Best Lip Balm Containers and Lip Balm Tips for Packaging

Do you want the best lip balm containers, tins and jars? This article covers lip balm containers, which include the empty, pot, clear, plastic, glass, tubes, homemade and small containers. You will also get info where to buy bulk or wholesale containers for lip balms packaging and much more.

Lip Balm Containers - Mushroom Jars

Lip Balm Containers – Mushroom Jars

Whether you want to make lip balm at home, you want to refill or buy, you need to know these lip makeup are sold in lip balm containers, tins, pots, jars or tubes. Some of the main things that will be addressed in this discussion include:

  • The popular types of lip balm containers such as glass, clear, plastic homemade and small, etc
  • Where to get empty lip balm container and tins
  • Popular types of lip balms tins such as small, personalized tins etc
  • Where to buy tins for balms in bulk or wholesale
  • What are lip balm pots, where do you buy them in wholesale or bulk

Since we are covering on both lip balm containers, jars, tins and pots, we are going to cover containers first before we narrow down to each. We have separately discussed lip balm tubes. See more on lip balm tubes.

Lip Balm Containers

As already mention, most lip makeup are often solid in containers, which could be tubes, tins, jars, pots and so on. These containers are important as they ensure your lip makeup is well kept and it remains safe. Of course, any makeup container has to be both functional and easy to use.

Empty Lip Balm Containers – Wholesale Lip Balm Containers/Bulk

Going for bulk or wholesale lip balm containers is a great way of ensuring you get the best deal. This is particular important if you intend to use these containers to sale lip balms or any other makeup.

Lip Balm Containers - Colored

Lip Balm Containers – Colored

Where to Buy Lip Balm Containers – If you currently do not know where you can buy lip balms containers such as tubes, pots, tins, jars, etc we have listed a few online stores where you can try your luck. Some of these stores can give you personalized lip balm containers or you buy the existing ones. So where can you get these containers in wholesale?

  • eBay
  • SKS Bottles
  • Local beauty and drug stores
  • The Chemistry Store
  • Heirloom Body Care

These are just but a few of the places where you can buy cheap lip balm containers in wholesale or bulk. There are many other great stores we did not mention and if you know a worthwhile one, do not forget to mention it through your comments.

Types and Material Used to Make Them

While looking at the types and material used in making the various containers for lip balms, were are going to put much focus on clear, plastic, small, natural, pots and jars.

Lip Balm Tins – Lip Balm Tin Containers

Lip balm tins is one of the best places you can package your lip balms if you want to ensure longevity. There are different types of lip balm tins, which come in different designs and material such aluminum. You need to ensure the specific lip balms tin you have gone for is completely safe.

Types of Lip Balm Tins

Lip Balm Container - Alluminum Lip Balm tins

Lip Balm Container – Alluminum Lip Balm tins

This section is to give you a general idea on the type of lip balm tins you should opt for. These container types have been in existence for the longest time and they are highly recyclable. If you are looking for lip balm tins, you can decide to go for either:

  • Personalized Lip Balm Tins – Designed according to your requirement and they could be branded the way you want. Personalized containers will tend to be pricy compared to those that are not personalized.
  • Small Lip Balm Tins – Ideal for giving samples of various lip makeup such as lip gloss, lipstick or balms to your prospective customers. These are too small to be used to sale purposes.
  •  Big Lip balm Tins – Such containers are good for storage purposes, especially if you are making lip balms at home.

The common type of lip balm tins you expect to get include the slider lip balm tins, the round lip balm tins, screw top lip balm tins, among many other types.

Empty Lip Balm Tins

Empty lip balms tins refer to tins made and sold without lip balms. They are good for people who prefer to go for lip balms refills other than buying new ones with the tin. They will make the cost of lip balms much cheaper. You will also have a choice of using that lip balms tin you like.

Empty lip balm tins are also handy for people who intend to make lip balms for sale purpose. Such people need to find places where they can get some of the best tins in wholesale or bulk to be able to make a saving.

 Wholesale Lip Balm Tins/Bulk and Where to Buy Lip Balm Tins

If you are looking for lip balms tins, you need to know where you can get them at the cheapest prices. This is particularly recommended to people who make lip balms at home with a purpose to sale it. You could need even the small lip balms tins for giving people samples or different sizes to actually sale your homemade lip balm.

