What to Wear on a First Date for Men and Women

What to wear on a first date is very important to both men and women. While the first date may be something to look forward to, it may a confusing one. There are a lot of things to bear in mind and while striving to be at your best, one could overlook some things.

What one wears pm a first date, whether a man or woman, will be the basis on which their attractiveness will be judged. While being well dressed may only get you a compliment, unimpressive dressing may be a reason for your date not wanting to see you out again.

What to Wear on a First Date – General Tips on What to Wear on a First Date

For most people, the question they are always asking themselves before the date day comes is what to wear. To get it right in what to wear on a first date:

Consider the occasion:

Both men and women should wear something that is appropriate for the occasion.  Since first dates are always pre-planned, be sure to put on clothes that are suitable for the activity you are about to undertake. If you are going to a restaurant, inquire if it has a dress code. If it does, don’t breach it.

Make an impression:

The first date mode of dressing should be impressive. The clothes your date sees you in for the first time is what they are going to remember you by. While you will be focusing on them, they too will be focusing on you. Wear something that is attractive and which you are comfortable in.  Dressing appropriately is the only way to make a positive first impression.

Fulfill your date’s preferences:

If from previous interactions with your date you have realized that they have a preferred dressing code, wear something that is in line with it. This though should only be so if it is suitable for the occasion. If you know what their favorite color is, take initiative and let them see you in it as long as it blends in well with your other clothes.

Wear comfortable clothes:

Whichever clothes you settle for, they should make you look and feel great. Avoid clothes that may alter your walking style or leave you adjusting them every once in a while. Wear what not only you are comfortable in but what the other person will feel comfortable accompanying you in too. Avoid embarrassing them through what you wear.

Show off your assets discreetly:

Whether it is a man who wants to show off his six packs or a lady who wants to show off her legs, one should come up with creative ways of discreetly doing it.  Wear clothes that accentuate the body part you want to emphasize on without making it too obvious. For ladies, do not show too much skin. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed on your first date.

Do not be too flashy:

Avoid clothes that are made for the fashion show walkways. Stay away from heavily accessorized and embedded clothing. While some of these may look great in the movies, they are not attractive in real life.

Keep the jewelry minimal:

The first date is not the time to don all the jewelry that you have in your closet. Less may be more if you wear a few high quality ones as they will be more noticeable. Only wear the necessary ones and those that go along with the outfit.

What Men Should Wear on a First Date

Deciding what men should wear on a first date is easy. Dressing for the first day should be aimed at creating an impression that will please the lady. Not much emphasis is given to men’s dressing. This should not be the case though. Just what should men wear on their first date? Take the following into consideration to help answer this question.

Avoid extremes: If you are the kind of guy who likes cowboy hats and boots, this is not the day to wear them. Do not do things you have not done in the past as this may be uncomfortable for you. Strive at keeping it simple but classy.

Jewelry:  Ensure that you wear the least jewelry to the first date. A single set would be perfect for you. That means that if you decide it’s something on the hand, it will be the only thing. If you decide to go for a neck piece, you leave it at that.

Casual wear: If you are going out for an event that suits casual wear, something as casual as a pair of shorts, a polo shirt and flip flops will do.  If you are going hiking, sports shoes can replace the flip flops.

The golden rule while dressing for a first date is to consider the occasion and location. If you get this right, whatever you settle for should be appropriate.

What Women Should Wear

What women should wear on the first date is very important since it can create either a positive or a negative impression. When going on a first date, here is how or what women should wear:

Makeup: This should complement your natural beauty without competition for attention with other elements. Keep the layer thin as overdoing it will make you look like a clown. This will not only be uncomfortable for you but for your date too

Jewelry:  Women too should go slow on accessories.  Pair up earrings with either a bracelet or a neck accessory. Do not over accessorize.

Sexy but not trashy: Though you are allowed to show off your assets, it should not be obvious. Like discussed above, show them off discreetly. Do not show too much skin and make sure that your clothes are neither too fitting nor too revealing.

Dresses: With the above general considerations, women are advised to wear skirts and dresses on their first date. If the occasion and location suits either of these, wear one to show off your femininity. Men are attracted to women who wear these more than any other form of dressing.

You can get a first date dress from your existing wardrobe if there is any that seems suitable for the day. If not, visit a local store way before the day and select one. Take your sweet time so you can get the best. If need be, ask for help from the attendant.

Heels:  Regardless of the outfit you settle for, be sure to wear an outstanding pair of heels.  Heels tend to flatter the lower half of the body. This is something that the guy you are going out with is likely to notice.  Tip toe platforms may be a good choice as they are comfortable and give room for the toes to breathe. These will give a perfect final effect.

Remember to keep the length of the heel at a comfortable level that will not be hard to walk in.

Colors: Black, grey and brown tend to be professional colors. While taking a woman out, men don’t want to meet that kind of woman. They want to see the feminine side of you. Avoid these and use any other color that compliments your skin tone.

Labeled clothing: Your date may not be interested in the Gucci label on all your clothing. They might not even notice it. Forget about the high price that comes with the labels and go for something comfortable and convenient for you.

I hope from the above discussion, you have an idea on what to wear on a first date, whether you are a man or a woman. You might think they do not count but the truth is that what you wear on first date says a lot about you.

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