How to Wear Trendy Dark Lipsticks and Look Stunning

Would you like to try the best dark lipsticks? Learn how to wear dark lipsticks, apply and put on. You will also learn more on glow in the dark, general information on dark lipstick trends, Rihanna black lipsticks and a lot more.

Dark Lipstick Jessica Alba

Dark Lipstick Jessica Alba

Best Dark Lipstick – Top Brands

I guess you know that are many dark lipsticks in the market. When we talk about dark lipsticks, we are not referring to black lipsticks alone but black and any other dark colored lipsticks that could be pink, brown, red, plum, purple, violet, etc. It is therefore not easy to come up with a list of the best dark lipsticks since there are too many. In the list below, we are only mentioning the most notable, popular and top dark lipsticks and not necessary all the best dark lipsticks.

  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Royal Red
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in Natural Wine
  • Dior Rouge in Blazing Red
  • Revlon Color Shine Lipstick in Anytime Wine
  • Estée Lauder in Violet Electra
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Burgundy Shine
  • Lime Crime Opaque Violet Purple Lipstick Airborne
  •  Milani Violet Volt Color Statement Lipstick
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Silk Finish – #502A – Dark Pink
  • Stargazer Lipstick Deep Purple
  • Mac Purple Lipstick
  • Giorgio Armani #408
  • Guerlain Orgueil
  • MAC Dark Side
  • MAC Good to Be Bad
  • Lakme’s Chestnut Matte

These are just but a few of the best dark lipsticks. There are many other best dark lipsticks including all the dark red, dark pink, black lipsticks, and any other good dark lipstick color or shades. Let us now discuss on how to wear dark lipstick.

How to wear, Apply, Put on and Dark Lipstick Trends

If you love dark lipsticks, it means you are fond of wearing eggplant purples, gothic black, chocolate browndark red, all the wine shades and others. These lipsticks were popular in the 1990s but still very fashionable. In fact, if you checked lately, you will see the dark lipstick trend coming back to life even on runways, clubbing and partying scenes.

While looking at how to wear, put on or apply dark lipsticks, we are going to focus on how to wear black lipsticks and so much on how to apply dark lipstick since it is applied just like the other type of lipsticks. Take time and learn how to wear dark lipsticks since you will feel more confident and beautiful if you wear them correctly.

Best Dark Lipsticks - Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Royal Red

Best Dark Lipsticks – Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Royal Red

How to Wear Dark Lipstick – Fair, Medium, Golden, Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Generally, when wearing dark lipstick, ensure the lipstick does not contrast your skin color or other eye makeup sharply and they will either still attention or make it looked washed out.

Fair-skinned people – Fair skinned people should go for dark lipstick colors such as berry and brick red. Some of the great dark lipsticks for fair-skinned people include Dior Rouge in Blazing Red, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Cranberry Crush, and Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Royal Red.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick

How to Wear Dark Lipstick

Golden skin tones – If you have a golden skin tone, try lipsticks such as Estée Lauder in Violet Electra, and Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Burgundy Shine.

Medium-Skinned People – Burgundy and maroon will be great for medium skin tones. Lipsticks such as Lipstick in Hong Kong are good for medium skin tone.

Dark Skinned People – Dark skinned people will look best in Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in Natural Wine, MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Faithfully, Revlon Color Shine Lipstick in Anytime Wine or any dark brown lipsticks. They will also look great in any lipstick wine colors, violets, burgundy, etc.

Warm, Neutral and Cool Skin Tones – People with neutral and cool skin tones should wear dark lipsticks, which have cool undertones such as plum and purples while those whit warm skin tones should go for those that have yellow shades or brown. Never forget the fact that going for dark lipsticks with yellow undertones might make your discolored teeth undertones more visible while blue lipsticks will make your teeth to be much whiter.

Dark Lipsticks - Keira Knightley

Dark Lipsticks – Keira Knightley

Mascara – On Mascara, ensure you a good mascara brand apply mascara generously. This will help in giving your face a good frame and make you look great.

Eyeshadows – If you are wearing eyeshadow, go for lighter shades of eyeshadow that will not compete with your dark lipstick color.

Lip Liner – To ensure there is not lipstick bleeding or lipstick feathering, ensure you use a dark lip liner i.e. a lip liner with a color shade similar to the lipstick you will be wearing. See more on best lip liners, how to apply, invisible, waterproof, etc

Plush – To help in contouring your cheek, go for a pink plush, especially subtle to ensure you are looking great.

Dark Lipstick Joan Small

Dark Lipstick Joan Small

Eyeliners – You should ensure you have lined your eyes with subtle eyeliner especially some of the good brown eyeliner. If you love smokey eye, you can create it but go for gray eyeliner instead of black eyeliner to avoid taking attention from your lips to your eyes.

