Makeup for Small Lipped People – Girls and Men

I have small lips, how do I make them bigger? Learn more on the meaning of small lips, girls, men, and women with small lips as well as makeup for small lips. You will also learn on how to make smaller lips bigger. While discussing small lips, we will go a little off the topic and mention something small on small bumps and pimples on lips too.

Small lips – Meaning, Girls, Men, Bumps, Pimple, and Makeup for Smaller Lips,

Small lips


What are Small Lips

Small lips refer to having your lip size smaller when compared to the rest of your facial and body features. Although a few people confuse small lips and thin lips, to get the difference clearly, thin lips is more on their thickness while small is on their general size. I hope the difference makes sense to you.

Small Lips Meaning and Personality

If you have small lips, it means you are selective sexually and you would opt for quality instead of quantity. Furthermore, some senses in you will be much important while you neglect others. Another personality trait of people with small lips is being sophisticated, loving beautiful words, and preferring things to be thoroughly done. They will often be pushed by their tastes to know everything about something that interests them.

Actresses, Women, Girls, Celebrities, Models with Small Lips

We have looked at what small lips are and their meaning or personality. I guess you are also looking for girls with small lips or celebrities, women, models, actresses, etc. We are not going to mention any celebrity, model, girls or persons with small lips. It is upon you to look at them and judge or know who has small lips and who has big lips.

We decided not to discuss people with smaller lips due to the endless debate on which type of lips men love with some people saying fuller lips and others saying it does not matter or varies from one individual to another.

Makeup for Small lips – Lipstick, Lip Liner, Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss

Makeup for Small lips – Lipstick, Lip Liner, Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss

Makeup for Small lips – Lipstick, Lip Liner, Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss

If you have smaller lips, you can use makeup to help create an illusion of bigger and fuller lips. In fact, that is why people wear makeup – to enhance their looks. We are going to look at lipstick, lip plumpers, lip gloss and lip liners.

Lip Plumper – Since you have small lips, it is necessary that you wear a good lip plumper. This will help in making your lips to look bigger and plumper as the name suggest. See more details on best lip plumpers, how they work, how to get plump lips and much more.

Lip Liner – To make your small lips to appear larger, try to exaggerate a little by extending your lip liner beyond your natural lip line. Ensure you get a good lip liner, preferably a pencil lip liner. Do not go overboard; ensure you are within 2mm from your natural lip line.

Lipstick for Small Lips – when wearing lipstick for small lips, you need to ensure you go for warmer colors that tend to advance and not cool colors. Always wear bright colored and lush lipsticks and avoid darker lipsticks unless you know how to wear darker lipsticks well for people who have smaller lips.

Small lips – Meaning, Girls, Men, Bumps, Pimple, and Makeup for Smaller Lips, Get Bigger and Fuller on Celebrities, Models

Small lips Ensure that as you are applying your lipstick or using a lip liner, you create depth. Furthermore, go for long lasting lipsticks as other brands might quickly fade away.

Lip Gloss – To give your lips a glossy finish. Get a good brand of lip gloss and apply it over your lipstick. It is highly recommended to go for a shimmery to help reflect light from your lips and make people always to notice your lips.In your cupid bow, ensure you have applied some highlighter to pull people’s eyes to your lips.

It is highly advisable you go for plumping lip glosses instead of the ordinary since plumping lip gloss will help further making your lips to look bigger.

Lip Makeup Color – Do not forget that color choice is very important and you should go for warmer lipstick colors instead of the darker ones.

How to Get Bigger Lips

How to Get Bigger Lips (2)

How to Get Bigger Lips

If you are looking for ways on how to make your lips bigger, there are quite a number of ways. We will not go into details on how to get bigger lips. However, we will mention the ways you can use to ensure you have bigger lips. So, how do you get bigger lips?

Lip Plumper – The first way to get bigger lips is investing in a good quality lip plumper. These products work in different ways to ensure your lips look bigger.

Good Makeup Application – Go for warmer colored lip makeup and those that have ingredients that can make your lips bigger such as being lustrous, being plumpers, etc. You can follow the above guideline for wearing lip makeup for small lips since our objectives were to make such lips look bigger.

Get Bigger Lips by Fillers and Surgery (Lip Argumentations) – If you desperately want bigger lips but you are not able to get them, you might decide to go for plastic surgery where surgeons will add tissue to your lips to make them fuller or go for fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.

The general procedures are often known as lip argumentations. It is a costly procedure and we do not intend to go to its details.

Small Bumps and Small Pimples on Lips

Small Bumps and Small Pimples on Lips - Pimple

Small Bumps and Small Pimples on Lips – Pimple

As we were researching on small lips, we came across the problem of small bumps on lips or small pimples on lips. We though it is wise to mention it in this article for your general information.

Small Bumps on Lips – If you notice you have a small bump on your lips, it could be caused by a number of things, which include acne, cancer, cold sores, bacterial infection, contact allergy, sunburns,  and many other reasons.

Once you notice them, you should use various home remedies or non prescribed medication (over the counter) and if they do not go away after using them for almost a month, see a dermatologist. Furthermore, ensure good lip care by using a good lip moisturizer, natural lipstick products, antihistamine (if caused by allergies), lip balms that have SPF, etc.

Small Pimples on Lips – Just as we have looked at a small bump on lips, you might also be having small pimples on your lips. Depending on where they have affected you and the reasons you suspect, you might decide to leave them alone or use natural remedies and/or over the counter medications.

Small Lips Advices, Tips and Ideas

How to Get Bigger Lips

How to Get Bigger Lips

We have looked at what small lips are, some of the ways to make them bigger and how to apply lip makeup for small lips. We intend to cover a few tips that will ensure your lips look even bigger. So what are some of the small lips tips, ideas and secrets?

  • Ensure you do regular lip exercises such as whistling, rocking your lips from one side to the other, smiling and kissing. These exercises and many others have been found to help make smaller lips bigger naturally.
  • Before wearing any of the lip makeup for small lips, ensure you exfoliate your lips. This will help in getting rid of dead skin, making your lips to swell a little and when you apply your lip makeup; your lips will look plumper.
  • Apply lip concealers to help hide any fine lines you might be having on your lips. These fine lines will make your lips look less plump when you apply lip makeup.
  • It is advisable to avoid the very bright or very dark lipstick colors since might make your lips to look smaller instead of making them look bigger.

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