First Date Conversation – For Starters, Topics and Tips

If individuals going out for a date do not prepare adequately for their first time together, a lot of awful silent moments will be experienced. To avoid this, it is important to put in mind some first date conversation topics and tips on which you will base your first date conversations whether you are a starter or you have experienced it before.

The topics should be aimed at getting to know the other person well. The discussion should not be seen as trying to dig too much personal information. Try to control the content of revelations you make. If you are the one asking, avoid leading the conversation into sensitive areas.

First Date Conversation

To have an excellent date without running out of things to talk about, follow the tips given below for first date conversations:

Balance listening with your talking: One should learn to listen as much as they talk. This will ensure that you do not dominate the conversation. This way you will get to know your date and they too will get to know you. The conversation will be balanced. If you talk too much, the other person may think you have esteem issues.

Avoid a monologue: Ensure that as much as you are trying to get a conversation going on, you don’t try too hard. Avoid making the date an interview and instead focus on less obvious questions. Do not talk too much. Allow room for the other person to talk.

Maintain eye contact: Looking at your date as they talk shows that you are paying attention.  This will be a show of confidence. A sense of genuineness will also be communicated if you speak while looking at them.

Be kind to others: while you are giving all your attention to the other person, they too are watching you. They are paying attention to how you talk and treat the bartender, the cab driver or the waiter. They will judge you depending on how you treat and talk to these people.

Have fun: While engaging each other in a conversation, do not be too serious. Include funny topics that are rarely discussed by other people. This will make the two of you playful and give an opportunity to share genuine smiles and laughs.

Avoid affiliation topics: These include topics in the fields of religion and politics. Giving out your opinion on certain values may not auger well if you hold an opposing view with your date. The last thing you want them to think of you is that you are intolerant of people who are different from you. Save these topics for some later date.

Do not show off: Women are not impressed by men who keep talking about their accomplishments. Instead of telling them to her, let her discover them herself. If she digs it out of you that is okay. This way she will be impressed by your modesty. The same will not apply if you brag.

Do not ask your date if they like you: Asking your date if they like you or if they would want to see you out another time will be a turn off. Anyone who is confident will be sure that they impressed their date and that they will be seeing them if they are interested. Asking will appear cowardly and will be an indication of desperation.

First Date Conversation for Starters

While maintaining a conversation is hard for people who have been in the dating scene, it can be worse for starters. This is why you need the below first date conversation for starter tips to help you.

Starters are mostly people in their teenage years and who are undergoing a lot of changes. Making a conversation with a stranger especially of the opposite sex is quite hard for them because they tend to be quite shy.

To make talk on your first date and create a comfortable environment for both of you, use the following first date conversation for starters ideas:

  • Ask open ended questions. This way your date can talk as much as they want. They get to control how much they say. There is a likelihood that an opportunity will arise for you to follow up on something that caught your attention as they spoke. This will keep the conversation going.
  • Find out what each other’s hobbies are.
  • Inquire what their favorite TV shows are.
  • Find out what it is that interests them.
  • Talk about any experiences that may have had an impact on your lives.
  • Discuss what time limits have your parents put for you to be back home from the date.
  • Get to know which food they have as their favorite.
  • How many cities they have lived in would also be a great conversation starter.
  • Learn how and where they spend time while out of school.
  • Getting to know their favorite ice cream flavor would be interesting.
  • Ask them the things they love or don’t love about life.

The conversation should serve as an avenue through which you get to know your date on your first meeting. Make it fun and get to know as many interesting things about them as you can. This will help you in making a judgment on whether you have anything in common which would be a great reason for you to see each other more times.

First Date conversation topics

While on a first date, it is possible to reduce those silent moments to minimal if we have the right first date conversation topics in our minds. This way, questions related to the topics will serve to keep the two of you talking.

Food: This topic can be easily introduced into the date conversations as there will be something to eat or drink while on the date. Ask them if there are foods they would not eat or what their favorite food is.

Hobbies: Find out what the other person likes. This way you get to know how they spend their leisure time. It will help you to discover if you have mutual interests. This could be a great reason to meet once more and do something you like together.

Pets:  Find out if they love to keep some animals or not. If they do, are they cats, dogs or birds? Venturing into this could help learn about other things. For example, allergic people may not want to keep cats or dogs around.

Family: This is another of the things that people can talk about on a first date. To avoid making someone get into things they are not comfortable in discussing such as separated parents, approach it by inquiring about siblings. This way parents are likely to be brought into the conversation through their own perspective. The topic will help show how close one is to their family and who they are closest to.

Current affairs: There is bound to be something that is in the news or trending on social media that is of general interest. Share your opinions on it and get to learn how the other person feels about the same.

Social life: Get to know if the other goes clubbing or not. Also learn if they are teetotalers or if they drink and smoke. This way you can know if social life could be a source of incompatibility between the two of you.

Childhood memories: Get to learn what their most embarrassing and most memorable moments as teenagers were. Having your first date conversation topics on their early life will give you a glimpse of how it was growing up.

 First Date Conversation Tips

To have a naturally flowing conversation, some of the important first date conversation tips that can help include:

  • Keep it healthy: Avoid off limit, sensitive and too personal topics.
  • Be well read: Being well informed especially about your interests will help you exude confidence.
  • Let questions be open ended
  • Do not be embarrassed about the few silent moments you may encounter even after trying your best. They are bound to happen.

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