Rash on Inner Thigh during Pregnancy Causes, Female Near Groin Area, Male, Itchy, Red, not Itchy, Natural and Home Remedies

Skin rash involves lesions on the surface which may be red, itchy and inflamed. While these can affect any part of the body, a rash on inner thigh carries a lot of significance since if it escalates it could see your walking affected. In severe cases, it could make handling of daily activities hard. In cases of infections, a rash on inner thighs could also get quite uncomfortable. Below we explore various causes of inner thigh rash in males, females and while pregnant. We also delve into itchy and non-itchy thigh rash, various treatments and home remedies.

Rash on Inner Thigh Causes

Some rash on inner thigh causes are medical while others are environmental. Below we discuss these and various ways through which they can be avoided.

Contact Dermatitis

Where the inner thigh has been exposed to an irritant or some allergen, it is possible to develop some rash. Contact dermatitis results in inflammation on the skin which is triggered by adverse reaction to something that comes into contact with it.

Such things include shower gels, soap and detergent used to wash underwear. In addition, plants such as poison ivy, animal bites and insect stings may cause contact dermatitis and therefore inner thigh rashes. The Rocky Mountain spotted fever disease is also known to cause rashes on the inner thighs and arms.

Thigh Rubbing

In people who are overweight and those with thick thighs, chub rub is common. When the thighs rub, inner thigh chaffing occurs. In addition, a rash on the inner thighs may be experienced.

Food Allergy

Allergic reaction to food can see you develop a rash on the inner thigh skin. This may occur on other parts of the body as well. Some common foods known to cause allergic reactions when consumed include avocados, strawberry, peanut and shell fish.

Using antihistamines can help you deal with the consequences. In case you are not certain what food could be causing the inner thigh rash, use the elimination method to find out.

Skin Conditions

Some skin conditions come with skin rash as a symptom. Ailments such as impetigo, psoriasis and eczema could see some rash develop on inner thigh skin. There also are some auto-immune illnesses that could see you develop rash on inner thigh skin in addition to other parts of the skin such as the abdomen, elbows, arms and underarms.


Intertrigo refers to a rash in the skin folds where the skin becomes inflamed and red. The condition can affect both males and females at any age and is most common in persons who are overweight or obese. To prevent this kind of rash, it is necessary to control the cause and keep the folds dry too.


Frequent and vigorous cycling may lead to inner thigh rash. This is because it increases the amount of friction occurring between the thighs. Rashes from the thighs rubbing together caused by cycling are also known as saddle sores.

With these, the rash will first appear as a hot spot with a burning sensation. If ignored at this stage and cycling is continued, the rash will become severe and develop into folliculitis. This will see blisters and bumps forming that are filled with pus. This may with time become quite painful and uncomfortable.

Running, Jogging and Walking

People who run, jog or walk a lot regularly are prone to getting inner thigh rash. Skin chaffing is also common due to increased friction on the area and may be experienced in both the inner thighs and underarms. This kind of rash on inner thighs is most common in the summer where there is increased sweating as well as in situations where the environment is humid.


Infections caused by microorganisms such as ringworms, acne vulgaris, fungal and candida infections are common around the inner thighs and groin area. This results from the fact that the area is moist making it possible for the proliferation of microorganisms. To eliminate this and get rid of the lesions, antibiotic ointments can help. Also learn how to keep the area dry to discourage the growth of microorganisms.

Diaper Rash on Toddler Inner Thigh Rash

Toddlers and infants tend to catch a rash from diaper and nappy rashes. This will occur where the napkin or diaper gets soaked in urine and excrement and it takes a while before being changed. This leads to inner thigh rash and skin irritation. Changing the diaper regularly can help combat this. The rash can be cleared with some simple antibiotic which should only be used with the guidance of your health care provider.

Herpes Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

Sexually transmitted diseases are yet another cause of a rash on inner thigh. Genital herpes which is caused by the herpes simplex virus is one of these STDs. In addition to causing a rash, it brings along other symptoms and infections.

Rash on Inner Thigh Female and Near Groin Area

The female inner thighs and groin area are constantly supplied with moisture from bodily fluids as well as perspiration. These areas are also subjected to a lot of heat. As a result, it is possible to experience heat rash on inner thigh of a female whether grown up or a child.

