Body Odor Remedies, Natural Cures and Home Treatment

Body odor can be embarrassing whether it is a grown up or a child experiencing it. Knowing how to eliminate body odor as well as prevent it from reoccurring can go a long way in making you comfortable. Below we discuss various body odor remedies including home remedies such as adopting a body odor diet, using apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

Body Odor Remedies

Body odor is the bad smell emitted from various parts of the body mostly after sweating. Contrary to popular belief, the sweat in itself does not smell. According to, “The unpleasant odor is produced by bacteria on the skin that break down the sweat into acids.”

Although anyone who has reached puberty can experience body odor, men tend to experience it more than women. This is because they sweat more than women. Women on the other hand may suffer heightened body odor in times of hormonal imbalance such as during menopause, in pregnancy as well as during and after periods. Being overweight, eating spicy food and medical conditions such as diabetes are also known to make body odor worse.

Although rarely a health concern, body odor can leave you self conscious. fortunately, with the help of a few body odor remedies, you can get rid of the menace easily. These are as discussed below.

Body Odor Diet

What you consume can contribute to the presence of body odor. When experiencing this affliction, try to adopt a body odor diet.

This involves upping the intake of leafy vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, whole grains, healthy oils and phytonutrients such as mints, celery, sage, rosemary, parsley and oregano.

On the other hand, avoid foods that contribute to body odor such as read meat, spicy food, garlic, foods with high sugar amounts as well as processed foods. Caffeinated drinks should also be abandoned since they contribute to body odor.


Applying antiperspirants on your armpits can help prevent armpit odor. These are made of chemicals that form a block against sweat thus going a long way in eliminating body odor. These provide a day long protection against odor and work I a different way from deodorants which only act in masking the smell.


Unlike antiperspirants, deodorant body odor remedies help to eliminate body odor without affecting the sweating process. This way, the smell from sweating is covered up. A quality deodorant keeps you smelling fresh for long and is also a quick fix to body odor.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Body Smell Removal

A hydrogen peroxide solution can also help in eliminating body odor. Mix up a teaspoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water. Dab this mixture on your underarms with the help of a wash cloth or cotton balls. This should help relieve bad body odor.

Rub a Hand Sanitizer on Your Armpits

In case you are concerned about developing body odor and are in a tight spot, rub a hand sanitizer on your armpits. This should provide short term relief as it will fight odor causing bacteria.

Blotting Paper

An oil blotting paper can be used in cases of heavy sweating to prevent smelling. Use this to wipe off the excess sweat on any part of the body to prevent the onset of body odor.

Alum Stone

Alum mineral contains antibacterial properties. These will help in fighting bacteria on the skin that may lead to bad odor. To use this is simple. Simply rub an alum stone on the problematic area just like you rub a deodorant on your arm pits. Wash the stone after applying it to clear up sweat on it.

Mud for Body odor Treatment

When out in the nature trails and have nothing much at your disposal, mud can help get rid of body odor. Rub some on your stinky body part and leave it on until it dries. This will help act like a mask and when you peel it off, it will eliminate dead skin cells as well as microorganisms stuck on the skin which may be causing the bad smell.

Good Hygiene Body Odor Remedies

Like indicated above, body odor is a result of accumulation of bacteria on the skin which break down the sweat. As such, preventing an overgrowth of microorganisms can help avoid body odor. This can be achieved through proper hygiene through things such as:

Regular Showers

Be certain to shower at least once per day and after engaging in sweaty activities. To clear up grime from your skin, exfoliate your skin once in a while.

Dry Your Skin

An environment that is warm and moist provides a conducive environment for breeding of bacteria. When you sweat, there is a high concentration on the skin as well as proper pH levels for the proliferation of bacteria which in turn contributes to bad body odor.

To prevent this, keep your skin dry after sweating. This can be achieved by using blotting paper to wipe of the moisture. Also ensure you dry your skin properly after getting out of a shower or any other contact with water. To further help in staying dry, apply powder to your armpits and other areas known to trap in moisture.

Shave Regularly

The underarms and groin area tend to be the greatest contributors to body odor. This is because hair traps moisture and also tends to absorb odor easily. Getting rid of hair in the groin as well as in the armpits can help counter this. This will decrease the chances of getting smelly.

Wash Clothes Regularly

It is possible for body odor to seep on clothes when you sweat heavily. The odor gets worse when the sweat is allowed to dry without washing the clothes. The smell will become more pungent when the piece of clothing is put on unwashed and there is more sweating. To avoid body odor on clothing, ensure they are washed after every wear. This is bound to keep you smelling fresh.

Natural Detox

This is one of the body odor remedies that help to work from inside out. It is most appropriate for people whose body odor is as a result of gut problems. A detox will cleanse your body and eliminate body odor being caused by foods you have been eating. It will also set you on a path to better health. Talk to your dietician to pick the best detox program for you to get rid of body odor the natural way. Do not engage in a detox if you suffer any health condition before informing your doctor.


At times, body odor occurs as a result of toxins being accumulated in your body. To promote good health and enhance elimination of the said toxins, drink up. Find out what your recommended daily water intake is and strive to attain it.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

In addition to the above lifestyle body odor remedies, there are natural home remedies for body odor. These are safe for use in men and women as well as children.

