You Want Plum Lips? Here are the Best Plum Lipsticks for You

Do you love plump lipstick, get the best plump lipsticks including deep plum, dark, light plum, pink plum, matte, and top brands for each of these plum lipsticks. You will also learn how to wear them.

Plum Lipsticks

Plum Lipsticks

Plum lipstick color lies between purple lipstick, red lipsticks and dark brown. It can help you achieve posh, gothic or chic looks when matched well with the outfit you will be wearing. They are the ideal lipsticks you should wear when you want to make a serious statement, especially the dark and deep plums.

Before we look at how to wear plum lipstick, we need to look at some of the top brands of these lipsticks as well as the common color shades that will include deep plums, dark plums, bright plums and plum pink. These are the two areas we will begin by discussing.

Best Plum Lipsticks – Top Brands

Are you looking for the best plum lipstick brands? There are quite a number in the market, which come in various plum shades. Of course, you cannot miss a good plum lipstick from various top manufacturers such as CoverGirlRevlonMaybellineMAC etc.

We reviewed a number of best plum lipstick before coming up with a list of some of the top and high rated brands. So, what are these best plum lipsticks?

  • Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick, Plum
  • MAC Lustre Lipstick Sheer Plum
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick, Wild Plum (Pink) 640
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick: Plums & Berries
  • CoverGirl Queen Collection Lipcolor Lipstick, Royal Plum
  • CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick, Honey Plum
  • COVER GIRL TruShine Lipcolor Lipstick – PLUM SHINE
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme B400 Silver Plum Lipstick
  • Moisture Drench Lipstick in Sugar Plum
  • Art Deco High Perfomance Lipstick in Brilliant Violet Lancome Juicy Wear Lipstick Sexy Plum
  • Wet’n’Wild Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy
  •  LOreal Color Riche Matte Intense Plum Lipstick 374
  • Lasting Fix Lipstick in New Black
  • Topshop Lipstick in Inhibition
  • Sleek True Color Lipstick in Mulberry
  • Art Deco Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick in Violet Plum
  • Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, Gundrop, Sugar Plum or Wine Not
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick Plums & Berries
  • Clinique Different Lipstick – Plum Brandy
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum
  • Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Rosar
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Crush
Best Plum Lipsticks - How to Wear, Use and Looks

Best Plum Lipsticks – How to Wear, Use and Looks

These are not the only best lipsticks that come in plum; we are going to see more brands as we narrow down to the various plum lipstick shades below.

However, before you go for any of the above plum lipsticks, ensure you have done your own independent research to confirm if the specific lipstick you are considering is worthwhile. Read user reviews, expert reviews, comments and see their ratings.

Plum Lipstick Shades 

When looking for a plum lipstick, you need to know they come in various shades, which include dark plum, deep plum, light plum and pink plum, plum matte lipsticks. We are going to briefly discuss each of these shades of plum lipsticks and give you a few examples for each shade.

Best Matte Plum Lipsticks  – If you are looking for matte plum lipsticks i.e. something that is not shinny, they are a great way to subtle looks, especially for day time wear and for older women.

Rihanna in Dark Plum Lipstick

Rihanna in Dark Plum Lipstick

Some of the leading matte plums include Powder Matte Lipstick – 172 – Plum Delight,Street Wear Rich Matte Lipcolor 04 Rose Plum, Stargazer Lipstick – 202 Matte Plum, Dark Venom Mineral Matte Lipstick in Rich Plum, Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick (Posh Plum – 26), LOreal Color Riche Matte Intense Plum Lipstick 374, among many others.

Best Dark Plum Lipsticks – If you dark plum lipstick, you can actually wear it just as you wear other dark lipsticks. See more on how to wear dark lipsticks. Dark plump lipsticks are very popular and you must have seen various celebrities including Rihanna rocking in this gorgeous lipstick color.

If you are looking for the best dark plum lipsticks, some of the good ones to go for include MAKE UP FOR EVER’s artist rouge in #48, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 48 or 49, Urban Decay Lipstick in Apocalypse, MAC Lipstick in Hang Up and Stargazer Punk/Goth Dark Plum Lipstick. Deep Plum Lipstick Mineral Makeup, Sephora Brand Crème Rouge In #23 Crush, D-Vinely Chilly lipstick, Mac among many others.

