How to De-stress your Body and Mind Fast, after Work, at Home and before Bed

Modern life is fast paced and people are continually finding themselves in stressful situations. These can be triggered by work, relationships, overwhelming family responsibilities, and health issues among others. To keep your sanity intact and prevent the stressful situations from escalating into depression, try the following methods on how to de-stress your life, body and mind. These will help you deal with stress at work, after work and at home quickly giving you immediate relaxation.

How to De-stress your Body and Mind

The well-being of the body and mind is important. Failure to take care of stressful situations could see them escalate into depression. With this in mind, it is important to de-stress as frequently as may be necessary to remain healthy. Below are various ways on how to de-stress your body and mind.

Deep Breathing

Shallow breathing is taken as a marker of stress and is known to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. On the other hand, deep breathing has the opposite effect as it stimulates parasympathetic reaction thus helping you calm down.

Engaging in breathing exercises will help you feel like you do when you are already relaxed. By taking a few deep breaths, there is a boost of oxygen in your body which helps reduce tension and stress.

Listen to Some Music

Music is said to be food to the soul for a good reason. It is known to flood the brain with feel good neurochemicals such as dopamine. Classical music is especially popular for having a soothing effect. It decreases the amount of stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and also slows down the heart rate.

In addition to soothing everyday anxiety, music has been said to be beneficial for people in the midst of events that might be stressful such as surgery. In case you do not have a source of music, make your own music and try humming it out. Singing will help tame tension in the neck, face and shoulders

Chew Gum to De-stress Quickly

In addition to making you breath better, chewing gum helps in relieving anxiety, de-stressing and improving alertness. It is an effective way to de-stress especially for people with a teeth grinding problem.

Munch on Mood Boosting Foods

Although stress-eating is harmful, controlled eating of mood boosting foods can help when you are tense, anxious or stressed. Indulgent delicacies such as ice cream, cookies, candy and pretzels can be used cautiously for the purposes of de-stressing.

The reason why this is said to have a soothing effect is due to the boost in serotonin levels. As a result, you end up feeling relaxed and contented. Just remember to watch your portions.

Get a Massage

A quality massage is one of the greatest ways on how to de-stress your body. Aromatherapy massage is especially calming and will be beneficial in reducing stress levels. Get a professional massage done on you using essential oils to reap the greatest benefits.

Take a Hot Bath

The use of heat on the skin helps in relaxing the muscles. Taking a long hot bath is one of the ways o how to de-stress and is also good for the mind. Incorporate your favorite soaps, bath salts and candles for a relaxing effect.

Exercise Regularly

Body movement is an effective stress buster. Exercising regularly not only eliminates existent stress but also prevents it from reoccurring. It will leave you feeling more energized, lighter and allow you attain your maximum potential. This is more so for people living a sedentary life.

The main aim here is to remain active irrespective of your fitness level. Identify a type of exercise that you enjoy engaging in to de-stress your body and mind. Keep a regular exercise regimen and adhere to it.

Get Enough Sleep

Restful sleep is important in fighting stressful situations. On the other hand, a lack of sufficient sleep could cause stress and anxiety. Ensure that you get enough sleep to help you maintain calmness and relax. Avoid working late into the night as this will give you a mental burn out. Enjoy your sleep and gain its restorative benefits for a stress free life.

Peel and Eat an Orange

When peeling an orange, the scent released is satisfying. It also triggers anticipation for the refreshing fruit. Eating oranges also helps in relaxing the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Use this technique as regularly as need be to combat stress.


Engaging in crafts that involve repetitive motions such as knitting, cross-stitching or jewelry making can help soothe anxiety. Knitting is said to fulfill the criteria for mindful practice. The repetition helps keep the mind focused and helps to set aside any intruding thoughts. Indulge in your favorite craft to keep you relaxed and relieve stress


Setting aside some time for a powerful and strong intention can help in kicking off your day positively. Before getting ready for work or engaging in any activities set for the day, take a few minutes to yourself. This will help keep your stress levels down during the day.

Smell Lavender

Lavender scent can help to boost your mind and therefore calm you down. To enjoy its benefits as a de-stressor, light a lavender scented candle. Adding some lavender essential oil into a diffuser and allowing it to fill the room with the scent can go a long way in calming you down.

A calming scent like lavender can boost your mood and help you calm down. But there’s no need to go crazy with loads of lotion or spray. Add a little lavender essential oil to a diffuser or light a candle to let the scent enter the room softly.

Watch a Funny Video

Doing things that will make you laugh helps release endorphins while at the same time increasing oxygen supply in your body. A good chuckle will also help lower the heart rate and blood pressure. All these help in distressing your body and mind.

How to De-stress at Work

The demands of the work environment can be overwhelming. Trying to keep up with targets and beating deadlines can leave you all stressed up. To help you attain fast relaxation so you can keep your mind focused, try using these simple techniques on how to de-stress at work.

Stretch Your Arms

In case your work requires you to remain seated throughout the day, you can benefit from this method on how to de-stress at work.

Stand up and stretch your hands out while spreading your fingers towards the sky. Take a deep breath as you stretch up and exhale as you bring them down.

By so doing, you allow your body to fill up with endorphins which will boost your mind and leave you feeling happy.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Mostly recommended for persons suffering anxiety and depression, progressive muscle relaxation can also be used as a way on how to de-stress at work. It can be done when still sitting at your desk. Start by tightening up your toes before relaxing them. Work yourself up through the muscles until you get to the face. This will help kill off any stress you may be experiencing.

How to De-stress at Home after Work

Even after having an accomplished day at work, it is still possible to go home feeling worried and stressed. In such situations, try implementing the following to help you de-stress at home after work.

Stay Away from the Screen

Using computers and other electronic gadgets for uninterrupted time has been associated with stress, loss of sleep and depression. Late night use of computers is known to cause stress in both men and women.

To curb this, try and stay away from your computer after work. If this is not possible, be certain to stay away from screens at least one hour before going to bed.

Turn Your Phone Off

The phones that are currently available have various apps incorporated in them. As a result, there always are notifications of emails, messages and social media sites’ activities as they happen. As a result, a number of people get stressed up and feel the pressure of having to respond to the messages and notifications. To lessen the pressure and make things less overwhelming, switch off your phone.

Kiss your Loved One

Puckering up allows the brain to release endorphins thus relieving stress. Do not wait until that moment when you are getting intimate to enjoy some kisses. Engage them upon getting home from work to relieve the days stress.

Green Tea to De-stress Before Bed

To get a good night’s sleep, take a cup of green tea before bed. The tea contains theanine which promotes relaxation. Stay away from caffeinated beverages and instead enjoy a cup of your green tea for its stress relieving benefits.

How to De-stress your Life

De-stressing does not only involving paying attention to the mind and body. It is important to have a wholesome change for the best results. To achieve this, it is important to first evaluate what elements of your life trigger stress, these could be work related, family obligations, financial well-being as well as those around you. Once you identify what is causing it, start eliminating each of the elements for a stress free life.


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