after trimming. Trimming overgrown and excess hair also doesn’t make filtering of solid particles and harmful pathogens less effective.

Safety first

However, trimming of nasal hair should be done in the safest way possible. You don’t want to end up seeking medical attention following an injury to your nostrils. To start with, you should consider trimming your the hair in your nose in a well-lit area.

It is also advisable that you have a mirror to avoid injury. A magnifying make-up mirror works best since it add precision to your trimming but if you don’t have one, an ordinary bathroom mirror will work just fine. If more light is needed while trimming the nose hair, you can use a small flashlight or pen light.

It is also important that you do the trimming when you are most alert. Ideally you shouldn’t trim your nasal hair immediately after waking up or just a few minutes before going to bed. Otherwise, you might not have enough concentration leading to injury. The best time to do it is right after a shower. In addition to being alert, your hair will be clean, soft and easy to manage.

Prep your nose

Before trimming your nose, it is a great idea to wash the nose with a small cotton wool soaked in water and mild soap. To avert irritation, make sure that you have rinsed the soap thoroughly. You can however do away with this step if you are just from the shower.

Trim them

Once your nose is ready, it is time to trim the nasal hair. Insert the trimmer into your nose just a bit and begin trimming.

You shouldn’t however trim all the hair in your nose. Nasal hair serves important functions.Among the most notable purposes of the hairs in your nose is the trapping of dust and pathogenic particles before they reach the rest of your respiratory system. This helps to protect your body against respiratory infections.

Removing all the hair from your nose thus exposes you to environmental toxins that can irritate the nasal cavity and the rest of the respiratory system or even lead to airborne diseases.

Trimming all the hair in your nose would also mean inserting the nose hair trimmer deep into your nasal cavity. This can lead to injury.

The best way to trim your these hairs is to attend to only the hair strands that you can see in the mirror from the outside with your head tilted a bit.

You should most importantly void plucking your  them or using tweezers as this can lead irritation or even infections.

Clean the trimmer

After trimming your nose hair, you should clean and possibly sterilize your trimmer for the next use. Just check with the manufacturer’s usage instructions.

Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

How to Trim Nose Hair - Using Trimmer

Using a trimmer

Electric nose hair trimmers are small, portable, gadgets that used to trim unwanted nasal hair, especially those protruding from the nose. [See our review of the best nasal hair trimmers].

There are several models that can as well be used for trimming ear hair. Even then, most people buy these gadgets for use on nasal hair although their performance with regard to ear hair is largely the same.

Electric hair trimmers use rotating cutting blades set inside metallic or plastic guards to prevents injury to the inside of the nose. The guards come with small slits to allow hair to go into the cutting chambers where it comes into contact with the cutting blades. Powered by the batteries, the blades move at enough speed to avoid tugging at the hair and instead cut it. As a matter of fact, a good electric nose hair trimmer shouldn’t pluck your hair.

As we have already mentioned, they shouldn’t be jerked too much into the nose to avoid irritating the nasal cavity and excessive trimming of the nasal hair since.

Most electric hair trimmers are relatively inexpensive and while some brands often offer replacement parts, it is typically just as well a user bought a new trimmer. An electric  trimmer typically come with a thin plastic or metallic cases which house a batter, mostly an AA size battery. Some trimmers use rechargeable batteries while others use replaceable ones. You should ideally know what type of battery your trimmer uses and ensure that the battery is at a good standing before you start trimming your hair.

For example, if your nasal hair trimmer uses a rechargeable battery, you would want to recharge it before you begin, but if it uses replaceable batteries, having some new ones on standby would be an ideal step especially if you have used the trimmer a few times.

Most electric nose hair trimmers are very easy to use and maintain and will not have any problem when rinsed with running water, both during their use and after. This is a good thing as it facilitates hygienic use of the devices.

It is also advisable to lubricate the blade once in while to facilitate smooth movement. You should however check with the manufacturer’s manual for appropriate instructions before using any lubricant.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Some green-conscious people see electric trimmers as a waste of energy and prefer using manual trimmers. Manual nose hair trimmers require no batteries and produce no noise. The downside though is that you require to use two hands for most manual trimmers; one hand to guide the device and the other to rotate the blade.

Some examples of manual nasal hair trimmers are The Groom Mate and Platinum XL Trimmer.

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