Monochromatic, Complimentary, Warm, Cool and Neutral for Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara and Other Face Makeup

You must be wondering what monochromatic, warm, cool or neutral colors are? We do not intend to go to the details of the science of colors, but quickly help you decide which best color of eyeliner color of eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow tint, eyebrow dye, eyebrow  color or other eye makeup you are going to use, especially when deciding whether to use complimentary, warm, cool or monochromatic colors. 

Complimentary Colors – They Compliment Each Other

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Complimentary Colors

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are those colors that fall on the opposite side of a color wheel. For instance, the compliment of red color is green while blue is orange. The arrows on the image will be indicating the complimentary color to each other. These colors actually accentuate your facial feature color.

When you are applying eyeliner, eyeshadow or other eye makeup, you always need to go for complimentary colors because you cannot go wrong with them, unlike monochromatic colors.

Monochromatic colors – Same Side on the Color Wheel

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Monochromatic colors

Monochromatic colors

Monochromatic colors refers to colors that fall  the same side of the color wheel i.e. they have same hue. They are just shades, tints and tones of a particular color. For instance, monochromatic colors of red could be maroon, dark red, light red etc.

When using monochromatic, you need to be very carefully since if they are not wisely chosen, they can diminish your beautiful features such as eye color. I would recommend monochromatic colors to professionals or people who are experienced and not first timers. Alternatively, you can experiment.

Warm Colors – Advancing Colors

This are vivid colors, which tend to look near or advance in space. They are often red, orange and yellow as well as yellowing green and yellowish reds.

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Warm and Cool Colors

Warm and Cool Colors

These colors are used when you want to make things to advance, look bigger and nearer. They are good for people with small eyes and they want to make them larger, people with deep set eyes and they want they to look less deep set, etc.

Cool Colors – Receding Colors

These colors create a smooth impression and tend to recede compared to warm colors. They often include blue violet and green as well as blue green, magenta, purple, pink shades. See the image showing warm and cool colors.

If you have big eyes and you want they to look smaller, or you have hooded eyes and you want to hide the hood, these colors will be perfect. The general rule for using these eye makeup color is to diminish or make certain features recede.

Neutral Colors  – Subtle Everyday Looks

These refers to black, brownwhite and gray and shades that are dominantly any of these colors like ivory, taupe and beige. They often do not attract much attention.

Neutral colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara or eyebrow makeup (eyebrow dye, tints, tattoos) will be best with neutral color for people who want the subtle looks suitable for official functions or day time events.

To be accurate on warm and cool colors, if a color has dominant bluish tint, it is cool while one with yellowish tint it is warm. Reddish yellow is warm while reddish blue is cool.


When choosing eye makeup, it could be eyeshadow color eyeliner color, mascara color or eyebrow color, ensure you know the kind of facial features you have including your hair color, skin tone, eye color to be able to know which color to go for. Furthermore, you need to know if you want bold, subtle or dramatic looks as each will affect color choice.

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