First Date Tips for Women – For Conversations & From Men

As a woman, to help come across as loveable and increase the chances of a second and more dates, follow the tips given below that include first date tips for women including those shared by men and first date tips for conversation.

Of course, it is always a pleasure for a woman to be asked out. It is even greater if the man is doing so for the first time. Despite the great joy that comes with it, the first date is always a nervous affair. There is no knowing what the guy is like or what he loves. The guy also knows nothing about you.

First Date Tips for Women – Women’s First Date Tips

First date tips for women are the things you should do to create a positive first impression to any guy who has asked a first date:

Dress Appropriately: It is important for a woman to look her best on a first date. Be comfortable in what you wear. Keep the length of your heels in a comfortable length. Depending on your age, wear what is appropriate. No one wants a woman in her thirties dressed in teenage clothes or vice versa.

While wearing makeup, bear in mind that the less dramatic the better. Keep it minimal. Do not overdo the perfume either. Depending on what activity you are going to, keep the outfits fitting the occasion and location.

Inappropriate dressing will make you look odd. This will not only embarrass you but him too.

Be courteous:

Whether you like him or not, make sure you treat him well.  Also, show respect to the people around you.  These include the servers if you are on a dinner date. Being rude will be a turn off and will be a sign of an arrogant person.

Be open: Do not ask him questions about him all through. Also, tell him things about you. Your body language should also be open as closing in will indicate boredom.

Table manners: Ensure you do not talk with food in your mouth. Don’t eat too fast either. Your elbows should be off the table as you eat. Ensure you put into practice the diner etiquette taught by your mother.

Make sure you consume more than half of what you ordered unless there is a very good reason not to.

Be confident: Men like women who are self-assured. Smile a lot to exhibit your confidence. However, do not use this tip to dominate the conversation. Let it be balanced. Avoid talking too much and too loud. Leave any emotional baggage that you may have at home and put your best foot forward. Be sure to emphasize on your positive traits.

Be yourself: Do not try to be someone you are not. You can never put up a face for too long. It will eventually fade out. If the first impression is based on forced personality traits, the man may not like you anymore when he learns your true colors. Keep your identity no irrespective of the surrounding circumstances.

Make him feel in charge: Let the man feel in control during the first date. If you need something, let him know so that he can ask for it for you. Allow him to take care of the bills. You can arrange on how to share the bills on later dates in case there will be any. Allow him to open the door for you and yield the sit. These are things you can do but letting him do them for you makes him know that you are holding him responsible; that you are letting him be the man.

Do not order the most expensive items: The first date is meant for the two of you to know each other. Every tiny detail in the date communicates something to your partner. Remember we said earlier that you should let him pay. Ordering too expensive things may make him think you are too expensive to maintain. While he will willingly pay, you don’t want it to end there because he thinks he can’t afford you. Order moderately priced things.

First Date Tips for Women from Men – What Men Wish Women Know

First date tips for women from men are the various things that men wish women should know. Below we sample men’s thoughts on what to do or not do on a first date.

Do not overindulge: While women may think it great to have three glasses of wine, men don’t. They say that it is better for you to leave the glass of wine half empty and your plate empty than leave your plate half full and the wine glass empty.

They secretly hope that you don’t invite them in after the first date: While most guys will not turn down the invitation, they are left thinking that you do it with every other guy after the first date. If you want to be considered girlfriend material, do not invite him in after the first date. Let every person go to his or her house. This is no time for sleepovers.

Let him call you: Men do like it when women get on their phones consistently immediately they come from a first date.

“Let us call you”, they say.

Men want to be the ones to give that first call after a first date. Just wait for it and if it does not come, know that he is not into you. This should be an indicator for you to move on. If you keep calling him, you might fail to see it.

Offer to pay: Men are attracted to women who attempt to pay. Though they will rarely allow you to go ahead with this on the first date, it will give them an idea that you can focus on managing your finances on future dates.

Men believe that a woman who is ready to pay up is ready to spend time with them as opposed to being there for the sake of being wined and dined by who-ever.

Be confident: While it is likely that the first date will have some awkwardness, men love it when women manage to exhibit confidence in such an environment. It is a complete turn-on.

First Date Conversation Tips for Women – How to Converse Effectively During First Date

Which are some of the important first date conversation tips for women that can a big difference?

  • Compliment your speech with your body language. Ensure that you maintain eye contact during the conversation.
  • Do not talk too much. If you are quite a chatterbox, counteract this by asking him open ended questions. This will help you evaluate his potential. Follow up on the bits that capture your attention when he talks to prevent you from talking too much.
  • Avoid giving out too much information. When he asks questions, answer them concisely. If you give too much information on a first date, he might end up thinking you are a drama woman.
  • Avoid sensitive subjects such as religion and politics. Since you are only getting to know each other, showing what your affiliation is and your negative views about the rest can put him off. Stay away from these topics
  • Stay away from your and his past. Do not ask him about his earlier love life. Ensure you also keep mum about yours. Do not bring your emotional baggage to your first date conversations.

With these great first date tips for women, any woman should be able to impress a man and make him want to see her for a second date. This should be if he was impressive enough.

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