Eye Shadow Color – How to Choose, Tips, Ideas, For Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown Eyes, Skin Tones and Hair Colors

Get info on eye shadow including how to choose, tips and ideas for blue, green, hazel and brown eyes, for dark, fair, skin colors and for red, blonde, black hair colors, etc. This guide will not only suggest colors that suit certain facial feature but also the philosophy behind different color choices. 

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Tips, Choosing Right Eyeshadow Makeup

Tips, Choosing Right Eyeshadow Makeup

Your eyes are the most distinguishing feature on your face followed by your lips. It is therefore very important to ensure they are always sparkling as they could add some charm to your face. This therefore means that you must know how to choose the correct eye shadow color that will accentuate them. Where choosing the correct colors, several three main factors will come into play namely:

  • Your Hair Color
  • The Color of Your Eyes
  • Your Skin Complexion or tone

We are not going to focus on clothing and other makeup matching since these two can be changed to suit the eye shadow colors you have decide to wear. Before you read further, take note that the given eyeshadow colors for different hair colors, skin and eye are only suggestions and not final. You should experiment with different colors and see what looks great on you. Furthermore, you cannot choose the right color without knowing what what Monochromatic, Complimentary, Warm, Cool and Neutral Eyeshadows.

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

For Brown Eyes

Eye Shadow for Different Eye Colors

You cannot afford choosing the wrong color for your eye color. You are definitely likely to get different opinions from different quarters. This is what fashion is all about and it should not worry you.

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Eyeshadow for Hazel eyes

Eyeshadows for Hazel eyes

Most makeup artists often discourage the use of eye shadow color that matches your eye color, for instance using brown eyeshadow on brown eyes.  They say that your eyes will look dull. However, there are many shades of brown eyeshadow, some of which can suit your brown eye color.  Ensure you blend them with either complimentary colors or neutral colors depending on the looks you need to create.

Best Eyeshadow for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, there are many best eye shadow colors for brown eyes. In fact, you have the widest range of eyeshadow to wear.  Some of the best eyeshadows of brown eyes include the following.

  • Best Brown Eyeshadow shades
  • Purple Shades
  • Neutral Eyeshadows – includes grey and dark brown. Black will give bolder looks
  • Bronze, gray and beige will be great for smokey eyes.
  • Copper
  • Green
  • Blue– especially crystal blue, turquoise
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Coral
  • Aqua
  • Mahogany
  • Amber
  • Blunt Orange

If you have brown eyes, and you want to know how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes and more insight on eyeshadow for brown eye colors, read exclusively on best eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Best Eye shadow Color for Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, there are best eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes. This will ensure you accentuate your eyes making them look better. Here are some of the common one for hazel eyes:

  • Purple, especially plum, dark purple, violet, eggplant, lavender, etc to complement the green in hazel eyes.
  • Brown
  • Neutral
  • Yellow, gold and bronze eyeshadow
  • Green, especially olive and emerald
  • Avoid blue

The above eyeshadows for hazel eyes will look great. Read more if you want a comprehensive coverage of the best eyeshadows for hazel eyes and tips and much more.

Best Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors –  Eyeshadow for blue eyes

Eyeshadowd for blue eyes

Ladies with lovely blue eyes can also get the correct eyeshadow color that will make them look exceptional. Some of the common ones for blue eyes often recommended include the following:

  • Orange
  • Dark brown
  • Cool Colors such as pale pink, violet, purple, pale medium blue, midnight or deep blue, turquoise.
  • Neutral eye shadow i.e. white, gray, camel, chocolate brown and khaki.

This is only a tip of the iceberg. Get the rest of information about eyeshadow for blue eyes, wearing tips, buying tips and much more by reading best eyeshadow for blue eyes.

Best Eyeshadow Color for Green eyes

Are you the pretty woman with green eyes and you a

re wondering which color or shade will work best for me? You too have a wide range of colors to use. Some of the common eyeshadow colors for green eyes include the following:

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Eyeshadow for green eyes

Eyeshadows for green eyes

  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Gold
  • Plum
  • Charcoal
  • Violet
  • Peach
  • Neutral colors especially gray
  • Green
  • Coral, cream, Carmel, khaki, mocha, copper, bronze, mauve, etc

We cannot mention all the good ones for green eyes. You can learn more about eyeshadows for green eyes, some wearing tips and much more.

