First Date Advice – After 1st Date Advice for Men, Women

Getting the right first date advice can be very important in determining the direction, which your relationship will take. We have first date advice for men, for women and first date flower advice if you would wish to buy flowers. We also have after the first date advice for men. First dates are usually hard to pull through. While these could be the door to a happy ever after, they could also turn out to be regretful events. A lot of caution should be taken to ensure that whichever way the first date ends, those involved are left feeling contented by the end results.

First Date Advice for Women

For women, the first date is always important. It is the only time they have to make a great first impression. Everything they do should be a statement in itself to help their date decipher what they are like. Some of the important first date advices for women I can give include:

Dress comfortably: Choosing what to wear on a first date may be an uphill task. Ensure you wear something that you are comfortable in. It should also be appropriate for the date venue. Keep off heels that may alter your walking style. Also, go slow on the makeup. Be in a position to show the most of natural you.

Avoid telephone distractions: To avoid the interruptions that may be caused by frequent rings, put off the phone. This will help you pay full attention to your date. It will also show that you value the time spent together and that no distraction is worth it. Using a phone when on a date is not only rude but also a shoe of disinterest.

Ask questions: There are bound to be those awkward moments when no conversation seems to be forthcoming. To break the silence, have some predetermined questions that are aimed at knowing the man.  Open-ended questions are the best since they require more than a yes or no answer. This way the other person can answer them in as much words as they wish. Take caution though not to turn the date into an interrogation session. Avoid questions that have to do with how much he earns.

Pay attention: The first date should not only be about listening to the other person but also paying attention to the body language accompanying the words. As you wait for your turn to speak, ensure you maintain an open posture. Be attentive to their conversations and contribute where you can.

Be honest: The first date should build a base on which the other person should know you. Be honest on what you like or don’t like. Make sure to show off your true self because if a fake personality is shown, the real one will come out with time. This may mark a turn of events for worse as first impression may have been built on a false personality.

Keep the first date short: First dates can be nerve wrecking for both parties. To ensure that there are less awkward moments, request the man to keep it short and not stretched out for too long. This will help give room for you to know some bits about each other while ensuring anticipation builds up for a second date if you are both attracted to each other. Where there is no attraction, investment in terms of time and resources are kept low. This way no one is at a loss. Prior to the date, clarify on the following with your date:

  • Tell him beforehand any dietary restrictions or concerns you may have. It would be a waste of time to be taken to a restaurant with meat based foods when you are a vegetarian. This will help him choose the best restaurant and avoid embarrassments.
  • Agree whether you should meet him at the restaurant or if he should pick you up. This should be determined by how comfortable you are being picked and if you know the direction to the restaurant well enough.

Hold the date in a public place: The two of you are new to each other and therefore the location should be comfortable both of you. Let the man know that you want the date held in a public not private place. Going to public places will make you comfortable and reduce nervousness experienced on first dates. If you have to choose, let it be a cozy place but avoid too intimate settings.

After First Date Advice

Once the date is over, be sure not to get ahead of yourself. Here is good after first date advices that will make a big difference:

  • Do not dismiss other prospective matches after only a single date since this is not an assurance that things between you will get steady.
  • Keep your dating escapades away from the social. Just like the first date was only between the two of you, let it remain so even after. Some people may be uncomfortable with their private life being broadcast on social media.
  • If you are not yet connected on social media platforms, after the first date is not the time to send a request or follow them.
  • Suggestions to introduce someone to friends and family should not be made after the first date.

First Date Flowers Advice

What about first date flower advice. Should you buy them or not? Women love flowers. However, one is not obliged to give them out on the first date. If you have to give a woman flowers on the first date, make sure it is not a bouquet.  Bring her a single stem of a rose or a sunflower. Avoid going overboard. Keeping it light on the flowers shows your romantic side and that you are open to adventure. This is bound to start off the date with a smile which is a great thing.

After First Date Advice for Men

Once the date is over, there are a number of things that a man should do as follow up to the first date. Texting maybe a great communication method, but it should not be overdone. Only send a single text expressing your gratitude for time spent together on the same day of the date. If you promise to call your date, do so on the day following the date. Be frank on what is to be expected after the first date. If there are no prospects for a future together, be sure to indicate so. Ask for a second date if thinks turned out well. When saying goodbye to your date, keep it short. This will help build anticipation for a second date. Locked lips kissing should be avoided but a kiss on the cheek is okay.

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