How to Apply Eyeshadow – Tutorial, Tips, Ways, Steps to Put On, Do, Wear Eyeshadow with Pictures and Video

Would you like to know how to apply eyeshadow using a step by step tutorial that will teach you how to put on, wear, do, tips and ways of apply eyeshadow that has pictures and a video? You will get all that as well as some of the best eyeshadow applying secrets and ideas that will make you to look crazily charming.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow

You should you that, although applying eyeshadow might appear easy people who have done it before, to first timers might find it a big challenge and very intimidating. You have a chance to not only learn how to apply them but also choosing the best brands that will work for your facial features.

To begin our discussion, you deserve to know that correct application of eyeshadow will not only ensure you have stunning looks but also make the eye shadows to last longer. You do not want to try anything that will make you look like a raccoon or a clown. Ensure you know the right steps to follow when applying eyeshadow. This article will strive to answer among many other questions on how to apply eyeshadow; the following:

  • How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadows?
  • How Do I Apply Eyeshadows?
  • What Are Some of the Tips for Applying Eye shadow?

How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow?

Even if you know how to apply eyeshadow, you still need to know how to choose the right eyeshadow color. Going for the wrong color can make you look awful or diminish your facial features such as eye color instead of accentuating your eyes.

When choosing the right eye shadow for your eyes, there are a number of factors you should consider which include the following:

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow colors

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow colors

Facial Features

When choosing eyeshadows, look at the color of your skin tone, eyes and hair type.  Go for colors that will compliment well the  facial features you have. See How to Choose Eye shadow Colors – Choosing the Right Makeup for a detailed coverage on this subject.

Eye Colors

Of course, the eye color is part of your facial features. However, we need to emphasis on the best eyeshadow colors for different eye colors. Depending on the color of eyes you have, you need to see which eye shadow colors will work best for you. Read on each, depending on your eye color.


If you have grey eyesamberpurple or violet, the rule is to go for complimentary colorsMonochromatic colors should be chosen only when you are certain you know how to use them.

Eyeshadow Colors

Another thing to consider when choosing the best brand  is the eyeshadow color itself. There are quite a number of colors to choose.

Generally, you should choose eye shadow colors that will make you are your eyes to pop up. When using eyeshadow color that matches your eye color, it should not overwhelm your eye color.  Some of the popular eyeshadow colors as well as how to use them in the list below:

For each of the above eyeshadow colors, you will also get information on the best type of eyeshadow for those colors, how to use them and some important tips, secrets and ideas.

Types of Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Different Eyeshadow Looks

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Different Eyeshadow Looks

Finally, when choosing eyeshadow, consider the type of you would like to use. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. See the below eye shadow types, how to use them and best brands for each type by visiting individual links.

When choosing eyeshadow, other than just the specific color that will compliment your facial features well, you need to consider the occasion. If you want to put on eye shadow for a night out or parting, glitter, dramatic and bold looks will be ideal. However, during the day, you should choose subtle or netural colors and avoid bold looks (applying too much).

How Do I Apply Eyeshadow

The above discussion and further reading resources should help you in coming up with the best eyeshadow. To get some of the best brands that come in different forms and colors and how they have been ranked see best eye shadow reviews.

Otherwise, if you have your favorite eyeshadow color and you simply want to know how to apply it, we are going to cover the steps you should follow.

Preparation for Eyeshadow Application

  1. Wash your face and apply an oil free moisturizer. This will ensure you have a dry eyelid surface and your eyeshadows will not smudge at all. If you use face foundation, you can also apply it.
  2. Apply your under eye concealer if you have any blemishes you would like to hide such as under eye wrinkles, fine lines and dark eye circles. Not applying an under eye concealer might reveal some blemishes after applying eye shadow.
  3. Apply eyeshadow primer. This primer is very important since it will ensure eyeshadows adhere to the surface among many other uses. You definitely want them to last longer. Ensure you apply it.

While applying concealer, eyeshadow primer, you can use either your fingers if they are very clean or a makeup sponge. Blend until they form a thin canvas on your eyelid from your lash line to the eyebrow bone.

Applying Eyeshadow – I Normal use Urban Decay Naked Palette

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Tips, Choosing and Putting On Eye Shadows

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Tips, Choosing and Putting On Eye Shadows

We understand there are many different types of eye shadow forms and how you apply each might be slightly different. The exact steps to follow when applying eyeshadows might also vary depending on the number of eyeshadow colors you will be using.

In this part,  we are going to cover the most basic way on how to apply eyeshadow where you will have three shades (not necessarily colors, unless you want to blend them). We will use a base (lightest shade or color), medium and darker shade of the eyeshadows you want to use.