Eye Shadow for Skin Color – Black, Brown, Olive, Medium

You skin color has a big influence of the eyeshadow colors you go for. Generally, people have the following skin colors:

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Different Skin Colors

Eyeshadows for different Skin Colors

  • Black  (ranges from very dark brown to black
  • Brown (dark brown)
  • Olive (moderate brown)
  • Medium  (white to medium brown)
  • Fair  (white)
  • Light (pale white

For our discussion purposes, we will look at human skin in terms of dark and fair, and then mention something on warm and cool undertones. Here are the rules for choosing eyeshadow colors for different skin colors:

Eyeshadow Color for Fair Skin

  • People with fair skin need to stay away from dark gray colors. They might create wonderful smoky eyes but for some pale skin tones, they might make you look bruised.
  • Go for soft greens, cool pink, purples, golds, medium grey, light brown and pale green (light earth tones). Darker shades might look overpowering. For contours, choose eyeshadow color, which is a few shades darker than your skin. This will ensure your color does not overwhelm your eyes.
  • For eyeliner, going for grey, brown or any other color depending on the effect you want to create. Black eyeliner can still work but it should not be bold.
  • If your skin is dark, you should choose vibrant colors, as they will tone down when applied on your eyes. If you choose softer shades, they will fade away due to your skin color. The eyeshadow should be deep pigmented. Purples, metallic golds will be great.
  • When it comes to eyeliner choice, go for dark and bold.
  • Avoid white and ashy shade, as they will be very dull on you.

Eyeshadow Color for Dark Skin

People with warm skin tone should go for coral, light brown, soft green, pink, ivory, ivory, light brown, taupe, bronze, etc. Ladies with cool skin tones should go for silver, lilac, dark green, teal, and turquoise, grey, etc.

Eye Shadow For Different Hair Colors

You hair color is very important. Ensure you know how to choose the following eyeshadows:

How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors – Eyeshadow for different hair colors

Eyeshadows for different hairs

  • For Red Hair
  • For Black hair
  • For Brown Hair  (brunette, medium brown and brown)
  • For Blonde Hair (strawberry blond hair. light, dark, natural and medium blonde)
  • For  Grey hair
  • For white hair
  • For Auburn hair
  • For Red Hair (chestnut red)

Eye shadow Color for Different Hair Colors

  • Eyeshadow color for black and brown haired women include black, purple, yellow, green, brown, purple eyeshadow shades. Golds and neutrals such as beige will look great. Brunettes can use almost all the colors without any problem and they seem to have a big advantage.
  • Blonde – Blondes tend to have a fair skin. Eye shadow color for blondes include gray, pink, grey, black, blue, green and gold eye shadow color shades.
  • Red – Women with red hair color could wear black, pink, gold, and olive, as they will great because they have intense hair.

Eyeshadow Tips, Advices, Secrets and Ideas

You know how to apply eye shadow and you have just learnt how to choose eyeshadows. At first, you might do a few hideous things and really look awful but with time, you will be a pro. Experimentation and a few mistakes left  is right the beginning of knowledge. Here are some of the very important eyeshadow tips you should keep in mind. For the past 10 years, I have learnt a lot about makeup and although trends changes, some things remain the way they are.

  • Other than being able to get the correct color that matches well with your facial features (hair, skin and eye color) you need to choose a set of eye shadow colors that will complement each other well. People often wear several colors at different parts of their eyes like crease, inner and outer corners. Ensure you wisely choose eyeshadows to wear in these areas and they should complement the base eyeshadow color you are wearing.
  • If you are not able to choose the correct eyeshadow color to wear, you can go to your store where you purchased your eyeshadow and inquire on which colors can be combined for different occasion.
  • The other very important eyeshadow tip is to wear it according to the time, even and occasion. People going for night outs or clubbing could go for shimmer and glittery eyeshadow while those going to offices during the day need to wear neutral and matte eye shadow colors only. Casual and official functions call for different colors and types.
  • Generally, the brightest or lightest eyeshadows are used on the entire eyelid and hint colors are blended on various areas of the eye.
  • If you happen to own an eye shadow palette, you can experiment different color combinations to see what looks best on you.
  • When applying eyeshadow, begin with small amounts and increase if you realize it flatters you well.
  • The exact appearance of a certain eye shadow color could slightly be different on your eyelids depending on a number of factors including skin color tones. It is wise to try various them on your skin.
  • Another important tip is not trying using your hand back. Try it on your eye, as it will help you visualize how you will look like. If you realize you do not like it, just remove it and try a different a color.
  • When buying eye shadow, there are no doubt many in the market. Always buy the best eye shadow when you can because it might affect how you look like.


The above discussion that covered eye shadow colors for different eye, hair and skin color is all you need to be from and explore deeper into what will be unique to you. Ensure you follow the above eye shadow makeup tips if you want to look stunning.

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