Best Deep Plum Lipsticks – Deep plump is yet another wonderful dark lipstick shade that will give you adorable looks that brings to memory some great artists such as Aaliyah, Miss Elliot, TLC and En Vogue. It used to be very popular in the 1990s but still very fashionable.

When wearing it, ensure you at least understand

Light Plum Lipstick

Light Plum Lipstick

how dark lipsticks are worn, if you are to look great. If you would like to try deep plum lipstick, you should begin with Mac Yung Rapunxel Deep Plum Lipstick, Organic Rosehip Lipsticks in Deep Plump,

Best Light Plum Lipsticks – Going for light plump lipstick is not a bad choice. If you are looking for the best light plump lipsticks, some of the great colors you should go for include Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Lipstick – Light Plum, MAC Mauve/Light Plum Lipstick, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick – Plum Shine, and Light Plum Lipstick Mineral Makeup.

You should also try the Avon brands such as Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Personified Plum, Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15 Mocha Madness, among many other leading brands.

Best Pink Plum Lipsticks – Plum Pink lipstick is another gorgeous lipstick color shade you should go for. Some of the leading brands of pink plum for you include L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick, Wild Plum (Pink) 640, Clinique Color Surge – Pink Plum, MAC 6 Select Plums Lip Palette, Peripera My Color Lips Lipstick – 9 Pink Plum, Vasanti Ultra Luxe Lipstick with Peptide Technology – Greece Nude Pink plum, among others.

See More on Top Four Shades of Plump Lipstick Video

How to Wear Plum Lipsticks, Apply, Put On,

We have looked at the best plum lipsticks and some of the popular shades of plum where we mentioned dark plum, deep plum, light plum and pink plum lipsticks. Let us now briefly discuss how to wear plum lipsticks.

Deep Plum Lipstick - Katy Price

Deep Plum Lipstick – Katy Price

When wearing plum lipsticks, you definitely want your lips to be the focal point, this is a shouting and bold color. You therefore need to go easy on other face makeup  and eye makeup including eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Eyeliner to Wear – On eyeliners, get good black eyeliner especially liquid eyeliner on the top lash line and soft pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line.

Eyeshadow to Wear – When wearing eyeshadow with plump lipsticks, you should go for neutral eyeshadow colors such as champagne, silver, taupe, charcoal, brown eyeshadow, etc. See more on how to apply eyeshadow.

Plum Lipsticks - With Purple Blush

Plum Lipsticks – With Purple Blush

Blush to Wear – To look great in plumps, ensure you put on a good blush that will give your face the radiance you need. Go for shades that will compliment your eye makeup and lip makeup.

You could go for neutral or skip it to go for something with color. However, it should not snatch away the attention from your lips. Go for a subtle color of blush.  For great looks, you can wear an intense pink blush to help lighten your face.

Face Foundation – For natural glow, choose a good foundation to ensure you look chic and fresh. Face powders, primers and concealers are still ok to help hide blemishes on your face since redness will be more visible when you wear a plump lipstick since it has some red tone.

Outfit to wear with – When you intend to put on plum lipstick, you need to decide on the attires to wear with it. It is recommended to go for neutral attire colors such as beige, black, or white since you cannot go wrong with them.  If you insist on other colors, try burnt orange outfit colors, and do not put on burgundy colored outfits.

All the above face makeup should be applied before you begin applying your plum lipstick to help you evaluate your looks. Do not begin with lipstick then go these makeup.

Steps for Applying Plum Lipsticks

Plum Lipstick Looks - Subtle Sexy Look

Plum Lipstick Looks – Subtle Sexy Look

We now want to cover the actual steps to follow when applying plum lipstick. They are very simple and anyone can do it. So, how do you apply plum lipsticks?

Prepare your lips using a lip exfoliator before applying a lip balm or conditioner that is plain. If your lips are cracked, do not use plums until they get well. Here are the options for applying plump lipsticks:

  • When you are applying plum lipsticks, you could apply it as a stain where you first apply your lip balm, rub some of this lipstick on your finger and dab it around your lip center. Use residual on your fingers pat and spread outwards to the corners of your lips.
  • Alternatively, you can decide to create dramatic looks where apply a layer of plum lipstick, before applying your lip gloss.

As we have already seen, there are many color shades and brands of plum. You need to choose what will best flatter your lips.

Wearing Plum Lipstick Tips, Secrets and Ideas

Apart from the steps for applying plum lipsticks and how to wear them, the below tips, ideas and tricks should be of much help.

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