Get the Best Types of Lipstick Cases and Best Brands

What are lipstick cases? Which are some of the best lipstick cases to go for? Get answers to all these and much more including lipstick cases with mirror, vintage, double, antique, leather, coach, personalized, and much more. You will also learn on where to buy wholesale lipstick cases (bulk)

Lipstick Case – with Mirror, Vintage, double, Antique, Leather, Coach, Personalized Wholesale Lipstick Cases and Choosing

Lipstick Case – with Mirror

What Is a Lipstick Case?

If you use several lipstick brands, you need somewhere you can package all your lipsticks safely. In some cases, you might want to put your all your lip makeup in one case. You need a good lipstick case that can accommodate all your makeup including lip linerslip glosslip balm etc. This is what a lipstick case is used for.

Furthermore, a lip case will help in organizing your cosmetics neatly to enable you to access them easily whenever you want a certain makeup such as eye makeup, lip makeup, face makeup, etc. This will help in reducing clutter in your handbag and ensuring your cosmetics are well protected.

How to Choose a Good Lipstick Case

When looking for a good lipstick case, you need to consider a number of factors. Some of the important factors that must be considered include the following:

Compact design – You want something that can fit into your handbag, pouch or tone easily. It is therefore good to go for a compact lipstick cases that will not require much space. Of course, these cases come in various designs, makes and looks.

Lipstick Cases

Lipstick Cases – Red Lipstick Case

One with mirror – Since from time to time you might need to do some touchup on your lips, ensure your lipstick case comes with a mirror. It is also important in checking if your makeup is still perfectly in place. Most of these mirrors are flip up mirrors that are easy to use.

Material of construction – Lipstick cases could be made from different materials. It is upon you to go for what appeals you most. Some of the common materials of constructions to go for include crayon, silk, metallic, plastic, glass, etc.

Functional Lipstick cases – Before buying any lipstick case, check to see if it is functional by looking at the kind of makeup and cosmetics, you have and if they will be able to fit well.

These are not the only factors to consider, you need to look at your personal taste, durability, cost, availability among many other factors. Let us now look at a few types of lipstick cases as well as leading brands in the market before we look at where you can buy cheap lipstick cases and wholesale lipstick cases.

Best Types of Lipstick Cases

While discussion the various types and brands of lipstick cases, we are going to consider those with mirror, the double lipstick cases, personalized, leather, vintage, antique, display, coaches, and Brighton.

Lipstick Case with Mirror

This is ideal for people who often do touchups on their makeup since they can easily see their looks. Lipstick cases with mirrors are among the most popular types in the market. Some of the popular lipstick cases that have mirrors include the following:

  • Maybelline Lipstick Case with Mirror
  • Silver Faux Ostrich Lipstick-Case with Mirror + Free Lip Stick
  • Hot Lips Lipstick-Case with Mirror
  • Lipstick Holder/Case with Mirror Raw Silk
  • Avon – Lipstick Case with Mirror

Double Lipstick Case and Double Lipstick Case with Mirror

Lipstick Cases - Tony Perotti Ultimo Double Lipstick Case-Black

Lipstick Cases – Tony Perotti Ultimo Double Lipstick Case-Black

If you have many lipstick brands and lip makeupto carry, you need to go for a double lipstick cases or a double lipstick case with a mirror. Some of the good double lipsticks cases to go for include:

  • Tony Perotti Ultimo Double Lipstick Case-Black
  • Tony Perotti Personalized Leather Double Lipstick Case
  • Lauren Double Lipstick Case

Personalized Lipstick Case and Best Brands

If you want something unique, you should go for the best personalized lipstick cases. You will get such lipstick cases that have different shapes include the monogrammed ones. Some of the common personalized lipstick cases include:

  • Personalized Heart-Shaped Lipstick Case With Mirror
  • Personalized Engraved Case
  • Personalized Quilted case
  • Personalized Beaded Lipstick Case
  • Personalized Silver Plated Crystal Effect Lipstick case & mirror

Leather Lipstick Case/ With Mirror and Top Brands

Do you love leather lipstick cases; you will find quite a number in the market. Since leather is only a material of construction, expect to get any of the mentioned cases coming in leather form. Some of the best brands include

  • Tan Leather Case for Lipsticks
  • Tony Perotti Womens -Ultimo Italian Leather Double Case for Lipstick
  • Genuine Crocodile Leather Lipstick Case LW01 Black
  • Budd Leather Mother of Pearl Single Lipstick Holder

Best Lipstick Display Case and Top Brands

Best Lipstick Display Case

Best Lipstick Display Case

This type of case is specially designed for displaying your lipsticks and other makeup that include lip gloss, lip balm, eye makeup, face makeup, etc. They are much bigger in size and not for carrying makeup around in your handbags but displaying your cosmetics in salons or beauty shops.

Most of the lipstick display cases have several compartments where you can keep your lip makeup, eye makeup and face makeup. Some of the best lipstick display cases include the following:

  • Counter-top Lipstick Display Cases
  • Mary Kay Girlfriend Glam Lipstick Display Case RARE Limited
  • 24-Compartment Lipstick / Lip Gloss / Mascara Storage / Display
  • #1906 Acrylic pen/lipstick display case

Brighton Lipstick Case and Top Brands

This is more of a brand other than a type. If you are looking for the Brighton Garnet Shine cases for lipstick, you will find it at the various leading stores online and even in our local beauty and cosmetics shops. Some of these cases include:

  • Brighton Lipstick Case Red Leather
  • Brighton Double – Croc Leather
  • Brighton Lipstick Case with Mirror inside Serene Rose
  • The Brighton Garnet Shine Case

Coach Lipstick Cases and Top Brands

Lipstick Case - Coach

Lipstick Case – Coach

If you are looking for coach lipstick cases, there are many brands in the market. Some of these brands have mirror to enable you to do some touchups or see your looks. People who want coach lipstick cases should go for best brands such as:

  • New NWT Coach Lipstick Case + Mirror (Pink / Lavender)
  • Coach Optic Signature Lurex

Antique Lipstick Case

If you are fond of antique collections, you could go for the antique lipstick cases. These are rare type of cases, which will come in various designs, sizes and shapes. To get an antique lipstick case, go to the various online stores such as, eBay or other online shops selling antique collections

Vintage Lipstick Case

Just like antique, you can get vintage lipstick cases on various online shops. These are cases, which have been used over the years. Some of them might be expensive due to the sentimental attachments they have.

Lipstick Cases Wholesale and Where to Buy Cheap Cases

To make a saving when buying a lipstick case, you need to go for wholesale deals. There are many places where you can get lipstick cases at an affordable especially in leading stores such as, eBay, Sephora or on manufacturers’ websites.

However, as you struggle to get lipstick cases in wholesale, ensure you care careful on the quality of these cases, as there are many cases of inferior quality being sold online at very cheap prices. Check on quality and request for a sample if you are buying lipstick cases in wholesale.

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