Using your eye shadow brush, apply your eye shadow base or the lightest shade of your eyeshadow set on your eyelid. This is at times known as the eye shadow base. Most people use neutral bases. Common neutral bases include peach, light brown, etc. The eyeshadow base will help intensify the colors of your eyeshadow as well as help in defining your eyes.

Apply the medium eyeshadow from you eyelash to the eye crease and along the eye crease. Begin from your outer eye corner and sweep along the eyelid up to the eye crease. You can create any looks you might want such as contours. While applying the medium eye shadow, it is important not to go beyond the eye crease upwards.  However, you need to blend well to avoid any demarcations that are visible between your eye shadow base and the medium shade along the eyelid creases.

These first two steps are what people who are using only the eye shadow primer and one darker shade of should follow. However, if you are using three shades you need to go to the third step.

Apply the darkest shade on your eyelids begin from your lash line up to your eye creases.  Depending on what you want to diminish or magnify, you could apply it on the creases only. Always, remember that the darkest color is used from the eyelid crease to the lash line.

These are the most basic steps for applying eyeshadow. Depending on the exact looks, you want to achieve and you experience, you could vary the way you apply them.

If you are using creamy brands, you might be required to dust translucent matching powder to avoid it sliding on your eyes. This will require you to use a loose and larger brush to ensure no color deposits are formed and that the powder is evenly applied on the eyelids.

How to Correct Mistakes – How to Remove Eyeshadow

In case you make a mistake during the process of applying your eye shadow, you can correct it by cleaning the affected area with a good makeup remover and cotton pad or balls. This is very much expected for learners. See more on how to remove makeup.

Apply Other Eye Makeup

Since eyeshadow is often applied before mascara and eyeliner. You can go ahead to applying eyeliner first before applying mascara. When applying eyeliner and mascara, ensure they compliment your it well. This will improve your general looks and you will be stunning.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Video

Enough with the many steps on how to put on eye shadow let us now see how it is done. Watch the below video on how to put on eye shadow to get more details and how to go about the whole affair.

What Are Some of the Tips for Applying Eyeshadow?

We have seen the basic steps on how to apply eyeshadow. These steps will help you get an average look. However, if you carefully consider the below eye shadow applying tips, ideas, secrets and advice, you can achieve looks like those of celebrities who depend on the finest makeup artists.

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Applying Eyeshadow for different types of eyes

Applying Eyeshadow for different types of eyes

When applying eyeshadow, ensure you use the correct type of brush. There are different brushes, which will work well depending of the form you are using.  For instance, a soft brush might work well with powder while gel will require a different kind of brush. Some of the common types of eyeshadow brushes include the flat tipped brush to use on your eyelids, crease brush, tiny pencil brush and a blending brush.

When applying them, we know you want to be quick. However, do not use vigorous strokes. Instead, use gently strokes and work until you get a uniform nice coat. People who are worried that their eye shadow might not last the whole day should invest in good quality that is long lasting. Furthermore, just use the tip of your brush and feather it to where you want it to appear. Avoid swiping color back and forth i.e. apply towards one direction.  In addition, when blending them, ensure you use swirling soft motions.

After using your eyeshadow brushes, ensure you wash them or when buying them, make inquiries of how it can be cleaned.

If you are using powder formulation and you want more vivid looks, you can wet the brush.

People who wear contact lenses need to ensure that the specific types of eye makeup they are using are allowed for people who have contact lenses.

When applying them, consider the eye shapes you have. The common types of eye shapes include the hooded lids, deep-set eyes, big eyes, small eyes, far apart eyes, round eyes, monolids, and almond eyes, upturned and down turned eyes, Asian eyes, close set eyes, oriental, prominent eyes, and so on. The general rule is to apply eyeshadow in a way to accentuate your diminished feature and diminish any overwhelming features.

If you want to create depth, you might be required to use three hues or colors. The general rule for using different colors is similar to the one of using different shades. The darkest color is applied next to the lash line up to the eye creases; the eye crease will have the medium color while the area above the eye crease to the brow bone will have the lightest or mild color.

Avoid deep colors up to the brow bone, as it will make you look crazy. Do that when you want to go shoot fashion.

When using eye shadow, you need carefully to pair them up with other makeup such as lip makeup or even the other eye makeup. They should complement each other. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, the other face makeup should be mild to make your eyes outstanding.


The above steps for applying eyeshadow and tips should ensure you look perfect. You need to exploit your creativity in blending different colors. You can even carry a test and see how certain combination will make you look like. Before you can be able to apply quickly, you will need to practice, practice and practice!

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