This rash is commonly referred to as prickly heat or miliaria, is extremely uncomfortable, painful and itchy. It can also be accompanied by a burning sensation.

Wearing very tight skinny jeans or nylon underwear could cause this kind of an itchy rash on inner thigh in females too. If ignored, prickly heat could spread beyond inner thighs or lead to secondary infections.

Another cause of rash on inner thighs in females could be shaving. The use of a blunt razor can see some shaving bumps develop. The use of depilatories while shaving could also cause a skin reaction thus leading to inner thigh rash.

Itchy Red Rash on Inner Thigh, Rash on Inner Thigh Male not Itchy

When there is a red rash on inner thigh, this could be an indication that you have contracted jock itch. It manifests itself as a red, itchy rash that is most of the times ring-shaped. Although this kind of rash is most common in men, it can also be found in women.

Jock itch rash on inner thigh

Jock itch inner thigh rash

The Tinea fungus responsible for the infection thrives in warm and moist areas. In addition to affecting the inner thighs, it could also affect the buttocks and balls in the groin area.  Where the red rash on the inner thigh is not itchy, jock itch rash should be ruled out.

Rash on Inner Thigh during Pregnancy

Experiencing a rash on inner thigh during pregnancy is common. While some are harmless, there are some that should signal an underlying problem.

When there is a rash on the inner thighs as well as on the lower abdomen, it is possible that the cause is friction between these two parts. In the late stages of pregnancy, the fact that the belly lies on the genitals as well as on the thighs may see a flare up of heat rash. To get relief from this rash, remain cool and try to use a cold compress to suppress itch.

Where a rash on inner thigh during pregnancy is accompanied by pus filled red bumps, is extremely itchy or develops into sores, see your obstetrician immediately.

Rash on Inner Thighs Treatment

The course of rash on inner thighs treatment adopted depends on what its cause is and severity of the condition. Below are some treatment options that may be offered.


Steroids help incurring the rash by reducing inflammation on the skin. This eliminates itching. Corticosteroids can be used to get rid of inner thigh rash. These are mostly used to treat inner thigh rash resulting from eczema. They should not be used for too long as this could cause harm to the skin.

Anti-allergic Drugs

For rash on inner thigh rash resulting from allergic reactions, anti-allergic drugs can help. Antihistamines will help minimize the flare-up of rashes and reduce redness as well. These though only work for a short time. For severe causes, an epi shots may be necessary.

Over the Counter Creams

For mild rashes and those that are not related to any medical condition, the use of creams may suffice. Hydrating creams will help restore the health of the skin for non-itchy rashes. Creams containing retinoid and vitamin D also work well in maintaining the skin’s health.


This form of rash on inner thigh treatment is most appropriate for psoriasis. It involves theuse of light therapy and particularly the UV rays to slow down production of dermal cells. This helps in getting rid of the rash in the long term.

Immunosuppressant Drugs

Where the cause of inner thigh rash is the immune system, immunosuppressant drugs can help fade them. This king of treatment is administered under strict medical supervision since it could cause kidney damage and affect the blood pressure of a user.

Natural and Home Remedies for Rash on Inner Thigh

In addition to the above medical treatments, you can try the following natural and home remedy treatments at home. These are appropriate for a mild rash and which are not as a result of medical conditions.

  1. Use chamomile tea to wash the inner thighs to reduce inflammation. Use it to wash the area ad get rid of the rashes.
  2. Soak in an oatmeal bath to cure rash on inner thigh. This remedy has a soothing effect and will help reduce irritation on the skin.
  3. To prevent allergic reactions, mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a dash of honey and consume it.
  4. Apply cod liver oil on the inner thighs to treat the rash.
  5. Use olive oil to treat skin rashes on the inner thighs as well as eliminate redness on the area.
  6. To prevent recurrence of any rash on inner thigh, take advantage of body cleansing herbs such as basil, neem and licorice.

In case the rash on inner thigh symptoms do not improve within a reasonable time of regular use, be certain to visit your dermatologist for further examination.