There are many places where you can buy lip balm tins. If you went to your nearby beauty stores, you will definitely find good ones there. Alternatively, you could try various leading online stores such as, eBay, Walgreens, Bulk Apothecary, etc.

Lip Balm Pots and Jars – Empty, Wholesale, Where to Buy

Lip Balm Containers - Jars

Lip Balm Containers – Jars

Instead of packaging your lip makeup such as balms, lipglosses or lipsticks in tubes or tins, you might decide to package them in pots and jars. These lip balm pots come in different sizes and made from different material. They can also be used for packing other products such as creams, free samples, gels, body butters, solid perfumes, salves, etc.

When choosing lip balms pots and jars, you will get various designs, colors and looks. What you will pick will be depended on what you need. Generally, it is advisable you go for lightweight functional pots and jars, as they will make everything easy, especially when travelling with your lip balms.

Lip Balm Containers - 3m Polystyrene Lib Balm Pots

Lip Balm Containers – 3m Polystyrene Lib Balm Pots

As for sizes, you will get empty lip balm pots and jars of varying volumes. You can get small jars and pots, which are as little as 3ml to bigger ones. You need to search for the exact volumes you need.

Some of the popular types of lip balms jars include the mushroom shaped jar, clear polystyrene jar with lids, clear acrylic jars, natural polypropylene jars, colorful jars, etc. For people who are conscious of using natural products, they can still buy natural lip balm jars, especially the plastic ones.

Where to Buy Bulk or Wholesale Empty Lip Balm Pots and Jars

If you are in the business of making lip makeup such as lip balms, lip gloss, etc, you need to ensure you buy empty lip balms pots and jars in bulk or wholesale. This will help you make a big saving.

Expect to get wholesale or bulk jars from various cosmetic products vendors in your both local stores and online stores such as eBay, Rustic Escentuals, Plasma, and and so on. They come in different quantities such as dozens or more. Buying such lip balm jars and pots will help you make a big saving since they are much cheaper when compared to buying one or few pieces.

Glass Lip Balm Containers

Glass Lip Balm Containers

Glass Lip Balm Containers

This refers to lip balm containers that are made from glass. The common glass lip balms containers you can get include the pots and jars. They could also be roll on bottles and they are offered in difference colors that include frost clear, green, blue, or any other color you would wish. Furthermore, they often come with tightly fitting screw lids.

In terms of capacities, glass lip balms containers come in various capacities, designs and looks. You could even choose to go for customized glass containers that will easily help you brand your products.

Clear Lip Balm Containers

Lip Balm Container - Emptry lip balm containers

Lip Balm Container – Emptry lip balm containers

Clear lip balm containers could be made of either glass or plastic. They are transparent hence the name clear.  You will get clear containers made from various products such as clear plastic styrene, natural plastic, polypropylene, etc.

Lip Balm Tubes

We have comprehensively covered lip balms tubes since they are some of the most popular packaging you will find everywhere from leading manufactures to small scale. See more on Lip Balm Tubes

Small Lip Balm Containers

Lip Balm Containers - Small Lip Balm COntainers

Lip Balm Containers – Small Lip Balm COntainers

This only reflects the size of the lip balm container you are considering which could be either of the types mentioned. They are good for people who want to either sell lipstick or balms in small quantities or give free samples.

Plastic Lip Balm Containers

Plastic lip balm containers are the most common types of lip balms packaging you can get anywhere. They are relatively affordable and easily available. They are some of the most flexible and they can easily be personalized.

You could either go for the natural plastic containers or artificial. They also come in various colors ranging from clear plastic containers to tinted ones. You will virtually get any color of plastic lip balms containers you need.

Homemade lip balm containers

If you are tired of buying containers for lip balms, you can decide to make your own at home or even recycle the already used containers or other makeup containers such as other lip makeup eye makeup, etc.

Using bottles, you can easily make your own homemade lip balms containers at home. However, we do not intend to go into the details on how to make such containers since they are only suitable if you are making one or two. Generally, it is much better you buy good containers for your lip balms.

Other lip Container Supplies

Other than tubes, tins, pots and jars, you might also be interested in other supplies for lip balms such as boxes, shrink bands, trays, bases, roll on, flavor essential oils, tints, caps (including colored caps) etc. All these supplies are also available in both beauty local stores and online stores.


We have comprehensively covered on lip balm containers to help you know the types such as glass, pots, jars, tins, material of construction such as plastic, glass, metallic, and much more. You also know where to buy these containers but in small units or bulk (wholesale).

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