Best Makeup Tips for Thick Lips in Celebrities, Girls and Guys

Do you have thick lips or fat lips? Learn the meaning, makeup for thick lips including foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, why Africans have thick lips, thick upper lips and makeup tips and some hint on how you can get thick lips. We will though not mention any people, girls, women, men, actresses, models or celebrities who have thick lips.

Meaning of Thick or Fat Lips

Why Africans Have Thick Lips - African Fat  Lips

Why Africans Have Thick Lips – African Fat Lips

Thick lips refer to people whose lip types are slightly fatter when compared to other facial features. Such lips are at times referred to as fat lips.

People, Girls, Guys, Men, Women, Actress, Models, Celebrities with Thick Lips 

On people, guys, girls, men, women, actress, models and celebrities with thick lips, you will concur that thick lips are common among the Africans, including the African Americans. They generally tend to have bigger and fatter lips. Many people have fat lips, but for the sake of this discussion, we have decided not to mention anyone who has big lips.

Why Do Africans or Black People Have Thick Lips?

To answer the question as to why Africans have thick, you need understand a bit of adaptation and creation. A number of factors such as climate, living necessities, and genetics can be used to explain why Africans have thick lips.

The reasons for Africans or black people having thick lips is the same explanation to hair types, hair colors, skin colors, eye color,  and other features that people have. You definitely know that people from Asian, America, Africa, Europe, etc tend to have different features.

Thick Upper Lip

How to Get Thicker Upper Lip

How to Get Thicker Upper Lip

While looking at thick upper lips, there are two concerns we are going to address. The first one is people who have thick upper lips and they want it to appear smaller while the second group of people is those who have thin upper lip and they want it to be bigger.

Thick Lips – How to Get Thick Upper Lip

If you want a thick upper lip, you should apply a good lip plumper without applying that plumper on your lower lip. See more on lip plumper including best brands, how they work, ingredients and much more. This will help it to look a little bigger. On the other hand, if you have a bigger lip, you need to follow the steps for lip makeup for big lips we will discuss afterwards.

The above is for people who have a thin upper lip or even lower lip. However, if you want both lips to be thicker, see more on thin lips and makeup tips.

Makeup for Thick Lips – Foundation, Lip Liner, Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Thick lips - Fat Lips, Meaning, People, Makeup, Lipstick, Thick Upper Black Lips, Africans, Men, Women, Girls

Thick lips – Fat Lips with Makeup

If you are one of the girls, models, actresses, or woman with thick lips, you need not to be ashamed of them since most men tend to love girls with thicker and fuller lips. I do not mean all but most but you will agree that Angelina Jolie’s lips are hot! So how do you apply makeup for thick lips?

Fat or Big Lip Makeup Choice

When you want to make your thick lips to look less thick, you need to make a wise choice of lip makeup to use as well as know how to apply them. On choice, you should ensure you have gone for cooler lipstick color, as they tend to recede and make things look smaller and not warm colors. See more on how to identify cooler and warmer colors.

How to Apply Lip Makeup for Thick Lips

Makeup for Thicker Lips or Fat Lips

Makeup for Thicker Lips or Fat Lips

Foundations – To begin with, apply foundation to cover the edge of your upper lip that matches exactly your skin tone. This is important when it will come to applying lip liner, lipstick and other lip makeup on your lips.

Lip Liner – Secondly, apply a good quality lip liner in a way that it is a bit inside the outer edge of your lips to make the edge of your lips to appear as if they are not part of your lips.

Lipstick – If you want to wear a good lipstick, you can now apply without going beyond your lip liner. This is very important.

Thick Lips - Mean and People with Thick Lips

Thick Lips – Mean and People with Thick Lips

Lip Gloss – When using lip gloss on your thick lips, you should apply it only at the center of your lips and evenly spread it on your lips. Avoid applying lip gloss on your entire lips since it will only make them fuller and hence much thicker.

Thick Lip Correction Surgery

If you have tried the above thick lip makeup and it does not seem to help, it is time to consider going for a thick lip correction surgery.  This is particularly very important for people who might be having a thicker upper lip and they do not want it.

During the thick lip correction surgery, a strip of the red part on your lips will be removed to get the size you want. The procedure should be done by a professional cosmetic surgeon and is part of the various plastic surgeries people undergo to correct some features and enhance their looks.

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