After First Date Experience – Texting & Things to Do

Your after first date experience is very important in determining how successful your relationship will be. Should you text after first date or not. If so, which text messages should you use? What are some of the things you should after first date and which ones should you not do?

What one experiences during a first date is what determines what follows. While the date may have been a success, things could get ruined by the actions we take after we are done. It is therefore important to understand what should be done and what not be done to after your first date experience. Some of the things we will discuss on after first date experience is texting and some things to do after first date.

What to Do After First Date – Dos and Don’ts

Knowing what to do after first date is important. After the first date is over, there are expectations that follow. It is important to manage them so as to avoid disappointments. These will also ensure we do not push the other person into something they may not like. So what do you do after first date? The dos and don’ts:

Stalk him not: In this social media age, it is possible to be behind someone’s back without being there physically. While social media can be a great mode of communication, it can be the cause of problems after a first date. Adding them only after the first date may be awkward especially if another one is not likely to occur.

For people who are not connected before the date, let it not happen soon after it. Those that are already friends should give each other some space. Do not bombard their profiles with too many messages. Doing this may make you be mistaken for a nag, something that may inhibit progress.

Do not cut off links with other prospective matches: Based on the first date it is possible to analyze if there are future prospects or not. Despite this, there is a possibility for things to change in new relationships. To keep your options open, do not cut off links with other matches. Keep them all close so as to take advantage of opportunities there may be.

Don’t introduce him to friends and family: Do not request that you introduce him to friends and family after the first date. Doing so may leave him feeling pressured. Insisting on introductions so soon may be seen as an act of desperation. It may also not be appropriate because the other party may want nothing more to do with you after the first date.

Do not behave like you are in a relationship already. Going out for a day does not mean that you get the privileges of being in a relationship.  The date should not call back within an instant when they miss your calls. They also offer you no explanations as to why they did not pick your call.

Strive to know the difference between dating and being in a relationship

Text with moderation: While texting may be a great form of communication, it should not be overdone. Sending too many texts may be intrusive. A first date does not warrant too many messages but a short message thanking your date for a great time either on the same day or the following day would be okay.

Only make promises you can keep: Do not tell them you will call them if you do not intend to. If there is no future for the two of you, stop making her believe the contrary. Instead, give them the truth and they will get to terms with it.

Where there was instant connection and there is likelihood for a second date, keep the goodbye and good night short and sweet. In the meantime fix the date and time for the next date.

Out of a show for respect, remember to thank the date for time spent together even if it was not enjoyable. Look for a kind way to tell them there may be no more. Do this in the most courteous way. This way the letdown will be gentle and better than being ignored completely and hearing nothing after the first date.

Texting after First Date – Should you text, What Text Messages to Use

Texting after first date is inevitable in the modern world. It is another after first date experience that should be well be managed. This may be attributed to its speed, informality and ability to get to the recipient instantly. Depending on when and how it is done, it can be used to initiate conversation after the first date.

Since calls are reserved for the day after, keeping in touch through text messages is a great way to keep the conversation going and to continue knowing each other.

After the first date, sending a message appreciating the time and resources spent together is expected. Try to be less formal and don’t let him interpret the text only as a kind gesture. Highlight something you loved most in the time shared to show him it is genuine as opposed to it being a polite gesture.

For a man, texting after the first date may be initiated by complimenting the lady. If interests for the two of you match, it is likely that the texts will culminate in a call.

If the man did not drive you home but instead saw you off in a taxi, it would be general courtesy to let him know that you got home just fine. Do this through a short message.

While text messaging is convenient and requires little time to draft, there are instances in which it is not appropriate. Do not use text messages to ask the girl out to a second date. If it can’t be done face to face, do so using a phone call.

True feeling messaging: It is not always that our first dates will reveal the character we all envisaged. At times all we have locked up after the first date are negative feelings which we wish to vent out. Dark feelings text messaging should be avoided. Save the emotions for a face to face encounter.

If you would want nothing more to do with your date, do not tell it to them using a message. Be courteous enough and save this for a one on one situation. Indication that there will be no more dates because something did not turn out as we expected it to be should also not be done through text messages. Save this for face to face or telephone call situation during which you can point out the disparities in world views which make you uncomfortable.

After the first date, be sure to avoid drunk messaging. This is the time we are most vulnerable to show our other side. To save ourselves from the agony of coming to terms with inappropriate messaging, stay away from drunk messaging.

You do not want to be caught in a position where a text meant to fill in your sibling about your newest catch ends up being sent to the subject of discussion. Form a habit of letting your fingers stay off the keypad any time you have had one too many. This will ensure you write the right thing and send it to the person it was intended for.

I hope the above after first date experiences should be helpful. You now know if you should if texting after first date is good and some things to do after first date. I wish you all the best!

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