Fun First Date Ideas – Cheap, Winter, For Teenagers

While planning for a first date, a number of things should be put into consideration. Ensure that it is comfortable for the two of you and that it does not take too long.  We have fun first date Ideas including cheap first date tips, those for teenagers and good ones for winter season.

There are many fun ideas for first dates. Whichever you decide to engage in, remember the following.

  • Since the two of you are just trying to know each other, ensure you do not go to an isolated place.
  • Do not push your date to doing things they are not comfortable in. Go for something they love as you may have learnt from previous interactions. Inquire from them if they have reservations in what you plan to engage them in.

Fun First Date Ideas – General Fun First Date Ideas

Some of the general fun first date ideas that will linger his or her mind for long include the following:

Going to the zoo: This is offers an environment for first dates. Seeing the animals move around and feeding them is great. This is also not too expensive.  Walking around will help in getting comfortable with each other. The animal’s wild antics are likely to cause a lot of excitement.

Horseback riding: This gives an exciting rush for women while for men it makes them feel and look more masculine. Enjoy this activity together and it will give time to bond.

Go for a picnic: Spreading a blanket in a nice location would be great and a good fun first date idea. Start it off by picking up the food you will have together. Where possible, walk to the picnic site. After getting there sit back and relax. Wrap it up with a glass of wine.

Fishing: Getting to catch the fish and watch them gasp for air before returning them into the water can be exciting. Use fishing lines and see who is luckiest. If you can get a boat to ride on the fishing spree go for it. This way you get larger fish. Going around the water helps to take care of the awkward moments by making them less obvious.

Bowling: The sense of competition while bowling is likely to spice things up. Once you are done with this, you can have something to eat at the bowling alley and watch other people do it.

Ice-skating: Going ice skating is another great first date idea. It brings out the child in both of you and gives you a chance to be close especially if one of you is not good at it. This can then be wrapped up with a movie or a coffee.

Hot air balloons: Taking hot air balloon rides together can be exciting. An aerial view of the ground from atop will be an unforgettable experience. Take some wine with you and it is likely to be a superb first date.

Take a walk: This could be a walk along the streets to a coffee date venue. If you can, take a nature walk and enjoy the many lovely things there are. Enjoy the chirping of the birds, the sounds made by swaying trees and such things.

Visit an animal shelter:  If the two of you share a love for pets, you can volunteer to do some task sat an animal shelter. Talk some dogs for a walk and enjoy your time together or get to spend time with cats. This is especially important if you love them but own none.

Sample some literature:  If you both love books, visit a book fair or a book mall. Sample the various works of literature on display and get to know what the latest releases by your favorite authors are.

The list of fun first date ideas seem endless. Your creativity is your only limitation so long as you choose something that will be comfortable for both of you.

Fun Cheap First Date Ideas – Affordable Fun First Date Ideas

If you are looking for some fun things to do on your first date without spending too much, try the following fun cheap first date ideas:

  • Undertake a mountaineering sport together.
  • Go for a hike. Being on the hike trail gives time to appreciate nature as you spend time together.
  • Attend a book reading or poetry club together.
  • Volunteer in something the two of you love doing.
  • Visit a winery and take part in winetasting. While at it you will get to learn about their differences and their best pairing too.
  • A coffee date is also a great yet cheap way to spend a first date.
  • Bike riding gives a fun way to appreciate what nature has to offer.
  • Most art galleries have days when they are free or discounted. Visit one and enjoy artwork in the fields you are both interested in.
  • Go out on a picnic to scenic places.  This is not only cheap but gives you time to connect too.

Fun First Date Tips for Teenagers – Ideas

As teenagers, at times there are limited resources to spend on dates. This should not be a hindrance to asking a girl out. You can do so and engage in things that you two find enjoyable at minimal or even no cost. In whatever you engage in, remember to do it responsibly so that this first date can lead to more in the future. Some of the best first date tips for teenagers include the following:

  • Build sand castles at the beach
  • Join a group of friends and play balloon basketball together.
  • While lying on your back, identify various shapes in the sky. See who can get the most.
  • Go for a breakfast picnic and watch the sun rising.
  • Play a game such as badminton or table tennis.
  • Beautify your trashcans with spray paint.
  • Engage in kite flying at the park.

Fun First Date Ideas in the winter

Fun First Date Ideas – During winter

Fun First Date Ideas – During winter

When winter strikes, life does not stop. We still go out and meet people we are attracted to. We do not have to wait for the snow to be gone to have a great first date. Below is a list of fun first date ideas in the winter or fun things that can be done on first dates in the winter.

  • Visit the aquarium and have fun watching sea life.
  • Grab a ball and enjoy a one on one snow football match.
  • Take a walk in the fresh air when new snow forms. Finish it off with coffee to warm you up.
  • Ice skating can be done either during the day or at night. For a first date, do it in the afternoon and enjoy skating in each other’s company as you watch learners face plant themselves in the ice.
  • Snow shoeing is another easy and fun filled first date activity. Rent snow shoes and enjoy the snow covered woods.

While there are many fun first date ideas, what you settle for should be determined by your likes and how much money you are willing to spend.  The first date is meant for the individuals to know each other. The idea that you agree on should therefore be comfortable and allow for you to interact.

This way, the conversation will flow naturally and you will both have ideas on each other’s personality by the time it ends.

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