Creative Uses for Vaseline: Beauty, Medical and Household Uses of Vaseline

Did you know there are so many uses for Vaseline that you do not know about? A drugstore and household staple, Vaseline has been around for more than a century. And for a good reason, it still remains to be a favorite to many. Here is more on the awesome random uses of Vaseline that you did not know about. They range from beauty, medical and household uses. Find more on simple beauty and first aid hacks with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Beauty Uses for Vaseline

There are lots of high end beauty products in the market. However, a simple and inexpensive staple such as Vaseline should never miss in any woman’s dressing cabinet. It comes in a number of formulas and can be used all over the body. There are lots of beauty uses for Vaseline petroleum jelly. Trust me, after reading this, you’ll be rushing to the store for a jar.  Vaseline will come in handy as a beauty hack that not only save you money but also time. Here are endless ways you can use Vaseline to maintain skin, hair and nail health.

For Soft Kissable Lips

There is no reason for you to deal with dry, cracked and peeling lips. Unlike those expensive lip moisturizers that are not even proven to work.

Use Vaseline to get Soft Kissable Lips

Use Vaseline to get Soft Kissable Lips

  1. Dab a generous amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly onto your lips
  2. Work it on in circular motions using a soft toothbrush for a minute
  3. Wipe off with a wet towel
  4. Dab on a small amount of Vaseline for a final glow
  5. Do this every other night for smooth silky lips

Using Vaseline Jelly in this way is a sure DIY exfoliation method that will leave your leaves smooth, pink and kissable.

Prevent Lipstick Stain on Teeth

Lipstick on teeth is a rather common but embarrassing experience for most women. Lots of lipsticks smudge and bleed onto teeth leaving with a vampy look on your pearls. Simply apply Vaseline on your teeth to prevent excess lipstick from sticking onto your teeth.

DIY Lip Gloss Stain

Making your own lip stain is an ideal solution for those who are conscious about the ingredients in their products. It will also save you on big bucks and time. Mix a dab of petroleum jelly with good tasting food color like Kool-Aid to make instant lip stain that lasts longer and tastes great. You can make more and store it in an old lip gloss container for later use.

Remove Fake Eyelash Glue

Fake eyelash extensions vamp you up giving you that dramatic and beautiful look. But they sure need to be removed after a certain period of time. This serves to prevent things such as eye infections. Removing eyelash glue may be a little difficult and may result in accidental pulling of your own lashes. Most products are not even effective in dissolving the falsies glue.

Vaseline Easily Dissolves Eyelash Glue

Vaseline Easily Dissolves Eyelash Glue

Vaseline is one of the common and safest products that not only removes eyelash glue but also nourish and condition natural lash hair. It is water based and can easily break and dissolve the waterproof glue.

Massage a little amount of Vaseline Jelly and gently massage it to your eyelid. Alternatively, you can use olive oil to remove eyelash extensions.

Vaseline to Insert Earrings

Once you go for a while without wearing your earrings, it can be difficult and painful wearing them back. Dip the ends of the earring post (the part that goes through your ear) in Vaseline Petroleum jelly. Then insert them as usual. Dab back pieces in Jelly too to keep any ear seepage from getting crusty.

Coating earrings with Vaseline is a great trick for those with sensitive ears. It prevents your ears from getting sore and inflamed.

Use this trick to easily put on or remove rings and wrist bands without hurting.

Vaseline for Eyebrows

There are a number of ways to use Vaseline for eyebrows. Putting Vaseline on your eyebrows could help tame or grow them thicker. It helps moisturize and nourish brows. Use this as a simple household remedy for thinning eyebrows or hair loss.

Grow, Tame and Easily Pluck Eyebrows with Vaseline

Grow, Tame and Easily Pluck Eyebrows with Vaseline

Rub some Vaseline on areas with thin spots of brow hair. You can alternatively apply it on the entire brow area and leave it overnight to tame eyebrows. This will help put thick, unruly and misplaced brows in place and make plucking eyebrows easier.

Vaseline Makeup Remover

Removing make up is a very essential part of beauty routine. Using Vaseline as a makeup remover also hydrates your skin effortlessly saving on time and bucks. Remove eye makeup by simply dabbing a layer Vaseline on your eye area using your finger. Clean off the excess with tissue of clean cotton swab. Make sure to rinse your face to avoid eye irritation and skin breakouts from clogged pores.

Vaseline for Cracked Heels and Glowing Legs

Cracked heels is one of the symptoms of dry skin problems. It simply means your feet require lots of moisture to prevent further cracking, bleeding and even infections. Using petroleum jelly is one of the good ways to restore moisture to dry cracked heels. Vaseline is the cheapest and most effective home remedy to get rid of cracked heels.

