Big Lips in Men, Girls and Amazing Makeup Tips for Bigger Lips

Do you have big lips? Would you like to make them smaller? Learn more on big lips including their meaning, girls, men, and actresses with bigger lips, makeup for big lips, as well as something on how to get bigger lips easily.

Girls, Women, Men, Actresses, Models with Big Lips - Jay Z

Big Lips – Jay Z

What is Big Lips – Meaning

Big lips means refers to type of lips or people whose lips are proportionally bigger than other facial features. Such lips have nothing to do comparing one person to another’s lips to say if they are big or not, but their size compared to your other facial features. It is assumed that women who have bigger lips are more desirable and have a sexual appeal. People like Mick Jagger have big lips but they are not as big as those of Steven Tyler are.

Generally, it is considered that the black people, i.e. African Americans and Africans are the ones who attend naturally to have bigger lips. This can be attributed to many reasons including evolution, adaption, genetical composition, and environment, among many other factors.

Why do Men Prefer Women with Bigger Lips

If you are a girl with big lips, you need to be proud of them since men tend to be attracted to women who have bigger lips or fuller ones. According to Wikipedia, “Men, on average, tend to be attracted to women who are shorter than they are, have a youthful appearance, and exhibit features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio.”

We will not go deeper into the discussion as to why men get attracted to women who have big lips. Of course, some men who do not prefer such women or get attracted to them and your lip type should not worry you.

Girls, Women, Men, Actresses, Models with Big Lips

Big Lips - Evan Longoria

Big Lips – Evan Longoria

We have seen what big lips are, and why men prefer women with big lips. It is time to mention a few celebrities who have big lips. They might not be as big as you think and they should not cause any controversies. Instead, if you know any persons (men, women, actresses, models, etc) who have big lips share with others. So what are some of the people with big lips?

  • Amanda Lepore
  • Jay Z
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Eva Longoria
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Eva Longoria

There are more celebrities who have big lips but they are fake and they include Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Priscilla Presley,  Nicole Kidman

Makeup for Big Lips – How to Apply Makeup for Larger Lips

Big Lips Makeup Tips

Big Lips Makeup Tips

If you have extremely large or big lips and you would like to make them look smaller, you need to know how to apply makeup for big lips. We are going to discuss various aspects on big lips makeup and tips that will include lip makeup color choices, finishes to use and how to apply makeup for big lips.

Texture and Color of Lip Makeup

On color of lip makeup, you are free to go for any color so long it has matte or cream finish. Avoid going for glossy finish, as they will make your lips to look even bigger. However, going for cooler colored makeup is a good idea, as they tend to make thing to receded and appear smaller when opposed to warmer colors ( avoid very bright colors).

Go for lip colors such as copper, browns, peaches, nudes, pinks and maroon but avoid the very bright shades of these lip makeup. You need to avoid the very dark colors as they might make them more visible.  Nude colors will look great on your lips without making them appear very big.

Applying Foundation

Makeup for Big Lips

Makeup for Big Lips

Get a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it on the outer edge of your lips. This will help hide the outer edge of your lips and when you apply your lip liner as below, your lips will look smaller. Foundation helps in blurring your natural lip line

How to Apply Lip Liner for Big Lips

When applying lip liner for big lips, you need to leave a millimeter from the outside natural edge of your lips. This will help create an illusion of slightly smaller lips. However, ensure you do not exaggerate as they may end up looking very visible.  See more on lip liner, good brands and much more.

Big Lips - Amanda Lepore

Big Lips – Amanda Lepore

Apply Lipstick to Make Lips Smaller

When applying lipstick, put more emphasis on the center of your lips and do not go beyond where you have applied your lip liner i.e. Apply lipstick on your lips, directly on your lips without the use of a brush as this can help you to make them look slimmer.

Avoid Lip Glosses

If you have big lips, wearing lip glosses will only worsen things since it will make them to look much bigger instead of making them look smaller. This is due to the shiny, lustrous finishes that lip glosses that make things to appear bigger.

Lip Exercises to Melt Fats Away

Big Lips - Why Do Men Prefer Bigger Lips

Big Lips – Why Do Men Prefer Bigger Lips

If your big lips are due to some fat deposits, you can actually make them smaller by exercising them regularly. This will easily get rid of the excess fats on your lips and make them to look smaller and thinner.

Other Face Makeup

To help scale down the appearance of your big lips, you should consider accentuating your other facial features such as eyes and face. This will help in creating a balanced look and making your lips to appear smaller.  Use face makeup and eye makeup that compliment your skin tone and play around on how you wear your hair.

We also covered on thick lips. If you have thick lips and not necessarily big lips, learn on how to apply makeup for thick lips, ideas and tips.

How to Get Bigger Lips

If you have small lips and you would instead wish to have bigger lips, we mentioned the various ways of having bigger lips that included proper makeup use, liposuction or argumentation, use of lip plumpers, lip exercises, and many others. See more on how to make small lips bigger.

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