First Date Tips for Men, Teenagers and Conversation Tips

Before you mess up your first date, here are precious first date tips for men, teenage guys and first date tips for men’s conversation that will make everything to sail through perfectly and smoothly.

First Date Tips for Men

It has always been said that women are hard to please. This though is not always the case. Women only become hard to please when men get tired of treating them right. There are great ways through which a man can reach out to a woman on the first date and leave her mesmerized.  Follow these and you are likely to leave her longing to go out with you many more times.  If you mess up on the first date though it will be a wrap, she will want to see you no more! So what are some of the most important first date tips for men?

Prepare in Advance

The number one date tip for men is being prepared. First date should always be planned in advance. The man should make reservations prior to the date. Women have a cliché going that any man who makes no reservations for them has reservations about them. This is not the first impression that you want to create. Let the woman feel appreciated and valued.

Inquire on whether she has any dietary reservations too. Be sure to place a confirmation call about the date early enough. Early afternoon on the date day would be great. Late confirmations will leave her confused and uncertain.

Other than the venue, be mentally prepared. Given that this is a first date, there is a probability that she already told you some bits like where she is from and what she does. Do not inquire about these once more on the first date or you will seem inattentive. You can ask for more details about these though and she will be impressed that you can still remember.

Keep Time

Do not keep your date waiting. If you agreed to pick her up, be sure to be on her doorbell on time.  If you agreed to meet her at the restaurant, arrive there a few minutes earlier so she can find you already there. If you will be late even for a few minutes, call to inform her about the same and give reasons.

Take Charge

Another important first date tip for men is taking charge. The man should take charge of the date. This will show that you are in control. Treat her like someone you value. Remember chivalry is not dead. Just do it with moderation. Be sure to open the door and yield the seat for her. Let her be the first to order.  In case she voices some concern which you can handle, have it dealt with. Ensure that you voice it in a kind way. This way she will admire your assertive yet kind nature.

This should also be extended to the bill. Having been the one who initiated the date, it is important that you settle the bill in full. Do not agree on going Dutch even when she suggests that you do so.

If she is uncertain about what to order, help her by giving suggestions. You can also offer to order a couple of things that you can share.

Forget the Price

Pricey places tend to be high stress environments. This may be as a result of the high standards expected to be met. Tension and the awkwardness that come with a first date are likely to be most obvious while in a high end restaurant. The setting is also likely to be too formal which is not suitable for first dates.

On the other hand, too casual a place will show a lack of seriousness. Keep it moderate for a light and fun moment. You do not have to spend too much but ensure that what you go for will delight her.

Make a Great Impression

While you are supposed to be giving her all the attention, do not forget that she too is focusing on you. Be at your best and show it off. Let the conversation flow impressively.

Ending the Date

After all is over, it will be certain whether you want to see her more or not. If from your experience on that day it’s a wrap, indicate so in your goodbye. Be sure to thank her for availing herself for the date.

Finally on first date tips for men, if you were impressed and had a great time, do not leave before you have fixed a day for another date. Also promise to call her. Seal the deal with a peck on the cheek. Going for a lip lock kiss may spoil the evening as she may not be ready for it.

First Date Tips for Teenage Guys

Dating mostly starts in teenage years. For most teenagers, it is always a responsibility of the young ones and the parents too. Do not be offended if they offer their opinion. They will certainly help you date responsibly.

At times, young guys have no clue what is expected of them and how to go about it. They fear rejection and may prefer not to date than face the humiliation that comes with rejection. To plunge into the dating scene with ease, follow the first date tips for teenage guys offered below.

Be humble: As a teenager, there is a likelihood that the hormones are ranging high and you could be tempted to be arrogant. If you want to impress your girl on the first date, be humble. Avoid using swear words.

Be courteous: Showing respect and being nice to everyone you come across on your date will be a plus for you. The girl will know that you will treat her in the same way.

Have a plan: Make advance preparations for the date. Be sure to ask the girl out some few days before and get to know what she loves to do.

Be neat: Ensure your clothes are well pressed. Your hair should be well done too. While it is important to have a personal style, make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. Also dress for your age not like some little boy.

Do not forget a belt to avoid unsightly incidences that may be caused by plumbers’ butt syndrome. Go mild on the cologne.

Engage in appropriate communication: Let the girl tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Share the same concerning you with her. Avoid off limit and offensive topics. Pay attention when she speaks. This way you will get to learn if you are both compatible by the end of a first date.

Open the door for her: This will ensure that she enters first and will be a sign that you can protect her.

First Date Tips for Men Conversation

The main aim of the first date tips for men conversation should be to know each other. While at it, you should enjoy the company.  Talking about what it is to work in the company she doe s can be pretty boring. To have an enjoyable conversation, deviate from the norm. Ask what other guys are not likely to have asked her.

  • To encourage her to share her world, start by speaking about yourself. For example, you could talk about how it was growing up, what you wanted to be when you were a kid and such topics. Once you give your story, intelligently ask her about her side of the same topic.

These are likely to be nostalgic. If there are topics they seem uncomfortable in, make a shift.

  • Avoid topics about your previous love life. Going into this may be an indication that you have not moved on.
  • While asking about family, approach it from her siblings’ angle. Asking about parents directly could be painful if they are separated or divorced.
  • Ask their previous travel experiences and future plans. See their kind of adventure.
  • Inquire on how she spends her leisure time so you can know if you have common interests.

Given above are general ideas on first dates and should be adjusted appropriately. The best conversations should flow naturally to ensure that those awkward silences are minimal.

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