Occasion – When wearing dark lipstick, you need to consider the occasion you are going to and the time. During the day, go for berries, deep plums, wines.  However, if you have a fair skin, spare these lipstick shades for the night functions. When going for a night event, you can go for dark eggplant, or black. Wearing such lipstick colors to the office might make you look casual.

Clothing to wear with dark lipsticks – Your clothe choice is very important if you love dark lipsticks. You need to ensure you have gone for neutral clothe colors.

Hair Color – If you are a brunette, matte dark lipsticks might look better on you as opposed to blondes and redheads. It is therefore very important to look at your hair color before you decide which dark lipstick shade you are going to wear.

How to Apply Dark Lipstick

After knowing how to wear dark lipstick, you definitely want to try it out. It is a great lipstick and quite trendy. However, you first need to ensure your lips are flawless, smooth and perfect. Here are the important steps you will follow:

  • Exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin on your lips. People with chapped and dry lips need to be careful because the dark shade will go to the cracks and make them very visible. If you have dry lips, go for glossy formula instead of a matte one. Alternatively, you could first apply matte and then a glossy lipstick to add shine on your lips.
  • Apply your la thin layer of your lip color before you can apply a layer of your lipstick and blot it using a tissue paper. When applying, ensure you have covered your whole lipstick and there is no part where your lip color will be visible.

Dark Lipstick Tips

We have looked at how to wear dark lipstick in details as well as some of the best brands of dark lipsticks you should go for. It is time to discuss a few dark lipstick tips that will ensure you look awesome

Dark Lipsticks Camilla Belle

Dark Lipsticks Camilla Belle

Quality Brands – The first dark lipstick tip is going for good quality and trusted brands. Spending a little more bucks on one of the best dark lipstick will ensure you get the best of looks. Such lipsticks often have lip moisturizers, sunscreens added and they will give your lips extra protection.

The second dark lipstick tip is keeping the dark lipstick color your most distinguishing thing. Other makeup such as face makeup or eye makeup should be work sparingly.

Unless you want very daring looks, ensure you avoid twilight lips such as looking too dark, washed out or very plain like a lifeless vampire.

When choosing dark lipstick, always consider your type of lips. People who have small lips should avoid going for very dark lipstick, as they will only make your lips even much smaller.

Another important deep lipstick tip is ensuring you go for sheen, creamy, frost, glossy and shimmery dark lipsticks and not matte as the matte has a tendency of looking washed out.

Rihanna Dark Lipstick – Which Dark Lipsticks Does Rihanna Love

Rihanna Dark Lipstick - Dark Red Lipstick

Rihanna Dark Lipstick – Dark Red Lipstick

If you would like to ape her, Rihanna is fond of dark lipsticks, especially the dark red lipsticks. For instance, Rihanna’s Limited Edition Lipstick for MAC Cosmetics sold out within a short time. Other than the limited edition, Rihanna is also fond of the following dark lipsticks that help create the 1990s vampy looks

  • Rimmell Lasting Lipstick in Kate 04
  • MAC’s Diva
  • Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet Collection in Black Cherry
  • Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipstick in Plum

Glow in the Dark Lipsticks – What Is and Best Brands

Glow in the Dark Lipsticks – What Is and Best Brands

Glow in the Dark Lipsticks – What Is and Best Brands

To spark your Halloween, you need to try the glow in the dark lipsticks. These are nothing other than a type of lipstick that pops while it is on the sun and when you expose it to UV light, it glows. Most of these lipsticks contain more florescent pigments and this makes them to have a vibrant color i.e. pop when you are on the sun light.

When it is dark, the black pigments, which are highly light sensitive help in creating a glowing hue when they are exposed to a UV light source.  Some of the common glow in the dark lipsticks in the market includes the following:

  • UV Neon Lipsticks 8 pack Glow in the Dark
  • Glow in the Dark Lipstick & Nail Polish
  • Stila Afterglow Lip Color
  • Glow in the Dark Super Glow Lipstick
  • Glow in the Dark Raver Super Glow Lipstick
  • Rubies Glow in the Dark Lipstick
  • Kryolan Ultra Bright Sample Pack
  • Glow in the Dark Lip Stick Nail Polish Lipstick Halloween Costume Makeup

All above glow in the dark lipsticks are going to spice up your Halloween. Ensure you at least have one brand for that day.


We have looked at how to wear, put on and apply dark lipsticks. We have also mentioned some of the best brands of dark lipsticks in the market, Rihanna’s dark lips and glow in the dark lipsticks.

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