Home remedies for body odor

Home remedies for body odor

Apple Cider Vinegar Body Odor Home Remedy

Vinegar is a great natural remedy for body odor. It contains natural antiseptic properties that help in killing bacteria in places producing bad odor such as on the underarms and the feet. Spritz some apple cider vinegar on the area and allow it dry on it.

Baking Soda Body Odor Treatment

Baking soda is known to absorb odors and is popular in various uses. In addition to absorbing odors, it also helps to eliminate bacteria. It is a perfect remedy for body odor removal and its effectiveness can be increased by using it together with lime juice. This is more so in people who sweat a lot.

  1. Squeeze out juice from half a lime and combine it with enough baking soda to make a consistent paste.
  2. Apply this to the underarms and leave it on for 10 minutes.
  3. Take a bath after this.

Sage Herb Home Remedy for Body Odor Removal

This fragrant herb is effective in combating body odor. It works by reducing the activity of the sweat glands and also acts as an antibacterial agent. Sage can be used to make a natural deodorant or used as a tea to remedy body odor.

  1. Combine five drops each of sage, coriander and lavender essential oils. Add to this 50 milliliters of distilled witch hazel. Mix well and store in a bottle for use as a daily deodorant.
  2. To make sage tea, add two tablespoons of dried sage to four cups of hot water. Let steep for 10 minutes and use the solution to rinse your underarms once it has cooled.
  3. You could also consume sage tea for an inside out action on body odor. Steep a teaspoon of dried sage for 10 minutes in a cup of hot water. Take two cups at most each day. This though should not be consumed by nursing and pregnant mothers.

Rosemary Herbal Remedy for Body Odor

The rosemary herb for body odor removal discourages the growth of bacteria on the skin. it has chlorophyll and menthol which are natural deodorants. This makes it effective in eliminating the bad body smell while at the same time lending your body a nice fragrance.

  1. To four cups of hot water, add half a cup of dried rosemary herb. Leave this steep for about 10 minutes before adding it to your bath water. This should help take care of any problematic body parts. Part dry and repeat procedure every day.
  2. You could also combine 10 drops of rosemary essential oil with two tablespoons of water and use this as a deodorant on your armpits. In case of any irritation, be certain to discontinue its use.

Tea Tree Oil for Body Odor Treatment

This essential oil has antiseptic properties that help in killing bacteria as well as inhibit their growth. It acts as an astringent and controls sweating.

  1. To two tablespoons of water, add two drops of tea tree essential oil.
  2. Add this to a spray bottle and spritz as a deodorant.

Turnips to Remove Body Odor

These too are rich in antibacterial properties and help in eliminating odor causing bacteria. They also are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients which are helpful in odor elimination.

  1. Blend some turnip pieces to make a paste.
  2. Using a spoon and a sieve, squeeze out some juice from it.
  3. Apply this on the groin, underarms or any other place where you are suffering body odor.
  4. Allow the home remedy to dry on its own before rinsing off with lukewarm
  5. Consuming turnips could also help.

Lemon Juice Body Odor Treatment

Lemon Juice is yet another antifungal and antibacterial agent. It can be used on the problematic body part to help relief bad odor. Before using it, it is important to experiment if your skin is sensitive to it as it can cause irritation.

  1. Start by doing a patch test before getting a lemon wedge and rubbing it on your skin.
  2. Leave it on the skin for a few minutes then wash it off.
  3. Another method would be to saturate a wash cloth or cotton balls in freshly squeezed lemon juice and rubbing it on the skin.

Witch Hazel Natural Body Odor Cure

Another one of the herbal body odor remedies, this is a natural sterilizer that can be used on the armpits. It will help to lower the skin’s pH level and thus make the skin unfriendly for bacteria. Apply it directly so it can serve as deodorant. Wipe your underarms four times spread throughout the day.

Additional Tips and Body Odor Remedies

  • Do not mix too many scents by using different deodorants, perfume and soaps as this could fail to blend I and cause you bad smell.
  • Use talcum powder on your skin to absorb moisture.
  • Keep disposable cleaning sheets with you and use them for easy and fast freshening up.
  • Always wear high quality soaks with your shoes when suffering foot odor to help absorb moisture and keep your feet dry.
  • Rather up some antifungal shampoo on your underarms to fight underarm sweat odor.
  • Quit smoking or substitute cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.
  • Never apply perfume in your arm pits as this will make the odor worse.
  • In case you are on medication, consult your doctor as some drugs could contribute to body odor.
  • To ensure that odor causing bacteria do not thrive on your skin, wear clothes made from natural fibers. These are breathable and will help keep off moisture and warmth which are what causes proliferation of bacteria.
  • Avoid tight shoes and wearing a single shoe for too long.
  • Engage in healthy anger and stress management as these cause increased sweating and thus increased body odor.

At times, the body odor remedies discussed above may not work. When this happens, it is time to see your doctor. This is more so where you are suffering a bad musty smell even immediately after a shower or fishy smell as it could be indicative of a serious health condition.


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