Vaseline is an Effective Remedy for Dry Cracked Heels

Vaseline is an Effective Remedy for Dry Cracked Heels

  1. Scrub dead skin cells (callus) with a pumice stone, wash and dry your feet
  2. Apply petroleum jelly generously to coat your heels every night before bed
  3. Slip on some comfortable cotton socks and let your feet moisturize overnight
  4. Do this regularly for soft glowing legs

You can alternatively mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and Vaseline and massage it to your feet to kill bacteria that can cause infection and also moisturize.

Tip: Mix Vaseline with bronzer and apply it on your legs to get a sun kissed glow

Soothe Dry Cuticles and Perfect Manicures

Causes of dry cuticles are not different from those that cause dry skin. Nails are made of the same protein as skin. Vitamin deficiency can also result in dry cuticles. Applying Vaseline to your hands can prevent against moisture loss and treat dry cuticles. Smear a small amount of the jelly on nail beds before going to bed. For soft hands, slip on a pair of gloves before going to bed.

To get a perfect manicure, apply a dab of Vaseline while painting nails to keep polish from getting onto your skin.

Tip: Use Vaseline too open a stuck nail polish bottle cap or keep nail polish bottle from shutting when dry

Highlight Cheekbones

You can use Vaseline in place of highlighters and illuminators by simply dabbing a little on your cheek bones for a dewy finish.

Define Eyelids and Lashes

How about long shiny bold looking lashes without the need to use mascara. Apply Vaseline to the eyelashes to add volume and make them appear longer. It also moisturizes and conditions aiding in faster growth.

How to Fix Split Ends with Vaseline

Applying a little Vaseline to dry hair ends creates and appearance of healthy shiny hair. Note that this is not a long term fix. It should only be used in between hair trims to hide damaged split ends. If overused can actually result in more split ends. Make sure to shampoo your hair properly to remove residue.

Maintain Perfume Scents

Yes! You can use Vaseline to preserve fragrance. Apply on wrists and behind your ears before perfume spritz to make your perfume scent last longer.

To Protect Forehead Skin While Coloring or Relaxing Hair

It is easy to stain the skin on your forehead, around the ears and neck with hair dye. This is the same with hair relaxers which may irritate or burn sensitive skin. Applying Vaseline around you hairline prevents the color or relaxer from getting onto your skin.

To Prevent Tanning Streaks

To get an even tan, use Vaseline on areas such as ankles, wrists, elbows and knees before tanning. This will act as a barrier on these dry areas as they tend to soak up excess tanning lotion.

Medical uses for Vaseline

Vaseline comes in great formulas such as Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Butter which offer added benefits when it comes to its medical uses.

Use Vaseline for Sunburn Relief

Red inflamed skin as an effect of the sun or tan lights is never anyone’s expectation when they go out on a hot summer day. While the grease may not be as appealing, Vaseline is proven cheap and effective remedy to heal sunburns and dry skin post sun exposure. It will give a cooling effect and moisturize dry peeling skin.

Prevent Chafing While Running

Use petroleum jelly on chafing hot spots such as nipples, thighs and underarms to prevent chafing while running. Though runners may find this a little messy and sticky, Vaseline lubricates the skin to reduce friction. Note the Vaseline may not be as effective if you have chafing rash- it works best as a preventive method rather than treatment.

Soothe Skin after Shaving

Apply Vaseline to skin soon after shaving to prevent burns and rash. It calms irritated skin and soothes freshly shaven skin.

Vaseline for Tattoos Aftercare

Many tattoo artists like to use Vaseline while working. This is usually to keep the skin moist and to prevent the bandage from sticking. Vaseline SHOULD NEVER be used in tattoo aftercare. Being petroleum based, it does not soak well and will likely cause even issues.

Common Household Uses for Vaseline

Since its inception, Vaseline has great evolved and transformed into what we now know as petroleum jelly. People have overtime come up with a variety of uses other than those it was originally intended for. There are a quite a number of ways you can use Vaseline around your home to make daily activities even much easier. Here’s how;

Vaseline for Squeaky Doors

A little dab of Vaseline on door hinges helps to quite noisy sellout hinges. The coating of petroleum jelly will stop door squeaking and also prevent them from further friction and corrosion. In the same way, use Vaseline to get old frozen locks working. Simply insert some jelly into the lock to lubricate the tumbler.

Shine Shoes with Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly to shine shoes and other leather items. A dab of Vaseline helps to clean and give your leather items a brilliant shine. Vaseline softens leather and prevents it from cracking.

To Remove Candle Wax from Candle Sticks

Wax drippings on candleholders can be difficult to get rid of. Apply petroleum jelly such as Vaseline on the inside of your candle holder before putting in your candles. This will make cleaning way easier.

Keep Ants off Pet Food Bowls

Use Vaseline to keep ants away from your pooch’s food bowl. Apply a layer of jelly around the base of the bowl- ants get stuck in grease and gunk and won’t dare crossing over. Spread some on your window seals and pipes to prevent ants from climbing up.