How to Get Rid of Onion Breath Fast, at Work and Instantly

While enjoying a sumptuous meal containing raw onions may be fulfilling, the lingering breath is most of the times a bother. We explore various home remedies options on how to get rid of onion breath quickly as well as some remedies you can use at work.

Onions contain sulfuric compounds which give them their distinct taste and smell. These compounds are similar to those produced by the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for giving you bad breath. When you consume onions, the sulfuric compounds get deposited in your mouth giving you onion breath instantly. The compounds remain in the mouth until that time when they are flossed, brushed or flushed out.

Another way through which you get onion breath is when the onion compounds get released to the blood stream. Some of it is transformed into gas and transferred to the lungs while some of it is excreted through the pores, the rest is exhaled. This is what makes onion and garlic breath hard to eliminate at times.

Even after cleaning the mouth, the onion breath will still linger on if it is coming from the lungs. Find out how to get rid of onion breath below using products that neutralize, mask as well as eliminate the odor.

How to Get Rid of Onion Breath

The only certain way on how to get rid of onion onion breath is to stop eating raw onions. However, where this is not a viable option, there are measures you can put into place to counter it. These are methods aimed at neutralizing the sulfuric elements and thus eliminate the smell. This though may not work for onion breath that is coming from the lungs. Below are various ways through which you can get rid of onion breath.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenols. These are compounds that help in reducing the smell of onion. They achieve this by destroying the sulfurous compounds deposited after consumption of onions and as such help in reducing onion breath.

  1. In a cup of hot water, add a teaspoon of green tea.
  2. Cover it up and let steep for about five minutes.
  3. Strain the mixture and add some honey.
  4. Keep drinking the tea as may be necessary depending on the severity of your onion breath.


This home remedy for onion breath has a strong aroma that helps in fighting onion breath instantly. Consuming it will help mask onion odor and freshen your breath as well.

  1. Immediately after indulging in a raw onion delicacy, chew some cardamom.
  2. Consuming cardamom tea is another way that could help drive onion breath away.


This herbal remedy for bad breath contains chlorophyll which helps in counteracting onion breath.

  1. Dip a handful of parsley in white vinegar, sprinkle it with some salt and chew on it for about two minutes and swallow.
  2. You could also add chopped parsley in two cups of water and boil for five minutes. Strain after this and drink when it has cooled.


Mint contains chlorophyll. It also has mild antiseptic compounds that help in eliminating bad onion breath. It will help mask the onion odor and freshen your breath fast.

how to get rid of onion breath with mint leaves

Mint leaves to get rid of onion breath

  1. Add a tablespoon of crushed mint leaves to a cup of water.
  2. Cover this up and let it steep for five minutes before adding some honey.
  3. Drink this all through until the onion breath is completely gone.
  4. You could also chew crushed mint leaves after enjoying you onion rich meal for the same results.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are antibacterial and will help kill bacteria that could be causing bad breath. They also contain citric acid which helps in fighting odor producing enzymes found in onions. There are different ways you can benefit from lemons.

  1. Get a lemon and slice it. Suck on the wedge after eating raw onions or garlic.
  2. Drink a glass or two of homemade lemonade juice through the day.
  3. To a cup of warm water, add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Use the solution to rinse off your mouth throughout the day until you can feel the onion breath no more.

Mustard Sauce

Another simple method of eliminating onion breath is through mustard sauce. Though it does not neutralize the odor, its strong aroma is quite effective in masking and thus reducing the onion smell.

  1. Get a teaspoonful of mustard sauce and swish it around your mouth for a minute before spitting it out.
  2. Get another teaspoon of the mustard sauce and instead of swishing it, swallow it.
  3. Use some warm water to rinse off your mouth and repeat as may be necessary.


Milk with a high fat content will help in neutralizing the sulfurous smell from onions. It also acts as a natural mouth rinse. Sip on a glass of milk throughout to get rid of onion smell throughout the day. Make sure you use full fat as opposed to skimmed milk.


These contain enzymes that help to break down sulfur compounds thus combat onion breath. Use it by consuming an apple after eating onions or drink fresh apple juice for effective elimination of onion breath.

Baking soda

This helps in neutralizing the onion odor. It will balance the pH in the mouth and thus inhibit growth of bacteria that could cause bad breath.

  1. In a glass of warm water, mix a teaspoon of sea salt and the same amount of baking soda Mix 1 teaspoon each of baking soda and sea salt in a glass of warm water.
  2. Use the resulting solution as a mouth wash until the onion breath is completely eliminated.

Apple cider vinegar

ACV acts on the onion breath by destroying bacteria in the mouth and neutralizing the sulfur smell. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a cupful of warm water. Use this to gargle and repeat until bad breath is gone.


Alcohol can help eliminate bad breath causing bacteria. Vodka becomes the appropriate option for this since it has no lingering after taste. Take a shot to take away onion breath.

How to Get Rid of Onion Breath and Smell at Work

When experiencing onion breath and taste in the mouth while at the office, some of the above remedies on how to get rid of onion breath may not be appropriate. Staying the smell can also leave you feeling conscious thus limiting you interactions at work due to the thought of your colleagues feeling the onion breath. To help ease it, try using the following remedies in the work environment to get rid of onion breath fast.

Brush your Teeth

This is the most obvious solution to getting rid of onion breath fast at work. In addition to being a necessary for good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth eliminates any onion compounds that may still be in the mouth. This should keep you free of bad breath.

Chewing Gum

Mint flavored gums and candies can help provide a temporary solution to onion breath. These will help in masking the onion odor

Black Coffee

When you notice onion odor on your breath, get yourself a cup of strong black coffee. You could also chew coffee beans if you have some. These will help keep the smell and taste away.


Another obvious option on how to get rid of onion breath is by drinking water. This helps in flushing off toxins and thus help reduce bad breath. It also promotes production of saliva which acts as a natural mouth cleanser. This promotes fresh breath.