Yoza App Review: The “Mama wa Kufua” App Changing Laundry Services Access

Like most developing countries, Uganda has a vibrant technology scene. Technology is being used to create jobs, enhance online businesses as well as solve basic development and social challenges. Young lads are using their programming skills to develop applicable solutions for local problems.

We all know the inconvenience of dirty laundry lying at the corner of your bedroom or a visibly untidy sitting room. If not always, you must have had that one encounter that made you wish you had a reliable laundress whom we love to fondly refer to as mama wa kufua.

With the increase in their demand, it at times gets hard to get one when you need them. To exploit this vacuum Nicholas Kamansi from Uganda has helped develop Yoza App, an android application which helps locals find laundry services within their locality. The word Yoza is Luganda for wash clothes.

The app helps its users to simply use their phones to get the services at their conveniences. It also employs location detection and ratings to match clients with service providers. This way the providers get laundry jobs that are close to them making it convenient and helping to raise their income.

Yoza App Uganda

A snippet of the Yoza App


Just like in our estates, it is possible to encounter situations where the clients have access to smart phones but the women offering the services do not. What happens when such is the case? This does not have to worry you as Yoza will hook them up on their regular phones so they can book them for the jobs.

The Yoza app has been termed as an Uber for dirty laundry by BBC. It has seen the registered laundresses double their income with clients giving positive feedback. For long term relations with the service providers, Yoza also offers different packages suitable for students, single people as well as families.

For convenience and to ensure you get the best, you have previous Yoza App reviews from previous clients to guide you on picking the best laundress. With Yoza, you can concentrate on more important things as opposed to fretting over how and when your dirty laundry will be done. More information can be acquired from their website.